How A Furmer Comb Helps Make Life Easier For Dog Owners

A real helper in the fight against the omnipresent wool is a furminator for dogs. This is a special brush with thin strong teeth that helps to comb the hair of pets without serious consequences and quickly.

Design and principle of operation

Furminator device is easy. Its main element is a metal comb made of stainless steel with sharply sharpened teeth. The height and width of the teeth depends on the model. The comb fastens on the convenient handle. Above the teeth there is a button for cleaning the instrument from combed wool.

The comb does not cut the undercoat, but captures dead hair, without affecting the awn. The shorter the hair of an animal, the smaller the teeth should be. Long rare teeth will not catch the beagle undercoat, and frequent short teeth will not comb through the thick long coat of a Malamute or Husky.

Advantages and disadvantages

The undoubted advantages of the furminator:

  • reduced molt duration up to 90%;
  • reduction of time spent on grooming the animal;
  • preventing the formation of tangles;
  • selective removal of weak or already dead hair;
  • effectiveness for long-haired and for short-haired animals;
  • uniform distribution of the dog’s natural fatty grease, making the coat smooth and shiny.

Pet owners who use this tool are confident that the apartment now has less vacuuming, and the animal itself suffers less from heat and painful tangles. A combed out dog looks healthy, well-groomed, there is no need to cut it. Some owners claim that with proper animal care, the flying fur disappears altogether.

How A Furmer Comb Helps Make Life Easier For Dog Owners

The disadvantages of the furminator include, first of all, its price. The cost of the device, depending on the manufacturer, quality, design features ranges from 700 to 3000 rubles.

Owners of large long-haired breeds need to consider that for combing back and abdomen you need a tool with a comb up to 10-13 cm, and paws and tail will have to be processed with a smaller device, which increases costs. Another major drawback is injury, with careless application can scratch the skin.

What breeds are suitable for?

The use of a furminator is shown only for dog breeds with a thick undercoat:

  • husky, newfoundland, husky, malamute, spitz;
  • spaniels, schnauzers, setters, sleek-haired terriers;
  • dachshunds, rottweilers, bigley, pugs;
  • Shepherd, Labrador.

Reviews from the Furminator thematic forums suggest that the device is effective for both long-haired and short-haired dogs. There is no doubt about the convenience of its use for long-haired dogs among dog breeders.

In short-haired breeds, the dead underfur should also be removed in a timely manner, otherwise the hair of the animals will become ugly and lose resistance to various diseases. In addition, long-term strong molt adversely affects the condition of the skin. Furminator is not suitable for smooth-haired breeds, because they have practically no undercoat, then combing will not be effective.

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Breeds for combing which the furminator is not used:

  • shaggy pets without undercoat: Yorkies, Shih Tzu, Maltese, Papillon, Bulldogs;
  • dogs with soft curly hair: poodles, bullets, bologneses, toy terriers;
  • bare breeds: Chinese Crested, Mexican.

Before using the device, you need to make sure that the skin of your pet is healthy. The instrument is not used in dogs with skin diseases of any nature: irritation, rash, allergies, dermatitis, eczema, fungus. The use of the device in this case may aggravate the course of the disease.

Small scratches or cuts will not be a contraindication, you must carefully comb the coat without touching the area around the damage. You should not use a furminator for animals with felted wool and mats – there will be no sense from it, and the dog can be hurt.

How A Furmer Comb Helps Make Life Easier For Dog Owners

Depending on the size of the dog, owners may purchase one or another type of device:

  • The Large category with a working surface width of a comb 10-13 cm, is used for large breeds weighing 23-41 kg, wool length over 5 cm. Such furminators are used for Labrador, Collie, Husky, Sheepdogs;
  • Medium category with a working surface width of a comb 6-7cm, used for medium-sized breeds weighing 9-23 kg, wool length about 5 cm; used for combing cocker spaniels, Spitz;
  • Small category with a working surface width of a comb 3-4.5 cm, used for small breeds weighing up to 9kg, wool length up to 5cm. Chihuahua and Pekingese are combed out with such tools.

Recently, electric furminators have appeared on the market, further accelerating the combing process. Such devices have an additional function of light massage created by the vibration of the device during operation. They work on batteries. Electrofurminators are used for medium sized dogs.

Appliance rules

Any owner of a dog can use a furminator; this does not require the skills of a professional groomer.

Haircut and combing are not the most favorite activities for shaggy pets. So that the type of brush does not cause anxiety or fear in the dog, it is important to carry out the first procedure carefully, without pain and injuries. For starters, it’s better to just do a few ironing strokes. No need to push or force the teeth into the skin of the animal. This will cause the dog unnecessary pain, without at all increasing the efficiency of the tool.

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Before starting, the dog must be redeemed, thoroughly dried, cut out tangles, combed. You can not comb out wet or dirty wool – the teeth will quickly become clogged with dirt, and a sharp knife may squeeze wet guard hairs. Then carefully examine the condition of the pet’s skin, so that when combing it, not to affect the existing wounds.

Wool should be removed only in the direction of hair growth: in short-haired dogs – from withers to tail, from back to belly, in long-haired dogs – in layers, starting from the bottom. The procedure will take 20-30 minutes, in advanced cases it may take more time – up to 40-60 minutes.

How A Furmer Comb Helps Make Life Easier For Dog Owners

Procedure for combing:

  1. Set the comb at the level of the undercoat so that the blade does not touch the skin.
  2. Smoothly conduct a furminator along the line of wool growth. Movement should be uninterrupted, as long as possible.
  3. If you feel any obstacle along the brush, you need to pause and examine the animal. Well-ground blades allow you to safely remove small mats. However, if the wool is felled strongly, it is better to cut the lump with scissors.
  4. In the process of combing, about once every 30-60 seconds, you need to press the button to remove the wool, otherwise the result of the device will be reduced to a minimum.

After use, the device should be washed under a stream of soapy water. It is not necessary to wipe it – friction even with a soft cloth can dull the blade. During storage, the dried teeth of the device must be closed with a protective cover.

It is better to teach puppies to comb a furminator from an early age. In adult dogs, the device is used during the molting period, i.e. twice a year, with a frequency of 1-2 times a week, you can more often. In dogs living in an apartment in warm conditions, often the seasonality of changing wool is not pronounced. Therefore, for them to use the tool all year round every 10-14 days.

Popular models and manufacturers

Furminators of several manufacturers are popular on the market:

  1. The American company "FURminator Ink" is a company that patented the device. These are high-quality products with self-sharpening blades made of durable stainless steel alloy with a long service life. The manufacturer produces combs of two categories: "classic" and "deluxe", differing in purpose and price. Classic – reliable and simple traditional products, which began their release. Deluxe – more advanced models with ergonomic handle and self-cleaning blades. Price of classic products from 800 to 1200 rubles., Deluxe class – from 1900 to 2700 rubles.
  2. "Trixie" – a German company that produces analogues of American devices. Compared with the original American brushes of this company have a different appearance and rubberized handle. On a wider working surface, the teeth are inclined. The price of these devices is more attractive to buyers: from 700 to 1000 rubles.
  3. Two French firms “Foolee” and “Vivog” have recommended themselves from the best side. Foolee combs have five sizes for differently sized dogs. The smallest furminator has a working surface of only 3.1 cm. This is very convenient for decorative dogs, for example, Chihuahua. The largest blade size is 13 cm. This size will help you to comb a large dog as quickly as possible. Devices of ten colors are produced, the teeth have a tilt angle, the blade is attached to the handle with bolts. Vivog combs have a stylish design and at the same time easy to use. The manufacturer produces two lines of furminators: a classic in the form of a comb-grabelk and an improved one, working as a comb. The purchase of such a device will cost the owner inexpensively: from 700 to 1000 rubles.
  4. Fudminators of the Chinese brand “Kudi” are inexpensive classic combs with a rubberized handle, to which a blade is attached to the screws. This manufacturer also produces a new product – a brush with a two-in-one blade. One working surface in them is used as rake, which comb the dog, preparing the wool for combing. Then, with the help of the turning roller, the rakes are hidden. They are replaced by the teeth of the furminator itself. Includes four blades of different lengths. Chinese devices will cost the owner in 900-1400 rubles.
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How A Furmer Comb Helps Make Life Easier For Dog Owners


Nata, Zheleznodorozhny

“After appearing in Sam’s house, I quickly realized that molting was inevitable. I did not think that short-haired pugs can litter the house so badly. I bought Pukhoderka, but the situation has not changed much. For two months I looked after the furminator. Confused price – 2667 rubles. And finally decided! It is very easy to comb a dog. Just spend on the growth of hair, from time to time cleaning the blade. For ten minutes, for the first time, I got a huge lump, and for the second time, I already had much less use. The agile and restless Sam did not bite, and even obviously enjoyed it. Now I can safely squeeze him even in black clothes. Very worthy purchase! ”

Hope, Tchaikovsky

Andrey, Oryol region

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