Dog Hair Types Proper Care

As you know, care for the coat of dogs should be regular and systematic. The appearance of the coat is a kind of indicator of the general physiological state of health of the dog. Depending on the type of coat, dog breeds are classified into:

breeds with a coat of medium length.

Dog Hair Types Proper Care

How to properly care for short-haired dog breeds

Short-haired breeds of dogs (Great Danes, Bull Terriers, Toy Terriers, Dobermans) do not have undercoat, so they can freeze during the cold season with strong temperatures below zero. For short-haired breeds, periods of seasonal molting are also characteristic, but their main advantage is the absence of a specific smell of coat.

The coat of dogs with short hair must be combed every week, and during the molt period – daily. For combing wool, you need to purchase soft massage brushes with natural bristles or metal brushes with fine short teeth. Comb the coat in the direction of growth of the guard hair. After the procedure, it is necessary to massage the skin for a few minutes and wipe the hair with a damp, soft flannel cloth that will remove dead epidermal cells and dead short hairs. With regards to bathing, bath procedures using shampoos for dogs are carried out no more than twice a year. In the event that the animal on a procrastinator gets very dirty, it is enough to wipe the fur with a damp cloth or rinse the dog under the shower.

Similar care for the coat in dogs with short, but tight to the body coat, for example, rottweilers, smooth-haired fox terriers. The only thing for combing the coat, in addition to the massage brush, you need to purchase a metal brush with medium, soft teeth.

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Care for the coat of long-haired animals

It is necessary to systematically care for the hair of long-haired dogs so that the coat has a neat, attractive appearance and does not stray into mats. For the care of wool, you need to purchase a pouderka, a massage comb with soft teeth, a metal brush with densely arranged long teeth curved at the ends, or a metal brush with plastic tips. If your dog belongs to the long-haired representatives of the dogs, you need to comb the hair three times a week, and during the seasonal molting – daily. In order not to cause a pet discomfort, wool should be combed gently, with smooth movements, in the course of growth of wool. It is best to start with the tips of the wool, gradually reaching them to the roots. After combing with a metal brush, you need to use a comb with rare teeth and a massage brush. Particular attention should be paid to wool on the legs, tail, "pants." Begin to comb from the head, sides, back, then comb the legs and tail. It is possible to bathe long-haired dogs no more than three or four times a year. In case of severe pollution, it is enough to rinse the dog with running water.

Care for coat of haired dogs

If your pet has tough wool, to care for it you need to purchase a metal brush with rare, small teeth of small length, a pouder, as well as a soft massage brush for brushing out areas where the wool fits tightly to the body surface. For combing the "beard", bangs, paws, you need to use a comb with frequent teeth. Given the special structure and structure of the coat. You need to comb the dogs at least two times a week. In addition, wire-haired dogs need to be trimmed. Dogs with hard wool do not shed, but their wool has its cycle of maturation, at the end of which the coat is completely renewed. That is, the "matured" wool breaks up into separate strands, loses its luster, protective properties. Trimming – a hygienic procedure for the care of wool, during which plucked mature, dead hair. Experts do not recommend cutting hairless dogs, as over time the hairs become thinner, lose their luster and elasticity. Trimming is a rather complicated process, therefore it is better to entrust it to professional groomers.

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In addition to combing the coat, owners of any breeds of dogs should pay attention to the condition of the hair on the paws, between the fingers, trim the wool near the anus in time and check the hair above the eyes. Wool should not climb into the eyes and interfere with the review. Too long hair trimmed. In the hot period. To ensure the ventilation of pillows and to prevent the development of fungal infections, it is mandatory to cut out the hair between the pads.

Dog Hair Types Proper Care

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