Combs For Dogs What To Choose

Combs For Dogs What To Choose

Each dog breed requires a special approach. Proper care, in which a significant place is occupied by the procedure of combing your beloved pet. Any owner at a certain point thinks about what comb to choose in order to fully ensure the proper care of your dog’s coat.

It is necessary to add that it is best to comb the pure coat of the dogs after washing, when the hair is still wet. Timely need to approach to the elimination of mats.

Perfect dog coat. right tools

All devices for combing dogs conditionally combined into several sections. These include various trimmers and plowers, combs and brushes, comb and rake. In addition, there are also furminators to eliminate undercoat.

Combs For Dogs What To Choose

The biggest variety. among brushes and combs. They differ in different parameters: stiffness and material of the bristles and base, size, etc.

Dog combing options

  • Steel brush. suitable for hard-haired breeds, indispensable for long-haired breeds, it can be used to comb hair clots. Such brushes differ in size, and when choosing it, the size of the dog should be compared with the size of the brush.
  • The most popular option. Classic comb, resembling a comb, the teeth of which may have different lengths. The longer the coat, the longer the teeth on the scab, the longer it takes, it will always allow you to comb a pet of any breed well.
  • Slick walkers are great for wool and undercoat, they are a metal brush with curved teeth, regular use will prevent unnecessary tangles.
  • Furminator. brush against the dog shedding, suitable for dogs with thick undercoat, it will help to remove dead hair, as well as prevent the appearance of tangles. The use of this brush with rare teeth of metal will minimize wool on carpets and furniture in the house.
  • A brush with natural bristles is necessary for cosmetic purposes, with its help they apply various oils, balsams and conditioners.
  • Massage brush on hand. suitable for combing short-haired breeds.
  • Comb with moving teeth. An excellent choice that allows you to gently comb the coat and undercoat without harming the skin of the animal.
  • Brushes with teeth of different lengths. cope even with difficult to comb hair.
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You can comb a dog’s fur every day. There are no restrictions in this matter, the main thing. Do not damage the delicate skin of the animal.

Rules for choosing a dog comb

When selecting the necessary accessory, initially pay attention to the material from which it is made. it is better to abandon plastic, and purchase only natural materials. Next, determine the length of the pet’s hair, then build your choice, based on the properties of the bristles on the comb.

The bristles are most often made of metal with antistatic effect, natural (from the wool of other animals), silicone (provides a good massage effect).

Pay attention to the convenience of use, so that you yourself can conveniently hold the brush handle in your hands and comb your dog’s coat well.

The teeth of the brush also need to pay attention, they should not be too sharp, otherwise you can easily hurt the skin. Perfect option. teeth, the tips of which are covered with silicone or have a rounded shape.

Convenient option. double-sided comb, which has a classic brush with rare teeth.

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