Which Is Better To Brush A Dog Shih Tzu

Which Is Better To Brush A Dog Shih Tzu

About Shih Tzu / About the Shih Tzu
Every shih tzu owner should know this.

Shih Tzu Care

Dogs with long falling hair are perhaps the most spectacular among other dog breeds. However, the wool of these breeds of dogs requires a more long and careful care. Care for long hair Shih Tzu is provided with a brush with long metal teeth and a comb. It should be combed strand by strand with all possible caution, just as a hairdresser handles long and smooth hair. At each combing it is necessary to use special sprays for combing felted wool, tangles and to prevent tangle of wool.
The tangles should be carefully unraveled even before the dog is in the water. It is necessary to fully complete the operation on untangling the previously missed tangles, and absolutely painless, during the final stage. drying and combing. Cutting out mats should only be done when absolutely necessary.

Dogs white color. Require special mention. If on a black or red dog small changes in the shade of wool are not noticeable, then it is rather difficult to make a white dog for an exhibition of snow-white. In order for a dog to acquire a bright white color of wool, it is often enough to bathe with a special shampoo for white dogs. But gray or brown mustache, brown drips under the eyes (tear stone), brown spots under the tail and on the paws do not spoil anyone as much as a white dog
It is believed that the drips under the eyes can be associated with increased acidity or any metabolic disorders. In order to remove them, it is necessary to balance the dog’s food and regularly use special means designed to remove tear ducts and reddening of the coat (due to licking). It is necessary to daily wash the hair on the face of Shih Tzu and paws with whitening shampoo with the addition of lemon juice.

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Separately about bathing. Water temperature should be slightly higher than the body temperature of the dog (approximately 39 ° C). Shampoo containing insecticides is recommended only if there are fleas. Rinse the shampoo as necessary as possible, otherwise the remaining alkali can cause skin irritation. Much depends on the hardness of the water. If you have a small dog, do not be lazy to boil water. It will become softer, and you yourself will notice how much better the wool looks after bathing in soft water. They wash the dog with a mild shampoo for dry hair, wash it off well, and then apply a small amount of a pre-diluted fat balm (with mink oil or vitamin E) onto the hair. Then the dog is wrapped in a towel, wet out with water (it’s impossible to rub the wool), dried with a hairdryer under a stream of warm air so as not to "to dry" skin and hair and do not make it brittle. After bathing, do not leave the dog to bathe in towels for a very long time, regular drying with a hot dryer also damages wool. Wool does not like overheating and starts to fall out. During washing it is very convenient to inspect the anal glands, which are located on both sides of the anus. The secret contained in them is quite thick, dark in color. The anal glands should be cleared of their contents, easily pressing on them with soaped forefingers and thumb, as overfilling of the anal glands leads to inflammation, and later it can cause itchy abscesses.

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Other care that a dog needs. regular care for eyes, claws, teeth, ears. Claws need to be cut weekly, better after swimming, when they are softer. This is done with special clipper nippers. If you allow the claws to grow themselves, as God will for the soul, and expect that the dog itself will grind them on the asphalt, then do not be surprised when the claws of your dog will crack and stratify along. All dogs must be checked claw on the fifth finger on the front paws. It is located on the inside of the paw, slightly higher than the other fingers. The claw on this finger itself is not erased, it can break, twist into a ring. No need to wait for the dog to nibble it. better cut it in time.

Teeth, like claws, need regular care. They are recommended to be cleaned weekly while bathing a dog. To do this, use a special toothpaste for dogs, because from toothpaste for people the dog can be a disorder. In addition, dog toothpastes usually smell very attractive to dogs. There are pastes, for example, with a meat smell. This will make the procedure that is not too pleasant for the dog to be tolerable. To clean the teeth in Shih Tzu, use a soft small toothbrush. for small dogs and small teeth. There is also a simpler, though less reliable way to brush your teeth. To a glass of boiled water is added a teaspoon of soda and a teaspoon of salt. Wrap a bandage on your finger and, moistening this mixture, wipe your teeth and gums. Daily, give your dog special chewing sticks for cleaning teeth and removing tartar. In addition to regular brushing, you can give a dog tomatoes, tomato paste or tomato juice as a preventive measure.
Care of teeth will relieve the dog from the unpleasant smell from the mouth and prevent the appearance of tartar, which is dangerous because it is formed at the gums. Growing up, he puts pressure on the gums, they become inflamed and bleed. Teeth begin to stagger and fall out. And healthy teeth. This is the proper digestion and longevity of the dog. The formation of tartar may be associated with improper feeding, and maybe. with the individual characteristics of the body. If your dog already has tartar, then we recommend that you contact a veterinary clinic to remove tartar. It is desirable to remove tartar not by mechanical means, but by ultrasound in order to avoid damage to the enamel on the teeth.

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We recommend watching videos informative informative video magazine "Expert says"dedicated to caring for a dog and removing tartar from a shih tzu.

But the most important thing for the health of your pet, regardless of the type of coat, the size of the dog, its character, sex and appearance. This is the owner’s concern for the health of the dog. And it depends, first of all, on competent care. Each owner of the dog, taking responsibility for the life and health of a living creature, must do everything in his power to make his pet’s life long and happy.

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