What Vitamins Do Dogs Need For Beautiful And Healthy Hair?

Recommendations for choosing a vitamin for pet

Let’s figure out how to choose vitamins for the dog correctly:

    Features of feeding the animal. If the animal eats natural food, then it needs vitamins and minerals. In normal food, less beneficial ingredients. When feeding dry food its composition is taken into account. In some types of vitamins and minerals are added, this should be considered when calculating the daily dosage.

Rating of vitamin complexes for dogs from various manufacturers

What Vitamins Do Dogs Need For Beautiful And Healthy Hair?

  • 8 in 1 (Brewers) – USA.
  • Canina (Canina) – Germany.
  • Beafar (Beaphar) – the Netherlands.
  • VetExpert – Poland.
  • Nutri Vet – America.
  • Veda (Veda) – Russia.
  • Gimpet (Gimpet) – Germany.
  • AVZ (Agrovetzashchita) – Russia.
  • Titbit (Titbit) – Russia.
  • Polidex (Polidex) – UK.
  • Doctor Zoo – Russia.
  • Astrafarm – Russia.
  • Anivital – Germany.
  • Canvit (Canvit) – Czech Republic.
  • Biorhythm – Russia.

Rating update date – February 2018.

Form of release of vitamin complexes

For the convenience of dog breeders, manufacturers offer various forms of complex vitamins: in the form of pillows with fortified pate, tablets, suspensions, powder or granules.

Tablet form

Tablets are the most common forms. Manufacturers make vitamins in the traditionally round shape or in the form of hearts, seeds, pads. Tablets in the form of crackers are well combined with dry food. To make the vitamins cause an appetite in an animal, manufacturers add flavorings to the tablets: beef, lamb, poultry. The varied shape and color is rather intended to attract the attention of animal owners. Tablets for puppies and adult dogs vary in texture and size, so they are suitable for animals at any age.

Among the tablet forms are vitamins for dogs:

  • Omega Neo (Astrapharm);
  • Geriati Vet Dog Large Breed (vetExpert);
  • Shed Defense Max (Nutri Wit);
  • Phytomines (Veda);
  • Phytocorrector (Titbit).

Powder Additive

Fortified powder additives are convenient as an additive in animal feed. Small granules are easily mixed with porridge or soup. Powders do not have a sharp smell and taste. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to add powder to dry food, it is suitable only for animals on natural or moist food.

  • Vitamin Cal (Beafar);
  • Irish Cal (Beafar);
  • Seaweed Powder (Trixie);
  • Canipulver (Canina);
  • Welpenkalk (Kanina).

Suspensions or elixirs

Vitamins in the form of a suspension or elixir are considered universal. Liquid means is easily added to natural or wet food, to dry food, water or directly to the mouth of an animal. Orally be administered using a syringe without a needle or spoon. Vitamins are produced on the basis of natural oils: vegetable, olive, sesame. Flavoring agents may be present.

Among the popular liquid vitamin complexes stand out:

  • Laveta Super (Beafar);
  • Stride Plus (TRM);
  • Hokamix (Skin & Shine);
  • Vittri (Agrovetzashchita);
  • Tetravit (Nitroform).

Vitaminized treats

Treats are available in the form of pads with fortified paste inside the crackers, pits. As part of a small amount of vitamins, as they relate to food additives. Used to encourage the animal during training or walking. They have an attractive aroma and taste for the animal: lamb, beef, chicken, turkey.

Among the popular fortified baits stand out:

  • NutriPockets (Gimdog);
  • Sport Snacks (Gimdog);
  • Mini-Schoko Dog (Trixie);
  • Premio Fishies (Trixie);
  • Minis (8 in 1).


Vitamins in the form of a shot are intended for impaired animals after surgery or postponed disease. It is known that the absorption of useful components, administered intramuscularly, is faster. And, on the contrary, getting into the stomach of a weakened animal, most of the useful vitamins and minerals are not absorbed. Minus in a painful procedure that is performed by a specialist.

Among the well-known distinguished vitamin injections for dogs:

  • Baktoneotim ADV (Veda);
  • Gamavit (Micro Plus);

Narrow-profile vitamins with various purposes: physiological, age-related features

The main thing to consider when choosing vitamins is their purpose. Gradation of the physiological characteristics of the dog, its age is taken into account by all manufacturers. It is no secret that the daily amount of multivitamins for a nursing bitch or puppy is different from the dosage for a healthy and active dog.

Multivitamin Complexes

Universal complex of vitamins is designed for a healthy animal at different ages. Available in all forms.

  • beriberi prophylaxis;
  • maintaining the body of the animal in good shape.

Typically, the complex includes vitamins B, C, D, E, calcium, potassium and zinc. When choosing to pay attention to the ash content in the composition. An excessive amount of this element provokes the formation of kidney stones in the dog. The best dog vitamins contain moderate amounts of ash, preservatives and flavorings.

Types of general-purpose vitamins, popular with breeders and veterinarians:

  • Neo-vitamin complex with biotin (Astrapharm);
  • Multi-Vit (Nutri Vet);
  • Vetaminex (Vet Expert);
  • Biorhythm (Veda);
  • Radostin (Agrovetzashchita).

Complexes for the restoration of immunity

Vitamins to maintain immunity enhance the protective functions of the body, contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes. The drugs are intended for weak animals, after suffering a viral or bacterial disease. Significantly reduce the time of recovery after surgery. Vitamin complexes are prescribed only by a specialist. As a part of vitamin complexes, amino acids and minerals. Some manufacturers add prebiotics to improve digestion. A month before using the drug, the dog is gelled.

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Among the most popular brands are:

  • Vitamin Cal (Beafar);
  • Dog Immun Protec (Canina);
  • Diet Balance (Titbit);
  • Veto Mune (Vet Expert);
  • Immune Health (Nutri Vet).

Vitamins for aging dogs

Vitamins for dogs in old age are designed to maintain healthy joints and ligaments of the animal, strengthen bones, teeth and coat. Older animals need double the rate of vitamins and minerals, as the natural digestibility of beneficial elements is reduced.

Standardly, the complex for elderly animals includes: poly substances, minerals, omega 3 and 6 acids, pro- and prebiotics.

Among the popular demand are:

  • Doggy’s Senior (Beafar);
  • Geriati Vet Dog Large Breed (Vet Expert);
  • Phytomines for aging dogs (Veda);
  • Farmavit NEO (Astrapharm);
  • Bones Multivitamin (Agrovetzashchita).

Vitamins for nursing and pregnant dogs

Pregnant and lactating dogs lose a large amount of nutrients. Most of the consumed vitamins and minerals goes to the nutrition of puppies. It is known that the lack of nutrients in the mother’s body leads to intrauterine developmental pathologies in puppies. And during lactation, the lack of calcium and proteins will affect not only the health of the puppies, but also the mother. Lactating dogs often lose their hair and teeth, their immunity decreases, their bones become fragile.

Specialized vitamins help to correct the situation and support the animal’s body:

  • Irish Cal (Beafar);
  • Farmavit NEO (Astrapharm);
  • Stone with sea kale (Agrovetzashchita);
  • Excel (8 in 1).

Vitamins for puppies

A growing complex of multivitamins and micro and macronutrients is necessary for a puppy’s growing body. The usual complex for an adult animal can harm a puppy, since a lack of calcium and iron will lead to the development of rickets and anemia. The second important point relates to fortified "snacks". The size of the pads for puppies is smaller, and the biscuits and crackers in the form of pits have a softer texture.

Among popular vitamins for puppies are popular:

  • Doggy’s Junior (Beafar);
  • Biorhythm (Veda);
  • V25 (Kanin);
  • Puppy-Vite (Nutri Vet);
  • Omega Neo (Astrapharm).

Vitamins to improve the state of wool

Vitamin complexes with taurine, biotin, fatty acids, macro-and microelements contribute to the restoration of the skin, growth and nutrition of animal hair. Vitamins are assigned to fluffy breeds or dogs before exhibitions. Complexes significantly shorten the molting period, which is pleasant to owners of fluffy animals. Dog’s coat after taking the complex is restored, it acquires shine and silkiness.

Among the most popular brands are:

  • Nutri Pockets Shiny (Gimper);
  • Biotin forte (Canina);
  • Phytocorrector with brewer’s yeast (Titbit);
  • VetoSkin (VetExpert);
  • Phytomines (Veda).

Reviews about vitamins dog amateurs and breeders

Natalia: My Maltese lapdog has soft and long hair. Earlier in spring and autumn, the dog lost its appearance, the fur fell out, and scaly patches appeared on the skin. The vet recommended vitamins for fluffy animals. The choice fell on Biotin forte from Kanin. The difference felt immediately. Shedding stopped, wool got shine, no longer tangled. My Malti looks like from the picture.

Olga: Pleases domestic producer Agrovetzashchita. For the second year now I have been giving my collie the liquid Vittri complex. The preparation consists of three main vitamins: B, D and E. I mix drops with any food, I like to eat an animal. For weakened animals, the manufacturer offers fortified solutions for injections.

Sergei: My Rottweiler Jack is a fastidious animal. With age, the dog has problems with the joints. Paws hurt, especially after a long lying in one place. Doctors insisted on taking any vitamins for aging dogs. Chose Doggy’s Senior from Beaphar. The dog became more active, and the mood was clearly improved, appetite appeared. We again walk for a long time on the street and make long journeys through the forest.

Helena: As a breeder of pugs, I recommend Kanin’s vitamins to everyone. High quality, natural composition and convenient form in the form of tablets. I prefer the Dog Immun Protec complex to maintain immunity. Dogs are less susceptible to viral and bacterial diseases, they feel good, the condition of the hair and teeth is normal.

Reviews from experts: veterinarians and dog handlers

Anatoly: Do not give animals vitamins without prior inspection. Excess nutrients only harm the dog’s body and lead to hypervitaminosis. Most often, an acute disorder causes an excess of D and A groups, and they are contained in almost all complexes. For a healthy animal, I recommend the gentle fortified pads from Trixie or Minis 8 in 1. But to give strictly according to the instructions, a few things a day.

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Alexandra: Vitamin complexes I recommend giving the animal no more than twice a year. I like the natural composition of the American manufacturer Nutri Vet and Canina German. High quality and balanced composition suitable for dogs at any age. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the narrow profile of the complex and select additives individually for your pet.

Useful vitamins and trace elements are needed not only to people, but also to four-legged friends: special additives are necessary for the full development of the growing puppy and the preservation of the activity of adult dogs. Every day your pets have the strongest loads and are exposed to the negative influence of the environment. The unique complexes developed by leading veterinarians and capable of becoming an additional source of energy for a playful and cheerful animal will help to cope with the deficiency of nutrients. In our article you will find a rating of the most popular and effective vitamins for dogs.

Daily content of nutrients in the diet

Experts say: full and regular feeding is not enough to maintain the vigor and health of your pet. High energy costs must be replenished, but the owner may not always feed the dog with meat products: the menu of some smaller brothers is subject to a strict diet.

What should a caring owner do? Is it possible to give meat without pre-processing it? It is impossible to feed a pet with raw chicken legs and steaks: in this way, bacteria or parasites will enter the dog’s body.

Owners who constantly indulge their pets with soups and cereals, think that a diet as close as possible to the master menu can become a source of vitamins and essential amino acids. However, this is just a common misconception. The only advantage of such nutrition is to maintain the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The penetration into the dog body of nutrients again prevents the processing of food: the content of vitamins in the daily portion of stew or oatmeal will be minimal.

Another option is dry food. Super premium granules really solve the problem of replenishing vitality: they contain special vitamins and mineral complexes. Balanced nutrition, created by a unique formula – sounds tempting, but who can guarantee the complete acceptance by the body of a dog of individual components of an elite product? Often, the animal refuses expensive food. In some cases, its regular use causes an allergic reaction or an upset stomach.

What to do to those owners who want to find the best option and choose an effective and tasty supplement for the four-legged pet? There are many special delicacies on the market that are distinguished by a high content of vitamins and minerals necessary for strengthening bones, thick hair and developed muscles. Some of them are designed to eliminate or prevent various diseases.

What vitamins to give the dog with natural feeding

It will be easy for the owner to get lost in a long list: more than 30 types of important substances include modern pharmacology. However, an attempt to provide the pet with everything and not immediately lead to the desired result. So you only impede the process of assimilation. Combinations of certain substances are completely contraindicated: one of them can inhibit the action of the other and cause numerous side effects. It is necessary to determine the desired dosage and make the reception of biologically active substances as balanced as possible.

Vitamins of group A

What is retinol for? It affects the reproductive function, provides visual acuity and maintains the good condition of the skin. It depends on the development of strong bones. Children who suffer from a lack of this vitamin are given grated carrots: it contains carotene, which is responsible for the formation of useful molecules. However, it is not necessary to transfer the animal to a vegetable diet. The well-known component will not bring benefits: it is absorbed only in the human body.

What to give the dog? You can offer your pet marine fish, pre-clearing it from the fins and bones with which the dog can choke. The most common way is to add fish oil or special oil to the daily diet.

Vitamin B1

It is he who ensures the full functioning of the central nervous system and is involved in metabolic processes. Thiamine is given for diseases associated with muscle damage. Often it is prescribed to dogs suffering from digestive disorders. Its deficiency leads to weight loss, loss of appetite, cramps, general weakness.

Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract reduce the absorption of this vitamin. B1 should be given to animals that have suffered a strong nervous tension, physical exhaustion, in case of excessive saturation of the diet with carbohydrates. It must be added to food during pregnancy and lactation.

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Contains thiamine foods: vegetables, cereals, and fresh fruit.

Vitamin B2

Exchange processes depend on it. The lack of this substance is accompanied by a sharp deterioration in the condition of the pet: hair on the back is thinning, weight is reduced and visual acuity is gone, inflammatory processes occur, affecting the mucous membranes.

Sources of riboflavin: its high content in milk, fish, brewer’s yeast and meat by-products – liver, kidneys, heart.

Vitamin B3

Pantothenic acid regulates the enzyme system. The excess of this substance in the dog’s body leads to dysfunction of the endocrine glands, hair loss and nervous disorders.

Pantothenic acid is best absorbed in combination with vitamins C and B12. It is found in yeast, bran, nuts.

Vitamin B6
Pyridoxine is necessary for dogs with an exhausted nervous system. It helps with increased physical exertion. The active ingredient is responsible for the proper metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids.
Pyridoxine-rich foods: meat, cereals, liver, cheese and fish.

Vitamin B9
Folic acid is an important participant in metabolic processes. It also affects the stimulation of the gonads. Lack of beneficial substances leads to the development of anemia, weight loss, slow growth. In the diet of puppies and adult dogs, you must add vegetables, fruits, buckwheat, fish.

Vitamin C
Ascorbic improves immunity, and give it better in winter and spring. Pet can offer fruits and vegetables. Add finely chopped greens to the wet food or treat the doggie with liver.

Vitamin D
Calciferol deficiency causes rickets. That is why the products containing it should always be in the menu of a growing puppy. Give your baby fish oil or vitamin D oil-based.

Vitamin E
Tocopherol is responsible for the full development of muscles and maintaining reproductive function. Its content is high in oils, grains, yolk and cereals.

Vitamin PP
The second name of this substance is nicotinic acid. It helps to cope with dermatitis and diseases associated with skin lesions. Often, veterinarians prescribe it as an additive for inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.
Sources: cheese, meat, yeast, fish, offal and legumes.

All of the above vitamins for a dog must come to its body with natural nutrition. However, heat treatment destroys beneficial substances, and owners have to look for no less effective substitutes. We will try to understand the rich assortment of supplements for wool, bones, cartilage and general body strengthening.

Vitamins for dogs for immunity: which is better

In the fall, winter and spring, the immune system of our four-legged friends needs increased protection. There are special tools, the addition of which to the diet will help your pet to withstand the cold, while maintaining cheerfulness and activity.

  • Aminovit is a domestic product containing a complex of beneficial vitamins and amino acids. Available in reddish liquid. In the indications for use there are anemia and hypovitaminosis.
  • Gamavit is a plant immunomodulator that is produced in the form of a solution that can be injected intramuscularly or diluted with water for subsequent watering. Often, doctors prescribe it to reduce the effects of intoxication. The drug is used for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes in infectious and parasitic diseases. It not only helps to increase the protective functions of the animal, but also helps the dog cope with the stress.
  • Elvestin – a means with immunomodulatory properties. It normalizes metabolism and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The solution is dripped onto the tongue or mixed with food, added to water.

Stone "multivitamin" is a special supplement that normalizes metabolic processes in the doggie’s body. The high content of calcium, phosphorus and trace elements helps to strengthen the bones and improve the pet’s immunity. Included in the B vitamins affect the state of wool and skin.

Owners reviews on special sites are controversial. All of them praise the bone for its effectiveness, noting the positive effect of the complex on the dog’s body. However, there are also owners who doubt the taste of a dietary supplement: the animals spit out the pills or refused to gnaw them.

The choice of vitamin and mineral supplements is a complex process. A dog may not like the type of specific treat, its size or smell. However, it is necessary to enrich the pet’s diet with nutrients. Check with a veterinarian or talk with your friends, who have long and successfully fed their dog with harmless and effective pills. Excluding rejected options, you will definitely find a tool that is perfect for your pet.

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