Brush For Dogs – For Combing Wool, Furminator

A dog brush is a device for combing wool. She needs not only long-haired breeds. Shorthair, especially with a thick undercoat, also need regular combing. In addition, dog care requires teeth. For cleaning produce different types of brushes.

Each dog lover puts up with the fact that the four-legged pet brings a bit of wool to the interior. Especially actively he "decorates" the space during the molt.

The dog requires good care, the responsible owner pays enough attention to all aspects of the content, including for the coat. With the advent of the animal house is filled with new and necessary items.

Among which are brush, comb. Pukhoderka is a grooming tool, which is a device with thin and curved teeth.

Longhair breed

The most popular for combing dogs is called slicker or puhoderka. It is suitable for both long-haired dogs, and for dogs with short hair, but thick undercoat.

The basis of the brush is wooden or plastic. Metal teeth with curved tips are firmly attached to it. If you scratch a dog, not only the guard coat is covered with a coat, but also the undercoat.

Very useful tool during the period of molting, to effectively remove dead hair. When choosing, pay attention to how firmly the teeth sit on the base. You can not take with thickenings on the tips, they spoil the wool on dogs.

Massage is very similar to the usual "human". It is of different size, shape. The cheapest options are made of plastic, the more expensive ones are made of wood. The teeth of the massage brush should be the same as wool.

This tool not only combing, but also massaging the skin, improving blood circulation. They are especially popular with owners of small breeds with long hair – Yorkies, Shih Tzu, Spaniels.

In addition, dogs will need combing for combing. Happen the different size and a form, with various mission. It is best to buy wood, so as not electrified wool.

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But plastic or iron are quite acceptable. They are rare and thick. Recommend to keep in stock different. Tangled wool is first combed out with an infrequent comb, then intense.

Brush For Dogs - For Combing Wool, Furminator


When choosing a suitable punkherka pay attention to the quality of attachment, and the presence at the tips of the balls. Too soft or hard is undesirable.

The length must match the coat for the appliance to touch the skin. Pay attention to the sharpness, passing the tool along the arm: they should be rather dull, because the Poucherka can scratch the skin of the animal.

The teeth of a quality product do not bend, are smooth and strong. They are also slightly narrowed at the end. On a good tool there are no balls that cause even more damage to the coat.


Slickers vary in size. Exist with handles and without them. For a dog with a thick coat of wool, they buy a product with long teeth, between which there is a distance.

Brush For Dogs - For Combing Wool, Furminator

It is recommended to choose a device of medium size, however, the larger the pet, the larger the pukhoderka should be. It is used for the careful removal of dead undercoat during the molting period.

She is combing and preserving the main coat. The same tool is used after the walk: the pukherka perfectly comb the twigs, leaves and other garbage.

If you use the device at the time of drying a hair dryer, the hairs in the end will not be much stray. Also, the tool helps to cope with mats. Long-haired dogs are combed using special puhoderok brushes with wire bristles. They help to remove dead hair and high-quality combing wool.

On the back of the product there is a special button. When pressed, the mechanism clears of wool. Quick and convenient.

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You can not comb dry or dirty because of its fragility in this state. It may also cause skin irritation. Before combing it slightly moistened.

Immediately after taking a bath, the pet is not scratched, otherwise the comb will pull the hairs out and deform them. The range of accessories is huge. The owner remains to make the right choice.

Short haired

This wool also requires care, though not thorough, as long. The set of tools for them is a little different. But some of them, for example, Pukhoderku, can be used with those and others.

After all, there is no clear binding dog-brush-breed. What tools will be needed for owners with short and medium length hair? Furminator is one of the most popular tools for combing undercoat.

In the people it is also called the rake, as it is very similar to agricultural equipment. The furminator consists of a plastic handle and metal teeth that are attached to the base at an angle of 90 degrees. This device can effectively comb the dog during the molting period. Furminator removes almost all dead hair. It is not recommended to use the tool for long-haired and those who have little shedding.

A dog whose undercoat is missing or undeveloped – a brush or a rubber mitten with short teeth will come in handy. They not only comb hair, but also perfectly massage the skin.

So also recommend to buy brushes made of natural short bristles. Some need to periodically pluck wool. To do this, use a trimmer.

This tool is also similar in shape to a rake. Only instead of the teeth at the end is a thin blade. It effectively cuts off too thick or dead hairs. You will need a trimmer to care for short or medium curly hair.

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With the help of such a vacuum cleaner you can remove small hairs during shedding. It is enough to treat the wool once a week to make the dog look clean and well-groomed.


It is known that stone is often formed. This leads to inflammation of the gums, the appearance of caries. Dogs of small breeds especially suffer from such misfortune.

To prevent pathology, the dog must regularly brush his teeth by buying a special brush. What are these canine hygiene items?

The easiest and most popular option is the one that fits on the finger. She has short bristles, silicone or natural.

Convenience is that it is easy to get into any corner of the mouth, the dog is not too protesting and easier to get used to the procedure. Not bad proved a double toothbrush.

Bristles of different length are located on both sides of the instrument. Some are designed to clean the front teeth, others – rear. It allows you to penetrate even the most remote corners of the dog’s mouth.

Instead of a brush, very small dogs, buy a special sponge. It gently cleans the teeth, does not harm the enamel, the dogs easily agree to the procedure. In professional offices used ultrasonic toothbrush.

It removes both the plaque and the stone. It is necessary to drive a dog to the vet dentist at least once every six months. Ultrasound removal is a painless procedure, but it is effective with minor and moderate degrees of overlap.

To clean the benefit, choose the right. Consider the size of the breed, the shape of the mouth. The bristles are soft and do not damage the gums. We can not allow the dog to be afraid of brushing your teeth. Puppies are taught the procedure from the first months.

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