Combs For Dogs

The choice of such an important tool as a comb for dogs should be approached with particular responsibility. After all, the appearance and state of health of your dog are affected not only by the rational choice of food and ammunition, but also by how correctly the comb is chosen for combing wool.

The beneficial effect that combing for dogs provides is difficult to overestimate.

Comb for dogs: functions

This product performs several functions at once:

  • removes dirt, dust and dead hair from animal hair;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • reduces irritability and excitement of the dog;
  • during periods when the dogs moult, the comb helps to comb the coat and keep it in good condition.
Combs For Dogs

Dogs differ in coat type and therefore require different care. It is enough for one dog to comb out the hair with a massage brush, the other one will need a complicated haircut and a whole range of procedures for grooming the appearance.

By type of dog hair is divided into several types. The following types of wool are the most common:

Plain wool is characterized by short and soft undercoat as well as hard top coat. Hair length – medium. Ordinary wool happens at pugs, huskies, a German shepherd. The coat of dogs with this type of coat remains uniform throughout most of the year. Growing to a certain length, the hair falls out and is replaced by a new one; therefore, it is necessary to regularly brush the hair of these dogs using a standard brush. Twice a year, under the influence of hormones and seasonal fluctuations in temperature in dogs with normal wool, molting begins. During this period, the wool must be cleaned especially diligently. If necessary, you can use the furminator and pooderku.

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Long hair can be with and without undercoat. Short undercoat and long guard hairs have dogs of such breeds as spaniels, Russian bull hounds, Scottish collie, Lhasa Apso, Maltese dog, etc. this is a yokshir terrier. Long-haired dog combing is necessary daily. For this purpose, a special massage brush, an ordinary comb and a soft, well-springing puhoder with blunt ends, which is necessary for the care of the undercoat, are suitable. To make the combing procedure pleasant for the dog, make sure that the teeth of the Pouchercie are smooth and without chipping. A good option would be a fuminator and a comb-rake. If the dog’s hair has become felted, use a cutter cutter.

Boxer, sleek Fox Terrier, Miniature Pinscher, Beagle, Pug, French Bulldog – sleek breed dogs. These animals have a minimum amount of undercoat and short guard hairs, and a regular comb, mitten and comb with teeth of different lengths are well suited for their care. You can also use a comb with rotating teeth. This dog comb is equipped with rotating teeth, rounded at the bottom, which cannot damage the animal’s skin. Gently gliding, they will gently disentangle the wool and easily massage the skin. Smooth-haired dogs need to brush their wool daily. Removal of dead hair contributes to the growth of new hair, especially during those periods when the dogs moult.

Wire-haired dogs have a coat structure that is able to protect them well from dirt, wetting, and from adverse weather conditions. Stiff and dense coat covering dogs along the entire length of the body, apart from external protection, performs another function: it helps to maintain the normal body temperature of the animal. Caring for dogs with hard wool (German Wire-haired Pointing Dog, Affenpinscher, Scottish Terrier, Fox Terrier Wire-haired, Dachshund, etc.) should be given special attention. Shedding in hard-haired dogs is not seasonal, so the animal will have to trim several times a year and periodically visit a pet care specialist. To care for your dog’s hair at home, use a professional comb for streaming and tripping. The process of wool renewal can be accelerated by applying a furminator – a device that does not require any professional skills.

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Curly-haired breeds of dogs – poodles, Portuguese water dogs, curly-haired retrivers, lagoto romanolo – have undercoat and soft curled guard hair. The curly coat of these dogs does not shed, very quickly gets off and has the ability to easily absorb dirt, so the dog must be regularly and carefully combed, not missing a single area on its body. Dogs with curly hair are decorative breeds, they require special attention from their owners. They need to wash, regular combing and haircut from a professional.

Atypical wool is a species that is characteristic of exotic dogs and small breeds of dogs (Mexican hairless dog, Chinese crested dog, bullets, komondor). The procedure for grooming rare dogs requires recommendations from the breeder. For example, rare hairless dog cannons should be periodically shaved and lubricated with special oils, and thick, non-shedding hair of a string poodle should be formed into cords in a certain way for many years.

Types of tools used for grooming dogs

For combing dogs use combs and combs with blunt ends. The length of the teeth of the comb should be greater than the length of the dog’s coat. The usual comb for dogs has one row of teeth and is designed for combing the long, not too thick coat of the animal. There are bilateral combs for different breeds of dogs, and in addition, combs with moving teeth, which animals like.

The brush used for combing out sorcerers and for massaging an animal is equipped with bristles instead of teeth. A brush that has a bristle made of natural materials does not electrify wool, making it soft and pleasant to the touch.

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Comb-glove rubber is designed to remove dirt and loose hairs from wool. Koltunorez – comb for untangling and cutting koltunov.

Slippers with soft and hard cords are used to comb short and long hair, as well as to remove dead hair and prevent the formation of tangles. It is recommended to use before bathing a dog.

Fuminator is a good replacement for the brush and the comb. Effectively removes the undercoat of the dog without damaging the guard hair. There are various types of luminaries for different types of wool.

Trimmings are designed to professionally remove and comb the undercoat, trim the topcoat.

Combs For Dogs

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