Vitamins For Wool Dogs

The main decoration of the dog is its wool.. Well-groomed, beautiful coat attracts attention, allows you to win at exhibitions and just pleases the owner, as it is an indicator of the overall health of the pet.

It often happens that the wool loses its luster, density, starts to shed heavily or even loses its shade of color. In such cases, vitamin-mineral complexes come to the rescue, which compensate for the lack of necessary elements in the dog’s body and allow it to look elegant again.

Vitamins for Pet Fur

However, it is worth remembering that such supplements are not a medicine, they do not treat a dog, but only maintain the balance of substances in the body. Be sure to find the root cause of this deterioration in appearance and cope with it.

What are necessary for wool and leather?

A healthy animal can be determined by the appearance and the condition of the coat. But what to do if the molt was healed, and the hair lost its former brightness and became dry and brittle?

First, pay attention to nutrition. Most often it is the main reason for the changed appearance. In certain periods, many dogs lack certain vitamins and microelements for the normal functioning of the body. Secondly, contact a veterinarian, as often the deterioration of the hairline is the first sign of a serious illness.

In order to look good, a dog needs to receive certain trace elements and vitamins every day with feeding:

  • A (retinol).
  • E (tocopherol).
  • WITH.
  • Vitamins of group B.
  • PP (nicotinic acid).
  • Omega-6 and Omega-9 natural fatty acids.
  • Zinc.
  • Sulfur.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Manganese.
  • Calcium.
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All these substances should be part of food additives, whose main task is to improve the immune system, strengthen the body and improve the appearance.

How to pick up?

As soon as you understand that your pet needs additional vitamins, you face the problem of choosing the right ones for your pet.

Vitamins For Wool Dogs

The modern veterinary market now offers dozens, if not hundreds of drugs. In such a variety is easy to get confused. Therefore, when choosing, consider the basic parameters:

  • Weight. It depends on the dose of elements needed per day.
  • Age. In different periods of life, a dog, like a person, needs different sets of useful substances.
  • Period of growth or reproduction. It is especially important to pay attention to the bitches. A pregnant dog needs to pick up drugs that will help not only her, but also the offspring and will not harm.
  • Breed and type of hair. The body of different breeds works a little differently, so it is best to choose vitamins designed specifically for members of a particular breed, so that they can provide all the needs.
  • Diet Or rather the number of trace elements in it. The less useful – the greater the concentration of substances should be in the taken supplements. However, higher doses should be avoided, since oversupply is just as harmful as a disadvantage.
  • The specific problem that the dog encountered. Different sets of elements are needed for different conditions. If you do not pay attention to it, then instead of treating, the problem will only get worse.
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The best option would be to contact your permanent veterinarian with this question. He will be able to take into account all factors and will be able to suggest the most successful supplements.

Also, do not ignore the form of release. Usually complexes are in the form:

Vitamin Rating

It is impossible to name the best vitamin complex, since each of them is designed to solve a specific problem for a particular breed. Therefore, the owner must choose it, based on the needs of the dog. However, there are manufacturers who have proven themselves for decades of excellent work and have been releasing entire lines of effective additives that have no harmful side effects:

  • Canina from the German manufacturer Canina pharma GmbH has long been on the international market one of the leading positions due to the unique patented formulations. Their main feature is naturalness. All manufactured products contain components of natural origin, and not synthesized in laboratories. The complex against hair loss additionally includes amino acids, fish oil and evening primrose oil. They not only have a good effect on the hair and claws, but also allow you to better assimilate to other substances.
  • Excel Brewer’s Yeast or Brewer’s Yeast– one of the most effective drugs for today. Initially, the American company from 8 in 1 now has two research centers in New York and in the German city of Mole, which allows specialists to combine the latest developments of two continents to take care of the health of four-legged pets. The composition of this complex additionally includes brewer’s yeast, garlic, biotin, fish oil and trace elements. This allows you to greatly reduce the time of molting, as well as improve immunity, improve liver function and normalize metabolism. The form of release – tablets, doses are calculated based on the weight of the pet. Moreover, you can take beer yeast from puppies to extreme old age.
  • Top 10 from the world famous Dutch company Beafar. This complex is suitable for improving the condition of skin, hair, increasing body resistance and vitality. The completely natural composition included microelements, L-carnitine and mineral salts, biotin. You can start taking from 3 weeks of age. So kids, he will help to properly form the skeleton and teeth. The release form – the tablets calculated on a certain weight.
  • Virbac megaderm additionally enriched with vitamin E, which makes the hair soft and silky, eliminating excess dryness and brittleness. Another undoubted plus is the release form. Little sachets smell nice and like dogs. Pets perceive a useful additive as a treat, so the problem of feeding the drug never arises.
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Vitscan – American supplements, the main feature of which is individuality. Each product in the line is developed specifically for the needs of a particular breed. Therefore, the owners do not need to calculate the required dose on purpose. Moreover, you can be sure that the constituent elements are fully suitable for the type of wool and digestive system.

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