Furminator For Dogs – How It Works, What It Needs

If you want to see a beautiful and well-groomed wool in your pet, then the best tool as a furminator for dogs is not found. No comb will replace this tool. The most important thing is to choose it correctly, taking into account all the features of the breed, the length and structure of the hair, in order to prevent the formation of tufts of wool and the untidy appearance of the animal.

Dead hairs during the molting period can be on any surface and coating, therefore, to easily get rid of this unpleasant moment, experts have invented a furminator.

Today we will tell you how to use it correctly, which one is better to choose, guided by a certain breed, financial situation and in what period it is better to use the tool.

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What is a furminator

The furminator for dogs is a flat surface on the handle with very sharp teeth, looks like a rake. The teeth are tightly arranged to each other, which allows you to carefully remove dead hair, without disturbing the appearance of wool.

Furminator is a novelty, which is an improved version of the pooder. Easy to use, durable material makes it possible to serve for a long time, even with constant use.

In comparison with the Pukhoderka, this instrument copes well at one time with most of the dead bone hair, and evenly distributes the sebaceous glands.

Furminator For Dogs - How It Works, What It Needs

This is very good, since the coat through several procedures becomes glossy, durable, there is no greasy basal hair. In addition, thanks to the massaging movements, blood circulation is improved, nourishing the coat with useful substances.

Dead hair no longer causes discomfort, does not prick, does not cause irritation and itching. For breeds with long hair furminator is an indispensable tool in pet care.

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The chesalka copes well with the task, especially if the pet is flat, where the owner would not like to see his wool on the sofa, pillows and carpeting. Without causing pain to the animal, you can easily eliminate the furminator of the guard hair, regardless of its length.

How to use a furminator for dogs

Furminator for dogs for the first time should be used carefully, without causing discomfort and not to frighten the animal. Pets do not like this kind of procedure, so it is better to teach them from puppyhood.

So that the dog is not frightened, in the first times begin to accustom to the furminator, just stroking the wool, even if there are many woolen clumps.

Each time increasing the intensity of pressing to achieve the desired result. In a word, a pet should not have negative associations when in the hands of the owner the tool.

Instructions for use

  • On the skin of the pet should be no cuts and scratches;
  • The coat and undercoat are completely dry after bathing;
  • It is better to remove lumps of old age with scissors, it is not necessary to try to remove them with the device, it can cause pain to the dog and the next time the procedure cannot be repeated calmly;
  • The comb is not set deeply so that the entire undercoat is immersed in it, but does not touch the skin;
  • Need to comb in the direction of hair growth, starting from the top down, withers / back / stomach / thigh;
  • For the ears and tail, there are other models, they are smaller in size;
  • When combing you do not need to stop, the movements should be protractive, do not touch the skin carefully so that the sharp teeth will not injure it;
  • If you stumbled upon a large koltun, you do not need to pull it further, stop, consider it. If you cut it off badly;
  • Every 30-40 seconds as the tool clogs, it needs to be cleaned; to do this, press the special cleaning button. Do this procedure necessarily, for the purpose of a long service life of the device and the effectiveness of carding;
  • After combing, care for the device. It must be washed with water and soap, dried and covered with a special cover.
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If there is no experience in this matter, then there is a lot of video material on the Internet, where you can learn from specialists how to properly perform combing without consequences.

How does the furminator for dogs

The dog dog has a light construction and is fairly simple to use. It consists of a knife, a handle and a surface with sharp teeth. The sharp blades are replaceable and self-cleaning, therefore the period of use is long.

When choosing a furminator, you need to take into account the dimensions of the dog and the breed itself, so the surface can be different, sizes 3-13 cm. It captures dead hair well, leaving untouched healthy ones.

In what cases you can use furminator

Furminator – a device for new zootechnologies is used for all animals that have a copious period of molting and have a rather thick undercoat. What is the length of the hair of the pet does not play a role, it is suitable for all types of wool.

It is recommended to purchase for such breeds:

  • Siberian Huskies, Huskies;
  • Spitz-shaped dogs;
  • Chow chow (chow-chow);
  • Akita Inu;
  • Griffins (Belgian, Brussels, Petit Brabancon);
  • All varieties of shepherd dogs;
  • Schnauzer;
  • Cocker Spaniel;
  • Labrador;
  • Rottweiler, dachshund.

If you have experience, you can use breeds with curly hair and in terriers with soft hair (for example, wheat, bedlington).

It is forbidden to use for breeds with the absence of undercoat, downy, smooth-haired, without hair, too thick hair or smooth.

Prohibited procedure:

  1. Yorkshire terriers;
  2. Maltese;
  3. Downy dogs;
  4. Lhasa Apso;
  5. Poodle;
  6. Kerry Blue Terrier;
  7. Crested
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If the animal has lesions of the skin, injuries can not be combed.

How often can the furminator be used

During the molting period, specialists recommend frequent use of the device. At other times as needed. For massaging, it is better to choose ordinary brushes, this device is designed to remove only dead hair.

How to pick up furminators for different dogs

How to choose a tool? Furminator for long-haired dogs get better models with a voluminous surface (9-13).

Long teeth will gently eliminate the effects of molting, easily removing tangles. Furminator for short-haired dogs should be with small and dense teeth. For smooth-haired dogs, the device is not needed.

Furminator Differences

The differences of the tools are in the firm and the country of the manufacturer, the quality of the material and, accordingly, the price policy. Below are well-known companies that have established themselves as the best.

Virtually all furminators have a self-cleaning stainless steel blade, comfortable and easy to use, a wide range of sizes for large, medium and small breeds will make it easy for your pet to pick up.

A huge selection of accessories for your favorite animals for every taste and pocket provides the Russian market for zoological products. Among them are the companies listed below.

Manufacturers of furminators:

FURminator (US): the price varies 750-3000 rubles.

Trixie (Germany): the price is 700-1000 rubles.

Vivog (France)Price 700 – 1400 rubles.

Kudi (China): Price 900-1300 rubles.

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Furminator For Dogs - How It Works, What It Needs

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