York Hair Masks

It’s no secret that the yorkshire terrier’s hair resembles human hair in structure. The owners of these cute creatures are faced with the fact that the structure of the hair, density, ability to pollution in all Yorkies is individual. Of course, I really want our York to fascinate the surrounding with shiny, thick, floor-length hair. But in practice, to achieve the desired effect, you need to work hard.
First, it is necessary to brush the hair of the Yorkshire terrier daily, not allowing the formation of tangles.
Secondly, wash regularly with special shampoos.
Thirdly, to dry properly, avoiding breaking the hair.
Fourth, make sure that the diet contains vitamins for wool.
And finally, fifth, to nourish the skin of your pet with special masks, which will be discussed further.

How to apply a mask:
– the mask can be applied to clean, damp wool or wool, which must be washed afterwards (see the instructions for use)
-we cover the animal with film on top and with a towel on top
-procedure duration is 15-20 minutes

York hair masks
Folk recipes
1) 1st. spoon of aloe juice
1st c. honey spoon
1st c. spoon of kefir
1st c. spoon of castor oil
1h spoon of garlic juice
1 yolk
All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied with a thin layer on the skin and coat of the animal. Cover the package with a terry towel for an hour. Then rinse with warm water.

2) 1st. honey spoon
1st c. spoon of burdock oil
1 yolk
Before applying try to spread a small area of ​​skin to check its sensitivity to burdock oil.

3) 1 teaspoon of vitamin E and jojoba yolk oil
apply for one hour

4) For growth and elasticity of wool
1 banana
1 egg
1 tbsp. honey spoon
1/2 cup dark beer
Blend the mixture, whipped in a blender, on a clean, wet

wool for 30 minutes

5) wool shine rinse
1 dining room
half a lemon
1 liter of water
Stir and rinse the dog twice washed with shampoo and balsam.

6) Weekly mask (accelerates the growth of wool, gives it shine. Consists of 2 stages
First stage
1 cup of kefir
1 tbsp. honey spoon
In the heated yogurt add honey and stir, apply for 20 minutes, then wash the dog

York Hair Masks

In 3 days
Second phase
1 glass of beer
1 yolk
Stir and apply to wool for 20 minutes
These procedures perform four weeks.

7) Kefir mask to strengthen hair and get rid of dandruff
0.5 tbsp. Kefir 3.2%
yeast on the tip of a knife
1 tsp honey
In a warm place for 15-20 minutes before the formation of bubbles. Rub lightly into dog hair. Leave for 30 minutes, rinse and apply the conditioner.

York Hair Masks

8) Cognac mask.
4 tsp castor oil
4 tsp olive oil
2 yolks
1 tbsp. spoons of brandy
1st c. spoon of lemon juice.

Whisk the yolk, gradually adding olive and castor oil, brandy and lemon juice. Dog wool massaging comb for blood flow and apply a mask from the roots to the tips. Wrap in a bag, towel and blanket for 30 minutes. Wash off the mask with warm water, using my shampoo.

9) Vitamin mask
2 ampoules of vitamin B6
4 ampoules B12
4 ampoules aloe
Aevit contents of 3 capsules
1/2 cup warm boiled water
1 teaspoon Johnsons Baby butter
Mix and shake everything. Rub into the wool.

Ready masks

SATINIQUE (Amway) oil Apply to allow to dry and
good to comb. It gives wool shine.

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