What To Do If A Dog Climbs Wool

Dog’s coat is a kind of indicator of the animal’s state of health. If the pet’s hair loses its luster, becomes dull, if the dog has wool, then it is necessary to find out the reasons for these phenomena.

What To Do If A Dog Climbs Wool


Regardless of the breed, all dogs moult twice a year. This is a natural process of replacing old hair and seasonal adaptation of wool to changing climatic conditions. By the winter season, the coat becomes more dense and thick, overgrown with undercoat. Closer to heat, the coating layer becomes thicker and serves as protection against overheating. This is a normal process.

Pets, in comparison with street counterparts, are not so susceptible to temperature changes. They molt almost constantly. Therefore, the main rule of care is combing wool. Comb your pet preferably every day. This is especially true of pets long-haired breeds. The essence of the procedure is that the removal of old hairs.

The toolkit for this procedure includes:

  • Comb with metal rounded teeth. With its help, the coverslip and guard hair is combed.
  • Puhoderka brush. Faded undercoat combed out.
  • Brush for massage. The best option is a brush with natural bristles.
  • For pets with hard wool, you need to purchase a trimmer. special knife for plucking wool.
  • Mitten from coarse thick fabric for cleansing from grease and dust.

If the owners take care of their pet’s coat correctly, then the hair will be thick, shiny and healthy. But it may turn out that with good care, the dog has wool. Owners should not disregard this fact and be sure to find out why the dog has wool.

What To Do If A Dog Climbs Wool

The main causes of hair loss

Alopecia in a pet is an alarming factor indicating that he has problems.

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Very much the dog climbs wool if:

  • they eat improperly;
  • a disease begins or the pet is precipitated by parasites;
  • hormonal failure in the body;
  • the owners are poorly or improperly caring for wool;
  • an allergic reaction occurs;
  • The pet has experienced severe stress.

Wrong diet

The hair bulb can begin to break if the animal is deficient in B vitamins. In this case, the dog has hair loss. Even high-quality dry food will not prevent hair loss in dogs.

Monitoring the condition of the animal’s hairline will help determine why dogs have hair loss. Thus, an increased fat content on the skin and dull hair appears when there is a shortage of vitamin A, and dog bald spots can appear with a lack of copper.

Excess vitamins can be harmful, so they should be given to a pet in accordance with the recommendations of the veterinarian.

The diet should be balanced. A pet should not eat food from a person’s table. Read the rules of nutrition, get advice from a veterinarian.

Properly formed diet with the addition of vitamins and minerals will prevent hair loss in dogs.

Diseases and parasites

If you notice that your dog has hair in shreds, then your pet may have been attacked by a parasite. Be sure to conduct an inspection of the animal. In wool wool lice, puff-eaters or fleas may settle. It is easy to determine their presence – it is enough to inspect the hips and hair at the base of the tail.

If the dog had bald patches on his back, and the skin on them is reddish in color, this is a cause for serious concern. The disease is called "ringworm", it is dangerous for humans. Therefore, you should contact the clinic to the veterinarian for treatment.

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Hormonal disorder

If a dog has sores and hair falls out, then perhaps this is a manifestation of hormonal disorders.

The reasons for such violations can be:

  • Growth hormone is poorly produced – somatropin. Most often this problem occurs in males during puberty.
  • The manifestation of Cushing’s syndrome. Alopecia begins due to an overabundance of such a hormone as cortisol. During this period, the pet quickly gains weight and drinks a lot of liquid, and the skin sags and loses its elasticity. Another sign of the manifestation of this syndrome is a loss of urinary control.
  • An excess or lack of estrogen also leads to loss of hair. From this, sterilized females often suffer.
  • Hypothyroidism – insufficient activity of the thyroid hormone. Bald dogs appear on their paws, back, abdomen, and neck.

What To Do If A Dog Climbs Wool

Wrong care for wool

Often the owners can not understand why the dog is balding.

It happens that the answer to the surface – wash your pet with shampoos and gels that are not intended for them. It is for this reason that dandruff and dander appear in the dog.

Do not bathe your pet weekly. For long-haired breeds, the best option is monthly washing, and the rest of the breeds are no more frequent than once every six months.


An allergic reaction may occur:

  • on the wrong feed.
  • on the use of antibiotics;
  • on the use of hormonal contraception type.

If you notice that a dog has hair around its eyes, shreds hang from the back and sides, then this is most likely an allergic reaction. Dandruff that appears on the back of the dog can also be one of the manifestations of allergy. If you suspect an allergy, you must visit a veterinarian.

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Stress, separation from the owners

The cause of hair loss in an animal can be stress experienced. For example, moving to a new apartment, parting with the owners for a long period. Such factors are of a psychological nature. Experienced dog stress and after surgery, and with long-term drug treatment.

Dogs may become frightened by noise, loud noises, or aggression from other animals.

What To Do If A Dog Climbs Wool


The owners noticed that the dog has wool, what to do – such a question in a panic asks every owner of the animal.

In this case, you should:

  1. Contact the veterinarian immediately.
  2. There is no universal recipe. The doctor will examine the pet, prescribe tests if necessary and write out the treatment.
  3. In case of hormonal disorders, hormone therapy is prescribed, when parasites are detected, drops are prescribed, and in case of a weakened immune system, drugs to increase immunity.

When avitaminosis the veterinarian will select vitamins for dogs from hair loss.

It is not necessary to get involved in self-treatment, otherwise there is a chance to leave your dog without any hair.

What To Do If A Dog Climbs Wool


Prevention is always easier than cure.

You must follow certain rules:

  • dry cleaning should be done regularly with the help of a special mitten or a suede cloth;
  • antihelminthic drugs for prophylaxis;
  • timely vaccinations;
  • take care of proper balanced nutrition.

Proper care and proper organization of food will allow for a long time to keep pet’s coat thick and shiny.


See in the video how to properly care for your pet’s fur.

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