What To Do If A Dog Has Dull Hair

At present, a sufficiently large number of decorative breeds of dogs have been bred, which require a lot of attention and proper care to maintain the aesthetics of their appearance. Haircuts for dogs, dog pedicure, special designer clothes – all this is designed to maintain the appearance of the dog at the proper level.

But, unfortunately, the organism of dogs, especially representatives of decorative breeds, can give failures, which will necessarily affect the appearance of the animal.

For example, such a problem as the appearance of a dull and lifeless coat of a dog will require close attention of the owners and competent removal.

The causes of dull hair

In order to understand why wool has suddenly lost its presentable appearance, it is necessary to clearly understand what dog wool is.

Dogs coat is similar in structure to a person’s hair, each hair grows out of individual follicle, which is located inside the dermis. There will also be two phases in hairs – the resting phase of the hair follicles and the phase of their active growth. The hair of the animal will be a combination of undercoat and guard hair.

What To Do If A Dog Has Dull Hair

Because of what the dog appears dull coat

Since the root of the hair follicle originates in the deep layers of the dermis, certain changes in the body will affect the quality of the coat.

First of all, the influence will have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including the liver, gallbladder, intestines, since it is extremely difficult for them to fully assimilate the body of certain nutrients that are necessary for the health of the coat.

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If the dog is infected with parasites and worms for a long time, the quality of the coat will suffer significantly.

Endocrine diseases of an animal will have a very bad effect on their hair, will cause thinning of axial hairs and even their increased loss. If the dog has diseases of the endocrine glands, sooner or later it will lead to pronounced metabolic changes and a problem with the digestibility of nutrients.

What To Do If A Dog Has Dull Hair

Infectious diseases of the epidermis, which is under the coat, can significantly impair the appearance of the dog: the coat may stick together, fall out, shine will be lost due to falling skin scales.

The deterioration of the appearance of the wool can be associated with improper and unbalanced nutrition of the animal. Lack of food in the dog the following nutrients will gradually lead to fading wool:

  1. Vitamins, especially zinc.
  2. Minerals, especially sodium
  3. Amino Acid
  4. Protein
  5. Unsaturated fatty acids

What if the dog has a dull coat?

To eliminate the problem of dull hair, you must first contact the veterinarian so that he competently diagnoses the dog for the presence of diseases and establish the cause of changes in the quality of wool.

It is important to remember that a dull and lifeless coat cannot be a completely healthy dog.

What To Do If A Dog Has Dull Hair

If the cause of changes in the presence of a disease, until it is completely stopped, the luster and density of the coat will not be restored. When curing or at least maximal relief of the main symptoms of the disease, the aesthetic appearance of the wool will be restored to the same extent.

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Infectious and bacterial skin diseases of dogs usually respond well to antibiotic therapy. A veterinarian can prescribe both a course of injections and a course of ointments based on this medicine.

If the dog is completely healthy, then the reason is the wrong diet. A balanced and rational diet can solve the problem of dull hair once and for all.

Vitamin preparations should be dosed to the dog, zinc is especially important. This element is responsible for the condition of the hairs of hair, for their thickness and thickness. If the animal was fed mainly with cereals from different cereals, zinc deficiency will sooner or later manifest itself in terms of changes in the quality of wool. In this case, a mandatory change in the usual diet, in the direction of zinc-containing products or the competent use of zinc-containing drugs will help.

Unsaturated fatty acids directly affect the gloss and elasticity of wool. Enough to add vegetable or olive oil to the pet’s ration regularly in order to significantly improve the situation.

Mineral substances, namely sodium, necessary for normal coat. It is no coincidence that in nature many animals restore the imbalance of this substance by licking stones.

Experienced dog breeders say that in order to maintain the appearance of wool, it is sufficient to regularly add a small amount of raw meat to the dog food. It contributes to the natural and mild recovery of the imbalance, without any side effects, of all the missing nutrients: amino acids, zinc, sodium and unsaturated fatty acids.

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