Why Does The Dog’S Coat Climb

Why does the dog’s coat climb? Such a problem in dogs is very common and worries many owners. And this is really a problem that needs attention. Falling hair can often be a sign of a disease. In a healthy animal, the fur will always be beautiful, shiny and dense.

The reasons for this phenomenon are many. metabolic imbalance, an imbalance of vitamins and microelements, even temperature control affects the timing of molting and the quality of wool. First of all, the owner of the animal should consult a veterinarian and make sure that the cause of the protracted moulting and violations of coat is not a disease.

Why Does The Dog'S Coat Climb

During the life of the animal, wool is constantly changing. In puppies, wool is softer, in adult dogs it becomes coarser. Also, the quality of wool depends on the season. It is known that in the spring and autumn natural moulting occurs in dogs.

But since natural mechanisms of domestic dogs may be disturbed (they live in apartments where there are no seasonal temperature fluctuations, plus the air is often too dry due to the operation of central heating batteries or additional heaters), they may moult out of season. and last a very long time.

The state of dog’s hair is influenced by many different factors: nutrition, hormones, allergic reactions, age, breed and much more. Since wool is formed from protein, first of all, if you have problems with wool, it is necessary to analyze the dog’s diet and correct it as necessary.

Causes of hair loss in dogs.

Improper nutrition. Perhaps your dog loses some vitamins (especially group B) or mineral salts, due to the deficiency of which the dog’s hair follicles are destroyed. Loss of hair can also be if the dog is fed only dry food. If you think that your pet has wool, which is due to an unhealthy diet, then you should read the articles on proper feeding of dogs and another article on the same topic.

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Why Does The Dog'S Coat Climb

Why Does The Dog'S Coat Climb

Parasites (fleas, eaters, etc.) It is easy to notice the presence of lousefowers and eaters on wool at the place of their dislocation. They settle on their host mainly on the basis of the tail or on the hips. Your dog can easily pick them up when communicating with a neighbor’s dog.

The owners can also “help” their pet to catch this infection – the lashing larvae easily stick to the sole of the shoe, and then fall on the paw of a passing dog. To successfully solve this problem, read the article how to get rid of external parasites.

Why Does The Dog'S Coat Climb

If the dog has had a serious illness, and as a result her immunity has decreased, the wool climbs all over her body. The presence of worms in the dog (worm) also leads to a decrease in immunity, therefore, it is necessary to regularly de-gel dogs. To enhance the immunity of the dog prescribed a course of immuno-stimulating drugs.

Why Does The Dog'S Coat Climb

Oddly enough, not only man has allergy on the fur of the animal, but the dog also sometimes suffers from allergies, only not on the fur, but something else. For example, on any food. Natural products, as a rule, do not cause allergies, but dry food, according to some veterinarians, is very much possible.

Why Does The Dog'S Coat Climb

The use of hormonal contraceptives and other drugs that alter the hormonal state of the pet, can also lead to hair loss in dogs.

Owners of dogs need to clarify for themselves: if the dog climbs wool not during shedding and with formation of bald patches and inflamed skin, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian for advice.

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