Combs For Yorkies

It’s time to figure out which combs for yorks must have on hand. Remember, success in the care of wool is half dependent on what tools you use!

Combs for yorkies we will divide into the main (for daily use) and additional (which will be useful in care of show dogs). Watch photo comb for york above.

Combs for the daily care of York.

  1. Massage comb with metal teeth (1).
    Necessary for daily combing wool. After walking, or sleeping, after removing the unit, during drying and just when you need to comb the hair, use this comb. It does not confuse wool, gently and painlessly comb through a slight confusion of wool, stimulates blood circulation in the skin, due to the massage effect, enhancing hair growth.
  2. Pukhoderka (2).
    RYorkshire comb, which fights tricks perfectly. If the wool is rather tangled, it is possible to break mats with minimal discomfort for the dog using slickers making movements with a brush in different directions. Use a puhoderka with a hair dryer to dry the dog and achieve a smooth and even texture. Drying with a hair dryer with a Pudderka perfectly unravels wool with minimal discomfort for the dog.
    It is important to know, that massage combs with plastic teeth or metal teeth, but having liquid plastic balls at the end, supposedly protecting the skin from mechanical impact, are not suitable for the long and thin hair of York. They may protect the skin, but wool does not spare. Wool, passing through plastic teeth, is electrified and finally gets tangled, and the cracks in the self-leveling plastic balls clamp the hairs, whip and tear off the already thin Yorkshire hair.
    Pukhoderka As a tool for fighting ticks, it is not suitable for show dogs, since the show of dogs counts every hair and they need to be disassembled by hand.
  3. Metal comb (3).
    This hairbrush for york suitable for the final combing of wool, when the main mats are broken, the wool is unraveled and combed by the previous ones combs for york Ideally, this comb should smoothly and without delays pass from the roots to the very ends of the hair, throughout the thickness of the coat. The comb allows you to create the final style of the hairstyle, smooth the wool, and also remove the residual hair tangle. The metal comb can be replaced with a comb with rotating teeth. Remember, this comb can comb a smooth coat without tangle and tangles. Do not try to comb ticks in York like combs, this is not the best idea.
  4. Comb with a metal tail (4).
    Not obligatory, but desirable hairbrush for york who wears wool gathered in a ponytail on his head – or top notes. it , The knitting needle helps to distribute the strands on the head and correctly form the top notes.
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Combs for show york.

Extra combs will come into your everyday life if you raise an exhibition dog.

  1. A bar from a natural pork bristle, small and big (5-6).
    Use a small brush for applying oil on the wool under the papillots, as well as for the final formation of the top note, she smoothes her hair falling out of the formed beam, achieving a smooth and smooth top note. A large brush made from natural bristles is used for daily combing of york wool, as well as before entering the ring. Its main action is “polishing” wool, imparting smoothness and extra shine to wool.
  2. Massage comb with very long metal teeth (7) You will also need to comb the wool when showing a dog in Riga.

Now you know what combs your york needs!

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