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Dog Trimmers

Dog Trimmer – Thorough Hair Care

The hair of domestic dogs has a certain cycle of maturation of the hair, which lasts, depending on the individual physiological characteristics of the dog, on average from 4 to 7-8 months. At the end of the cycle, the wool that is not cropped and not faded as it should be, loses its elasticity, luster, brightness of the color, becomes thinner, and the coat of wool falls into strands. Due to this, the dog takes on a sloppy, messy look.

  • Grooming, as one of the procedures for thoroughly caring for a pet’s pet, is necessary for dogs of various sizes and breeds.

Regular haircut of individual parts of the body – paws, tail, muzzle, ears, wool between the fingertips, as well as the full haircut of the animal, is done for hygienic purposes. It prevents the appearance of mats, hair loss, stimulates their growth, improves the structure of the new, growing hair coat and makes the dog’s skin healthy. Another variant of a haircut is a model one, which is carried out in professional salons, where the most creative and fashionable images are created for a pet, which is most often required for dogs of exhibition breeds.

Regardless of whether you bring up a pet for the soul or for an exhibition, a hygienic or model haircut provides the dog with a neat and well-groomed appearance, but how to be the owners of those breeds whose hair is hard from birth and cannot be cut.

It is important to know! Many hard-haired breeds, including the Giant Schnauzer, Fox Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier and others, in the process of evolution of the species have lost the ability to normal molting process.

The coarse wool that has felled and not faded, and the undercoat form a kind of shell that delays the natural weathering of excess moisture, which not only looks very ugly, but also dangerous to the health of the dog. Moisture excreted by the skin causes parasites, fungal diseases, infections, diaper rash, skin irritation and itching. This brings severe discomfort to the animal and creates a lot of health problems, which are subsequently solved only with medication.

If the owner of a dog with long or short hair is enough to cut, wash and comb the dog, then the pet owner with hard wool needs to regularly carry out a special hygienic procedure – trimming. The trimming process, which ensures thorough removal of old hair, involves the use of special tools, in the spectrum of which one of the main places is occupied by a dog trimmer, which is a knife or a machine equipped with a blade with teeth.

  • Stimulated blood circulation in the skin;
  • The growth of hair is activated and there is a rapid renewal of the coat;
  • The quality of the coat is improved – shine returns, the coat keeps its shape well and becomes smooth, elastic, the natural brightness of the color is restored;
  • There is no need to daily comb the animal, and the pet itself looks well-groomed.
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Why trimming is so important for tough dog hair

Some of the owners, deciding that if a dog does not participate in exhibitions, then it is not necessary to do a rather expensive trimming procedure in professional salons. The owners of such dogs are limited to cutting tangles and combing, but do not solve the problem of hard wool in general. Why?

Haircut and trimming are different procedures, because, in the first case, haircut plays only an aesthetic role, not being a complete alternative to trimming, which is performed for hygienic purposes, keeping the hair structure and pet’s skin healthy. If the hard hairs are not mechanically removed, but simply cut off, the mattes and felted wool will not, but the guard hair itself will lose its luster, elasticity, it will become rare and soft, like fluff, which is even worse than a hard base.

IMPORTANT! Why is it so important to remove old, hard hair completely and not cut it off? At the site of the removed hair, new, healthy and strong hair grows, whereas when sheared, the guard hair grows farther from the thin base left after the procedure. Frequent haircuts, especially shaving the dog naked, to critical condition, thinning the guard hair, which makes the wool “wadded” to the touch, the coat is getting dirty faster, does not hold the shape and looks very scruffy. It is very difficult and problematic to restore the hair structure and the health of the coat after regular haircuts, and in some neglected cases it is impossible.

Trimming and tools

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According to the method of performing the procedure, trimming is divided into two main types:

  • Manual(rolling, cladding), where in the process of removing old hair is pulled out by hands (it is not recommended to perform manual trimming for owners who do not have experience with procedures of this type);
  • Mechanical(Stripping) – this type of trimming involves the use of a special trimmer for grooming dogs (trimming knife, machine, stone).

Recommendation! In the case of performing the procedure of removing old hair at home, it is advisable to purchase a special folding trimming table. Due to the folding design, it does not take up much space, and thanks to the non-slip surface provides comfort and convenience for the dog, whose legs do not slip. This provides a stable body position and reduces anxiety from a not always pleasant procedure, and the owner does not have to hold the pet.

The main types of tools for trimming

The main types of trimmers for combing dogs and removing old wool:

  • Trimming knife – one of the main tools groomer used to remove old hair and dog fur undercoat.

It is proposed by manufacturers in three different variations, differing by the type of notches on the blade: with frequent and medium teeth, as well as with rare (coarse) teeth. A frequent-prong trimming knife is optimal for removing undercoat and finishing the coat, a knife with a middle tooth is used to treat hair on the animal’s body, and a third version of the knife with sparse teeth is ideal for plucking wool with a dense structure.

Recommendation! Beginners in the field of home grooming should give preference to knives with medium and coarse notching, as well as dull blades that do not cut the dog’s hair, making the procedure ineffective.

  • Mechanical stripping knife – an ideal homemade groomer tool that is great for beginners in the business of trimming. The unique structure of the teeth and the blade allows you to quickly and accurately remove the old guard hair and the undercoat.
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Removing the guard hair and undercoat with a stripping knife provides a renewal of coat, stimulates hair growth, provides natural ventilation of the coat, ensuring the health of the skin and the attractive appearance of the dog as a whole. A tool made of high-quality materials has an ergonomic handle that does not slip out of hands, which is optimal for honing trimming skills at home.

  • Trimming machine – a tool that resembles a furminator, but only for removing hard wool and undercoat, provides a thorough treatment of the coat of dogs with short and medium length hair.

In addition to the main tool for removing dead hair and undercoat of dogs with stiff hair, you need a puhoderka, which will remove the remaining undercoat, and a comb with frequent tooth pitch, which will allow combing the paws, tail, ears and face of the dog.

To trim the wool, you can use an electric trimmer for dogs, the use of which will be the final stage of processing the pet’s coat. It is also advisable not to pluck out, and cut the stomach, inner thighs, groin, head, chest and neck of the dog. This is recommended due to the fact that some of the hard-haired breeds of the above places are very sensitive, and plucking causes strong pain.

Dog Trimmers

IMPORTANT! If you are a dog owner with a hard coat, try to remove old hair at once. The process of trimming in several passes will cause uneven growth of new hair, which is not critical if the dog is not an exhibition, but complicates further processing. If the dog is nervous or your hands are tired, take a break for 10–20 minutes, let it rest for you and your pet, who will calm down and allow you to complete the procedure without any excesses. After the end of the trimming process, it is advisable to immediately rinse the pet under a stream of warm water in order to avoid skin irritation.

Trimming breeds and frequencies

It will not be out of place to know which breeds require a full or partial trimming procedure, and this applies to all breeds with hard wool, as well as animals with a mixed type of coat.

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