What Is Necessary To Care For The Dog’S Coat

When combing your dog more often, you can avoid tangles, the formation of matted "cords" in long-haired breeds, or simplify grooming and trimming in dogs that you need to pull out or cut from time to time. For example, terriers or poodles.

Proper care of your hair with a comb and brush brings many benefits to your pet. So you remove the dirt (with insect parasites for the company), massage the skin. Skin massage stimulates the blood supply, making the coat shiny and thick, improves overall muscle tone.

Every day, caring for your dog, you will notice the first signs of a skin disease in time, you will find symptoms of some diseases. This will allow you to turn to the vet earlier and start treatment on time.

Dogs often go to the clinics just because the owners did not bother to follow the pet’s appearance daily. They are a pitiful sight: knitted wool, overgrown claws, rotten wounds that were not noticed in time. But this could have been avoided.

For proper care of the dog you need to purchase special equipment. It is specially created for the care of wool and is much better suited for this than ordinary brushes and combs. You can buy special equipment at specialized exhibitions or in nurseries.

Smooth-haired dog care

Smooth-haired dogs should be cared for using a stiff brush. Brush your hair daily with a brush. It is best to do this with long, measured movements, necessarily in the course of hair growth.

It is best to start a certain sequence of procedures from the first time. Start to clean the hair from the back, then the belly, paws, chest, at the very end of the tail. Be careful with sensitive places of the dog, in the genitals.

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Care for long-haired dogs

With a long-haired dog just one brush is indispensable. The fact is that the brush only fluff the guard hair. A down and undercoat will only knock down and leave under the coat. They will cope with a metal comb with long teeth and a special wire brush.
No need to use a scab. This is a special comb with sharp teeth for cutting mats. Comber can comb almost any mats. But you need to use it carefully: any careless movement and the dog will be badly scratched. Therefore, such a device can mainly be seen only in clinics and clinics. There it is used for heavily neglected dogs. Anesthesia is often used with a scab.

What Is Necessary To Care For The Dog'S Coat

Comb comb soft wool need and shorthair and longhair dogs. All places where it falls off easily should be given special attention. For example, these are places behind the ears, tail, armpits, etc.

Silk wool will help give a silk cloth. Professionals often use such velvets for smooth-haired dogs at exhibitions, rubbing them with dogs just before going out.

What Is Necessary To Care For The Dog'S Coat

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