What Is Dog Grooming For?

Dog grooming: equipment, tools and cosmetics

From the point of view of grooming, four groups of dog breeds can be distinguished. In the first place on the complexity of the preparation for the exhibition are dogs whose wool is shorn or plucked: poodles, terriers, schnauzers and Cocker Spaniels.

The following can be called long-haired breeds, in which wool must be regularly combed. There are a lot of such dogs: from miniature Pekingese to solid Bobtail. Next group short-haired dogs: Boxers, Dobermans and the like. And finally, the fourth group. Hairless dogs (Chinese Crested, Peruvian Inca orchid, Mexican Hairless), whose grooming is not needed due to the lack thereof. True, owners of such dogs have skin care problems.

What Is Dog Grooming For?

However, one should not think that short-haired dogs do not require grooming their hair. Recently, my neighbors were disturbed by the behavior of their Labrador: he constantly itched and lay on walks on his back, preferring as "bedding" gravel. It turned out that the dog simply died out the undercoat, after combing it out with an appropriate tool, the behavior that bothered the owners ceased.

So, the vast majority of breeds require grooming, and this requires suitable tools.

Combs and their varieties. Combs. basic tool for working with wool. General requirement for all combs: the ends of the teeth must be blunt, otherwise, you risk hurting the dog. The length of the teeth should be the greater, the longer the coat. As for the frequency of the teeth, it is selected depending on the density of wool. In any case, it is recommended to have at least two combs: one, larger. for processing "rough" and combing mats, second, smaller. for final processing. It is believed that combs with a gap between the teeth of less than 0.5 mm are suitable for combing fleas, but it is almost impossible to do so with hard and thick hair. However, this comb will allow you to effectively comb dying wool (this is the tool that helped the Labrador, which was mentioned at the beginning of the article).

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Massage brushes are convenient for dogs with soft long hair, and for short-haired dogs. brushes of bristle, almost no different from the wardrobe.

Pukhoderka. a variety of combs, indispensable when working with long and soft wool. The basic requirement, as well as for combs. the ends of the teeth must be blunt. Check it out is very simple: swipe the plowher’s teeth on the back of your hand, and the teeth should not scratch the skin. The size of the pouderki is desirable medium, the length of the sides of the head. 5-7 cm. For a large dog, you can take a little more, but do not get carried away: large-sized pudherkas are inconvenient and do not provide practical benefits at work. When buying, make sure that the teeth fit tightly: they should not be too loose.

What Is Dog Grooming For?

Knives for stepping

Another type of comb, the purpose of which is clear from the name, is collet cutter. And finally, there are many varieties of tools that can be combined by name "combing". The main purpose of these tools. combing off dead wool or undercoat. This also includes rubber brushes and special gloves.

Scissors. When grooming dogs, hairdressing scissors are used and their "doggy" varieties. According to its purpose scissors are divided into ordinary (ringing) and thinning, which have toothed blades and are designed for thinning wool and forming transitions at the borders of the shearing zones. Scissors. one of those tools where it’s not necessary to chase "by the firm". Moreover, there are fakes under well-known brands that differ from the originals only in one quality. they do not shear. Domestic scissors are very high quality and inferior to imported except for durability, but this is offset by the difference in price.

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When choosing scissors, look at them "to the light", very slowly closing. the contact between the blades should be constant, with the scissors completely closed, the blades are closed at the very tips. The force when closing the scissors: should be constant, without noticeable jams and dips. Defects deformation of the blades can also be determined by ear: in good scissors when the blades are closed at a constant speed, the sound is even.

What Is Dog Grooming For?

Owners "trimmers" dogs, it is desirable to have at least three pairs of scissors: thinning, ordinary long and short with blunt ends, which are convenient when processing the ears, paws, etc.

Trimming knives. This tool is used when plucking wool terriers and schnauzers. His second appointment. combing off dead wool, but a tool with long teeth is better suited for this.

Successful homemade products are extremely rare, so it’s better to buy "branded" tool. Trimming knives (and other hand tools) produced by firms are very popular. "Aesculapius", "Carly", "Trixie".

Of the many varieties, you should choose a tool that fits your dog’s coat: trimming, which perfectly plucks out coarse and durable wool, weak hair can be cut, and thin. bad grab.

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