Vitamins For Dogs To Improve The State Of Wool

The appearance of a four-legged friend in the house brings not only joy, but also additional responsibility. The owners of dogs know how important it is to maintain the health of your pet and surround it with care. It is no secret that any internal problems in the body are reflected in the appearance. It is the animal’s fur that suffers conception: it becomes dull, brittle, falls out. This may be due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. But the exact cause can only be determined by a veterinarian, as well as prescribe a course of treatment.


Vitamins For Dogs To Improve The State Of Wool

Loss of hair: norm or pathology

Many dog ​​breeds have a seasonal change of coat, which is the norm. It should not cause concern for the health of the pet, as this is a natural process. Shedding occurs twice a year. There is also a “baby molt” that occurs in puppies between the ages of 3 and 9 months. During this period, a gentle fluff falls out, and in its place grows more rigid, adult hair.

But if the loss of hair is delayed and occurs too intensively, then this is a reason to contact a veterinarian. Wool problems can occur for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • unbalanced diet (deficiency of vitamins and minerals);
  • wrong care of the coat;
  • infection with a fungal or parasitic disease;
  • helminthiasis;
  • allergic reactions;
  • stress (for example, when another pet appears in the house);
  • hormonal drugs;
  • acute and chronic diseases, including hereditary;

One of the signs of serious diseases is focal hair loss when it is preserved in other areas.

To help your pet you need to find out the cause of the problem and start fighting it.

Vitamins For Dogs To Improve The State Of Wool

Other Wool Problems

Active hair loss in dogs is not the only problem faced by the owners. Shedding can take place within the framework of the norm, but at the same time the wool itself looks dry, dull, ruffled, which also requires consulting with a specialist and taking appropriate measures. In no case should you ignore such symptoms as itching, dry skin, peeling.

Vitamins For Dogs To Improve The State Of Wool

What vitamins are important for a dog’s health?

For normal growth and full development of the dog, vitamins should be supplied to the body along with food. Many of them, in addition to the general influence on organs and systems, have an additional effect on the animal’s fur.

Vitamin A. Retinol is involved in the synthesis of collagen fibers, keratin and elastane. With a lack of this vitamin, elasticity and silkiness of the wool cover is lost, brittleness is observed.

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Vitamins of group B. These vitamins normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, are important in the fight against skin peeling. They are necessary for nourishing the bulbs so that the wool is elastic. With a sufficient amount of vitamins of group B, loss of hair decreases, the undercoat grows, brittle hair is eliminated.

Vitamin C. Vitamin to maintain the protective functions of the body, helps to resist infectious diseases and related complications.

Vitamin D. Indispensable for the proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus. With his lack of pet can have problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Vitamin E. Responsible for the normal functioning of the reproductive system, as well as a powerful antioxidant.

Vitamins F and H. They are involved in the synthesis of keratin, they are necessary for maintaining healthy skin, claws and coat.

Vitamins For Dogs To Improve The State Of Wool

Fatty acids and minerals

In addition to vitamins, the following minerals and fatty acids are also important for the dog’s body.

Omega-3 and omega-6. The significance of these substances for the body is difficult to overestimate. In addition, they give wool a healthy shine and elasticity, are able to enhance pigmentation, accelerate the restoration of the coat after an illness.

Zinc. This element supports the normal function of the thyroid gland. Zinc is also associated with vitamin A: together they help reduce thinning of the guard hairs, loss of hair, and brittleness.

Sulfur. It is necessary to optimize the production of fat skin glands. Sulfur is important for hair shaft proteins at the molecular level. Sulfur compounds form sulfide bridges.

Calcium and phosphorus. Together with vitamin D, they support many processes in the body.

Manganese. He is involved in the synthesis of keratin.

Copper. At deficiency of this substance collagen formation is disturbed, healthy color of wool is lost.

Selenium. Selenium is similar to vitamin E in its effects on the dog’s body. In addition, they work together. They have antioxidant properties, support immunity, and help relieve stress.

Iron. Lack of iron can cause anemia and other dangerous conditions.

Features of vitamin and mineral complexes

Natural food is good for the health of the dog, if it is properly balanced. However, to do this at home is quite difficult. It is necessary to calculate the daily portion of meat (certain varieties), vegetables and other products. If the owner of the dog does not have the capacity or knowledge to prepare a balanced diet, this may result in a lack of certain substances in the body. Modern high-quality feeds already contain the necessary components and keep their balance according to average statistical needs. But in some cases, to maintain the health of the dog, improve the coat and eliminate intensive molting, it is necessary to use special complexes with vitamins. Their choice is very large. They may differ in the form of release (tablets, capsules, drops, solutions for injection), the composition (combination of active substances) and dosage. Choose a particular vitamins for hair growth in dogs will help the doctor.

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Vitamin preparations

Isidivit®. Emulsion for injection, designed to increase the body’s natural resistance, maintain immunity, normalize metabolism and other functions. Appointed veterinarian sick and weak animals. Isidivit® refers to complex immunostimulating drugs. It includes ASD 2-F substance, vitamins A and E, succinic acid.

"VitOkey". A drug developed for the prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis, as well as diseases that can develop on their background. It can be administered as part of a combination therapy for stress, poisoning, invasive diseases, and diseases of non-communicable etiology. The tool is available for parenteral administration (by injection). "VitOkey" contains a complex of essential vitamins in a physiologically reasonable ratio: A, D3, E, K, Bone, B2, B6, nicotinamide, calcium pantothenate, cyanocobalamin, folic acid, biotin. The multicomponent composition makes the drug especially effective with a deficiency of several vitamins at once, often occurring in infectious and invasive diseases, massive blood loss and severe injuries.

Vittri-1. This is an oil solution of vitamins A, D3, E, which are in physiologically reasonable proportions. "Vittri-1" refers to the combined vitamin preparations. It is suitable for the prevention and complex treatment of hypovitaminosis, xerophthalmia, rickets, osteomalacia, some dermatitis, poorly healing wounds and ulcers, inflammation of the mucous membranes in conjunction with the main therapy. The drug helps to normalize the metabolism. Differs in convenient packaging, ease of use (mixed with food for ingestion) and storage. The drug is compatible with other drugs and feed.

Vittri-3. Combined vitamin preparation in the form of an oil solution of vitamins A, D3, E. According to the recommendations for use and action is similar to "Vittri-1." The difference lies in the method of application. Vittri-3 is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Appointed to animals with reduced or absent appetite, with serious diseases and disorders when the feed form is not sufficiently effective.

"Stone". This is a mineral and vitamin supplement for dogs, which consists of vitamins, macro-and micronutrients, biologically active substances. The basis of the product is high quality bone meal. Top dressing is made of environmentally friendly raw materials, does not contain preservatives and dyes. It is used for the prevention of mineral and vitamin deficiency and has a general beneficial effect on the body of the animal. The series “Stone” includes 6 products: with beer yeast, seaweed, with succinic acid, as well as “Stone Vitamin”, “Stone Immunovit” and “Stone Multivitamin”. As vitamins for dog hair, “Stone with brewer’s yeast” can be recommended separately. It promotes the growth of wool and improve its structure. In addition, "Stone with sea kale" can be recommended. Its active ingredients promote the growth of wool and increase the intensity of its color.

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Radostin®. This is a combined preparation containing vitamins, macro- and microelements in a balanced, physiologically reasonable ratio. In order to avoid undesirable interactions, micronutrients in Radostin are contained in chelated form, and vitamins – in microcapsule. This form also provides the best bioavailability of active substances. The composition of Radostin® includes:

  • vitamins A, Bone, AT2, AT3, provitamin Bfive, AT6, AT12, C, D3, E, H;
  • iron, potassium, calcium, glycerophosphate, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc;
  • Bio-Mos (mannanoligosaccharides);
  • raspberry leaf, mussel hydrolyzate, chitosan succinate, spirulina, taurine (according to the recipe);
  • auxiliary components.

There are 3 products in the series: for adult dogs, for puppies aged from 21 days to 18 months, for dogs over 6 years old. The active substances contained in them, among other things, help to improve the condition of the skin and coat.

"Sulfur". This feed additive, produced in powder form, contains sulfur – one of the components of the protein molecule that is actively involved in metabolic processes and the construction of cellular structures of the body. Among other things, sulfur is involved in the synthesis of collagen and keratin. The supplement helps to normalize the metabolism, improve the condition of the skin and hair, accelerate hair growth (especially during the molting period), improve pigmentation, the appearance of shine. "Sulfur" can be used to prevent diseases of the skin and coat, prevents hair breakage and dandruff. The additive is mixed with the feed at the recommended dose.

Vitamins For Dogs To Improve The State Of Wool

Choosing vitamins for dogs from hair loss, it should be understood that no drugs will help, if the reason is not a lack of substances, but a disease. Therefore, in case of non-physiological hair loss, first contact your veterinarian.

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