Read If You Want To Learn How To Comb A Spitz

Combing is a very important process in the care of any fluffy pet. Properly performed procedure helps not only to keep the hair healthy, but also to boast a fluffy fur coat.

How to scratch at home?

Spitz is distinguished from other breeds by a thick undercoat. It supports the guard hair and provides the spitz with the look of a fluffy pom-pom. Care of the coat Spitz has some features.

What is needed?

The most suitable for the Spitz will be a soft comb, which gently processes the wool, does not pull the hairs and at the same time gives pleasure to the animal, massaging the skin. Hard brushes can damage the coat and cause discomfort to the dog and cause scratches and microtrauma.

Read If You Want To Learn How To Comb A Spitz

The teeth of the comb should not be too frequent so that in addition to the disentanglement of the hairs, they do not pull out any excess wool. An important point is the preservation of the undercoat, ensuring the maintenance of guard hairs and giving the fur coat pomp.

It is necessary to comb necessarily against the growth of hairs, but in all directions and reaching with the teeth up to the skin. This is a great way to massage, providing nutrition and growth of wool. It is best to comb your pet by sitting it on your lap or on a special table, pre-putting a rubber mat so that your paws do not slip.

Important: plots with soft skin (behind the ears, under the chin and in the groin) condemn separate attention – after all, ticks are most often formed here.

The final stage of combing is using a comb. It serves to collect the remaining fluff, to draw out wool (this is especially important before shearing) and to give the pet fluffiness.

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At the end of the procedure, you can brush from tail to head – from this, the spitz’s hair will rise beautifully. And a little fluff it with your hands – so it will not roll down longer.


Spitz hair is rarely knit in tangles, only in the most tender places with the softest skin – in the ear area, in the armpits, between the fingers, in the groin area. If this happens, you need to carefully disassemble the mats with your fingers, then comb them out with a comb.

Read If You Want To Learn How To Comb A Spitz

How often is it necessary?

Spitz dogs have a coat structure that does not need to be combed daily. They very rarely form mats. Therefore, two or three times a week your pet will be enough.

If you comb a spitz more often there is a risk of removing the entire undercoat and the dog will no longer be so fluffy, and the guard hair will remain without support and fall.

The dog must be combed, also, before and after bathing. When wet, the wool, which is knocked to shreds, will become harder and then it will be hard to comb out. Combing before bathing prevents excessive entanglement of wool and the formation of mats.

Is it possible to moult?

Spitz dogs molt twice a year – in spring and autumn. Sometimes a little change the coat and during the year. During periods of molting, you need to carefully comb any spitz. A loose undercoat may become entangled in the coat, which is fraught with the formation of tangles. Therefore, during the molt, you can comb your pet every day with a soft massage brush.

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reference: if the pet sheds heavily, it is acceptable to use larger brushes.


Furminators are very useful in caring for spitz hair. They can remove the extra undercoat without injuring the guard hairs. The use of the device is evidenced by the uniform distribution of lubricant over the skin and coat of the dog, safety for the skin, the possibility of using it for wool of any length and preventing the formation of tangles.

Furminators differ in size, blade width and tooth length. For the spitz, a small furminator with a working surface width of up to 3-5 cm is best suited.


Since the puppy’s coat has a different structure, it is much easier to care for it. The undercoat of a young spitz is completely closed by the guard hair, so that the hair does not fall into the mats.

From an early age, a puppy should be taught to regularly take care of his fur coat. Puppy hair must be combed daily. It is better to use a soft massage brush.

Best for a puppy fit rare-toothed metal or massage comb. It should be combed against the coat, and on the paws – on the coat. This combing will allow the coat to look more fluffy. Also, it is an excellent massage for the skin of a small Spitz.

It is necessary to accustom the baby to combing as soon as he appeared in the house. To begin with, to ensure the baby calm, during the procedure it can be planted on his knees. Later, when the dog is older and will stand quietly, grooming can be carried out on a special table.

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How to teach?

Often, the breeder begins to accustom the dog to grooming procedures. Therefore, to move to a new home, the puppy is already accustomed to combing, washing and clipping claws.

If you need to teach Spitz to comb, then it is worth starting with 3-4 weeks of age. Put the puppy on your lap. Comb your pet for a few minutes, praise him, give him a treat and let him go. By repeating this process several times a day throughout the week you teach the dog to comb with pleasure.

What if resists, does not give?

Many Spitz owners are faced with a problem when the dog does not allow itself to be combed. The main thing here is not to give in and not to let the puppy out of pity or fear. In this case, it is better to take a pet stronger, calm it down and continue the procedure.

If the dog doesn’t give itch, first brush it with parts: first the back, after some time the sides, etc. For good behavior, praise and encourage the dog. You can give her a treat.

Features for Pomeranian, German or other

In the care of different types of spitz there are no clear edges (even between the classics and the pom-spitz!). Therefore, the rules and guidelines for combing any kind will be the same.

reference: Pomeranian spitz, besides regular combing, also needs periodic cutting.


Adult Spitz practically does not fade. Therefore, if the pet is combed and properly looked after by its wool, the dog will always please you with a healthy, shiny and fluffy fur coat.

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