What Types Of Coat Do Dogs Have?

Dog breeds differ not only in size, purpose and appearance, but also in the form of wool. This is one of the important signs when a person chooses a particular breed.

The pedigree appearance of the dog is determined by both the exterior qualities caused by the anatomy and structure, and the type of coat and color. There are five standard types of wool.

Plain wool It is distinguished by its medium length, it is bilayer with a short and soft undercoat and a long and hard hairline. It is characteristic, for example, for German shepherds, pugs, huskies.

Long wool It is of two types – with and without undercoat. Long coat with undercoat – double-layered. Short soft undercoat and long decorating guard hair. Such wool is typical for Scottish Collies, Spaniels, and Russian Borzoi. Long hair with minimal or no undercoat is found in a small number of breeds, such as the Yorkshire Terrier.

Smooth wool – with a minimum amount of short undercoat and with a short guard hair. Such wool is typical for boxers, pinschers, sleek-haired terriers.

Hard wool differs, in addition to the undercoat, in that the hard guard hair does not fall out by itself, but requires special treatment — trimming (plucking). This coat well protects the dog from adverse external influences and dirt. Therefore, most terrier breeds and schnauzers have this type of wool.

Curly wool also has an undercoat and a curl of rather soft guard hair, which is also not susceptible to shedding. Due to this structure, it does not fall out, but curls into a curl, so most curly-haired breeds – poodles, lagoto romanolo, Portuguese water dog – need regular grooming and combing, especially during the molting period.

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There are still atypical species wool characteristic of rare and small breeds. This is the cord wool of a bullet and comdor, which forms long cords all over the body of the dog. Grooming such wool requires special skill and experience.

There are and hairless breeds dogs – Mexican Hairless Dog (Xoloitzcuintle), Chinese Crested Dog. Minor fluff on exposed parts of the body is usually shaved off. Bare skin areas also require care – regular washing and lubrication with special oils that prevent skin drying out.

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