How To Comb York’S Silky Hair

How To Comb York'S Silky Hair

Scratching is an important step in preserving wool. Considering the delicate structure of York’s silky wool, choosing the right comb is very important.
The necessary combs, which you simply cannot do without, should be of very high quality. Do not save on tools. Considering that just one month of combing wool with artificial bristles can cause irreparable harm, check the naturalness of the brush. To do this, you should carefully check what is written on the brush itself or label. The advice of the experienced: never natural bristles are fixed on plastic (unless they are clothes or shoe brushes). Never natural bristles coexist with a metal massage brush on a single base, only synthetic. Synthetic bristles are dangerous for wool because it traumatizes it. Massage a metal brush with ceramic tips also greatly injures the delicate wool of the Yorkshire terrier.

Here are the necessary tools to care for York:
1.Massage brushes made of natural bristles-big and small. Large-for combing and drying, small-for applying oil.
2. Massage brush made of special metal with antistatic coating.
3.Raschesk with rotating teeth.
4. Raschesk metal with oval teeth and antistatic coating.
5. Scissors hairdresser, well sharpened.
6. A small nail clipper, a file for sawing sharp claws.
7. Plastic hairbrush with a tail, better with a metal.
Combing should be done carefully, starting from the ends of the hair, gradually moving towards the roots. Thorough combing of matted hairs can be a very long process, but do not stop combing until your pet has any matted hair.

Try to thoroughly treat the dog before washing, wash the dog with tangled wool too. Before washing, you need to disassemble all the tangles on the dog’s body with your hands, wetting all the areas with tangled hair with balsam, then combing with a metal massage comb, wash it and then comb it with a natural bristle brush and at the very end of a thick metal comb.

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Very tangled hair can be easily combed after washing, if you mix 2 tablespoons of balsam with 1 tablespoon of mink oil and mix this mixture with 1 liter of water. This solution should be poured onto the dog’s hair after washing with shampoo and not rinsed. Release excess moisture from the wool, blot with a towel and comb. Such a procedure should not be performed frequently, especially on thin dry skin.
But in an emergency, such washing is justified.
And another advice is to use only good and proven imported balms and conditioners for removing mats, since there is little use from domestic ones, you only torture the dog. There are proven tools such as "Matless"air conditioners firms "Pek" Iv san bernard", "BioGroom" etc. Before using them, prewet the coat with water, apply conditioner, leave for 15-20 minutes, then begin to carefully disassemble the tangles with your hands and gently comb the comb with sparse teeth. The result will be on the face! There is an excellent spray from mats "Vellus tangle out"- it helps with very strong tangling of hair, without losing wool. The method of application is as follows: apply spray on the wool (do not need to moisten the wool with water beforehand), leave for 30 minutes, then disassemble the tangles with your hands, comb the comb, starting from the tips of the hairline. How to comb all wool, it is necessary to wash the dog.

Based on the experience of many breeders, and me personally, I can say that frequent tearing of puppies and teenagers only harm their thin wool. The more often we touch it, especially with metal, the more we break it and we scratch it. York has no undercoat if you have the right structure wool, therefore, daily combing hurts him. Scratching a dog between washing should not be. The exception is puppies and dogs with very thin wool or wool of woolly structure. Such yorkshires need to be combed once every three days, It is of special and balsam oil solution. And another question many owners ask, what is the reason for dandruff on the coat of a dog. The answer to this question can be ambiguous.
As for dandruff, there are many causes of its formation, ranging from improper and unbalanced nutrition, from lack of vitamins and minerals, to more serious causes, such as damage to the coat and skin, and the whole organism of the animal with protozoa, spores, insects or worms, in other words, parasites. This should carefully examine your pet. Although at first try to just change the food, cosmetics, and if it does not help, then it is better to conduct an examination at the vet.

How To Comb York'S Silky Hair

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