What To Choose Vitamins For Dogs (For Wool)

The loving owner systematically pays due attention to the level at which the pet’s health is. It also keeps track of how not only ears, eyes, claws and teeth, but also wool look and do not need treatment. The appearance of the pet depends largely on what it eats, on the temperature indicators of the ambient air where the animal lives, as well as on the presence of parasites in its body.

What To Choose Vitamins For Dogs (For Wool)

Caring for a beautiful and healthy pet coat is a desire to protect the animal from the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms in the future.

But when outwardly the dog seems to be completely healthy, and its hair remains tangled, sparse and dull, it may be necessary to urgently introduce special additives into the diet. What vitamins for dog hair to choose?

When is hair loss normal?

One of the signs of excellent well-being and health of an animal is considered to be shiny, smooth, silky hair without bald patches and bald patches. A healthy animal is also distinguished by a cold wet nose, excellent appetite, playfulness and activity.

As a rule, hair loss does not stand out as an independent symptom, the process acts as a precursor or consequence of rare mobility, low mass, redness and lethargy of the skin, which undoubtedly indicates that the pet is unwell. The loss of coat in the dog is a significant reason for an urgent visit to the veterinarian.

With a satisfactory condition and proper care, the pet’s hair can fall out only during the season of molting (this usually happens in the fall and spring). At other times, hair loss is considered a sign of a dog’s health problem.

Loss of hair can also be caused by an excess of drugs and vitamins in the pet. It is undesirable to use stimulating supplements and vitamins for the growth of hair in dogs, if there is no need for that. Such manipulations can lead to deterioration of the animal’s health and distract the host’s attention from more important pet health problems.

Why does the dog’s coat come out?

Seasonal, or planned, change of coat from a pet should not disturb and cause concern to the owners, as it is a natural process. In this case, the vitamins for dogs from hair loss will not be needed. But if such phases of hair loss become prolonged or they are accompanied by lethargy and weakness of an animal, then it is necessary to quickly identify and eliminate the cause of the complications.

Paying attention to how the wool looks, you need to remember that only skin health is the key to the health and beauty of the pet’s hair. And this can be achieved only if the animal is absolutely healthy. Problems with the hair and skin of dogs, as a rule, arise against the background of internal diseases associated with impaired metabolic processes in the animal’s body, caused by problems with immunity and lack of vitamins.

The following major causes of balding dogs are distinguished:

  • Improper nutrition. It is considered the most common due to the illiteracy of the owners in determining the diet. Not always expensive food contains in the composition of the necessary vitamins for dogs for wool. Therefore, they need to be separately introduced into the pet’s nutrition.
  • Parasites. An animal during life is attacked by a large number of parasites. If they are in the body, severe itching and baldness can begin.
  • Ringworm. An infectious disease accompanied by hairline on the body of animals.
  • Allergy. A dog experiencing allergies suffers from constant itching; it itches, gnawing its fur and tearing itchy painful areas to the blood itself.
  • Immunity. Weak immunity against the background of severe diseases is also one of the causes of loss of coat.
  • Non-compliance with the rules of care for the hair of the animal.
  • Hormonal disorders.
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What vitamins for dogs for wool and skin exist?

The process of caring for the dog’s hair involves not only the presence of various cosmetic procedures, but also providing the pet with proper nutrition, walking in the open air, sufficient in time. It is also important that the pet has used correctly selected vitamins for dogs for hair and skin.

Such drugs enhance the color, restore the structure after childbirth, reduce the periods of seasonal molting and loss during the treatment of the animal from all sorts of skin diseases:

  • Vitamin A is especially necessary for young animals, as it affects the condition of the eyes, kidneys, visual acuity, liver, skin and coat. With the sufficiency of this vitamin in the body of a pet, immunity to diseases and infections increases. Contains vitamin A in milk, liver, egg yolks, corn.
  • Vitamins of group B. This is the most frequently used group. If anemia occurs, it is recommended to use B12. When neurosis or beriberi effective vitamin B1, contained in brewer’s yeast. B2 fruitfully affects the pet’s skin, mucous membranes and muscles. Sources. liver, whey, lamb, brewer’s yeast.
  • Vitamin C especially helps with pet infectious diseases.
  • Vitamin D provides support for the proportional growth of dogs, prevents rickets. The main source is cod liver.
  • Vitamin E is needed to support fertility and reproduction functions, has a positive effect on skin health. A source. wheat germ.
  • Vitamins F and H also affect the health of the skin and coat of dogs. The source of vitamin F is flaxseed oil, and vitamin H is molasses (molasses) and liver.

Complexes of general action

Nutritional supplements that have a general effect, and vitamins for dogs from hair loss are available for both adult animals and puppies. Their composition, in addition to meat, fish additives, as well as milk and by-products, includes such vitamins and minerals as A, D, E, C, PP, group B, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium.

What To Choose Vitamins For Dogs (For Wool)

The element of additives is also iodine-containing products in the form of dried algae. They lead to normal metabolic processes and help to fully digest food.

A well-chosen vitamin complex brings such benefits to a pet:

  • favorably affects all organs and systems of the body;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • Improves the quality of life of the pet.

Famous brands that produce vitamins to improve dog hair also produce vitamins for young puppies and feed additives for them. The composition of such complexes includes the necessary vitamins, mineral salts, micro-and macronutrients, amino acids.

Corrective vitamin preparations for dogs

Such drugs are of several types:

  • Vitamins for dogs from hair loss.
  • For the musculoskeletal system.
  • For aging animals.
  • Designed for large and small breeds.

Food concentrates and vitamins for dogs for wool strengthen and heal the body of the animal and prevent possible health problems. To this end, corrective preparations contain an increased amount of some components or special additional ingredients that effectively act on problem areas.

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Preparations for the health of the hair and skin of dogs are available in tablet form or in the form of bulk food additives. The complexes acting on the locomotor system are produced using a traditional set of trace elements and vitamins with the addition of such components as chondroitin, glucosamine and other active ingredients that restore bone and cartilage, joint mobility and flexibility, and relieve pain syndrome.

Preparations for aging animals take into account age-related changes and characteristics, namely the propensity for diseases of the whole organism, difficulties in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and others. Accordingly, the qualitative and quantitative composition of nutritional supplements for older dogs suggests an effective and at the same time extremely mild effect on the body.

Drugs enhanced action

Such vitamins for dogs for wool are intended for those who are actively engaged in training, participating in battles or working animals. They are recommended for pets that are weakened, depleted or restored in the postoperative period, and are also indicated for dogs that have suffered injuries or infectious diseases. The selected proportion of active ingredients helps to strengthen the immune system, increasing the required muscle mass, increases the stamina of the pet.

Standard vitamin composition can be supplemented with an energy cocktail. It consists of corn oil, malt syrup, fish oil, food collagen, di-and monoglycerides of fatty acids.

However, the simplicity and obviousness of the choice of the drug should not replace the consultation of a specialist. Only a medical practitioner can choose the right vitamins for dog hair growth and skin health. After all, they can harm the pet. For example, cause hypervitaminosis and a number of side effects.

Excel Vitamins

Vitamins for dog hair "8 in 1" is made by Excel. The preparations of this brand contain the necessary elements for the health of pets. They normalize the composition of the intestinal microflora, improve the digestive tract, strengthen the motor apparatus, as well as preserve the pet’s eyesight.

Excel "8 in 1" is a German vitamin complex that satisfies the daily needs of animals, especially those with increased physical exertion, or pets after surgeries and diseases.

What To Choose Vitamins For Dogs (For Wool)

Such additives of this brand are on sale:

  • Glucosamine – vitamins designed for the prevention of joint diseases. As a rule, they are recommended as a means for growing puppies or dogs after suffering injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Brewers Yeast with garlic – vitamins used for the prevention of vitamin deficiencies and metabolic disorders.
  • 8 in 1 Nutricoat Skin&Coat is an additive to ensure the health of the hair and skin of dogs. It is used to enhance the growth of hair and is recommended for dry skin, dandruff problems with hair loss.
  • Enervite is a dietary supplement that is used as a stimulant of appetite, weight gain of a pet and takes care of its skin and coat. It is recommended mainly for fighting breeds and Molossian group during periods of preparation for exhibitions and competitions.

Vitamins Canina

Vitamins for dog hair "Canina" widely used by breeders around the world. Such complexes are designed in accordance with the physiological and age characteristics of animals.

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The company provides products ranging from breast milk substitutes to specialized nutritional supplements.

  • Canina Dog Fell Gel is a gel for small, fastidious pets who need to restore the coat, eliminate the problems of fragility, loss or dandruff.
  • Canina PETVITAL Biotin-tabs – tablets to enhance the growth of animal hair, as well as its pigmentation.
  • Canina Biotin forte – a drug to maintain excellent cover in long-haired dogs, helps in the treatment of extreme problems.
  • Canina Fell O.K. – additive in food for dogs. It is used to fill the animal’s daily biotin needs.
  • Canina Petvital Derm Caps – drug in the form of capsules. It is used to strengthen the immune system, eliminate problems with skin and six, as well as improve metabolic processes in the animal’s body.

Company "Canina" develops and improves nutritional supplements and vitamins for dog hair. Reviews of drugs only positive.

Other drugs

Vitamins for dogs for wool are produced by many companies. The following manufacturers are also popular on the market:

  • POLIDEX – vitamins are represented by the following types: Geladon plus (prevention of diseases of bones, joints and ligaments), Immunity Up (a complex of vitamins for strengthening the immune system), Super Wool plus (a complex for hair restoration), Recovit (for restoring an animal’s body after diseases) and others.
  • Wolmar Winsome – multifunctional complexes, which are represented by the following varieties: Winsome Pro Bio Pro Hair (for healthy skin and wool), Winsome Pro Bio Ex-Basis (complexes for older dogs), Winsome Pro Bio Booster Ca (multicomplex for the prevention of metabolic processes in bones ), Winsome Pro Bio Booster Ca Mini (vitamins for dwarf rocks).
  • Beaphar – vitamins for dogs, taking into account age features and taste preferences.
  • SEVA – multivitamins with algae, biotin and proteins.

Hypervitaminosis – what is it?

There are cases of excess vitamins in dogs. This disorder is called hypervitaminosis. It may occur in acute form or persist for a long time. More often comes a surplus of vitamins A and D.

Trying to prevent puppies with rickets, the hosts begin to intensively feed him with vitamin D. As a result, the animal begins to undergo processes, often irreversible, in organs and tissues, an increase in calcium in the blood occurs, and this causes the deposition of mineral salts in the heart tissues, and lungs, kidneys, in the walls of the stomach. Exposed to stress and the nervous system.

The behavior of puppies becomes sluggish, they sleep a lot and move a little, do not play, are indifferent to food. There are also violations of the gastrointestinal tract: vomiting, diarrhea, temperature. The skin at the same time becomes dry, flaky.

With an excess of vitamin A in the body, an emaciation occurs, drainage of the cornea of ​​the eye, appetite is lost, rashes appear on the skin, cracks and redness appear on the mucous membrane, and the hair becomes thinner.

Excess vitamin B in dogs leads to various allergic reactions.

Excessive content in the body of vitamin E disrupts the heart and blood vessels, so the increased risk of strokes and heart attacks.

It is important to remember that on your own it is better not to give your pet vitamins for dog hair. The best drugs that are suitable for each individual animal must be selected by a specialist.

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