What Is A Furminator For Dogs, How To Choose It And Use

When a dog sheds, wool is very actively sprinkled from it, scattering everywhere. To care for shedding dogs, pohoderki, brushes and other hairbrushes are often used, but with their help you can only get rid of a part of the dying wool, and soon you have to start caring again. Moreover, many such combs traumatize the dog’s skin.

Furminator dog comb is an effective and convenient tool that allows you to care for your dog’s wool during shedding, which is very easy to use.

The molting period is shortened, the coat becomes shiny and healthy and is not clogged in all corners. Designed such a dog comb was a professional groomer originally from America – Angie Porter. So what is a furminator for dogs?

What is a furminator

The furminator is a device for removing a dead undercoat in animals (in particular, dogs and cats), which veterinarians are advised to use.

It is possible to use the furminator when caring for dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses. In particular, this device is necessary during the molting, but with its help it is also possible to carry out regular grooming of the fur of a furry pet. The brush-furminator allows you to care for your coat without delivering any discomfort to the pet and saving the owner time. Furminators for different wool lengths differ slightly in size, but they have the same structure.

By design, the furminator is somewhat reminiscent of a rake: it has a handle and blades with teeth. When caring for hair with a furminator, the undercoat is not cut off, but simply picked up and lifted to the surface, which makes it possible not to injure the guard hair: the distance between the teeth is sufficient for the guard hair to pass quietly between them. Many modern models may have additional functions, for example, a button for resetting wool. The blade of the device is replaceable, which increases the duration of its service.

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Reviews of owners of dogs using furminator confirm that the comb-furminator has a number of advantages over the usual brush, namely:

1) The removal of old wool is quick and painless, the pet does not need to be specially accustomed to this, and it is possible to carry out care with the help of a furminator at home, without having special skills.

2) Live guard hair is not cut off or injured due to the fact that the undercoat is picked up and pulled to the surface.

3) Furminator can be used as a brush for short-haired dogs and for long-haired, it will differ only in size.

4) Natural grease is evenly distributed throughout the coat. The tips of the hair are less dry, and at the base does not accumulate fat. Because of this, the wool becomes more smooth and shiny. Also grease protects the skin from infections.

What Is A Furminator For Dogs, How To Choose It And Use

5) Furminator helps prevent the formation of new mats on wool.

6) The time of molting is reduced, it is also possible to spend much less time on caring for a pet.

7) The skin is massaged, the blood supply improves, which contributes to the health of the pet.

How to use the Furminator

How to use the furminator correctly to achieve all these effects?

What Is A Furminator For Dogs, How To Choose It And Use
  • Before combing the dog, it is recommended to wash it thoroughly, to get rid of tangles, dirt, very tangled wool.
  • Thoroughly dry the dog, because wet wool is easy to tangle and whip, and the teeth of the furminator will become clogged when combing wet hair.
  • The direction of movement of the furminator is in the fur, that is, from head to tail and from back to sides. Do not scratch the dog against wool.
  • The pressure should be light. Otherwise there is a chance to damage the skin.
  • After use, the furminator should be rinsed in warm (or even hot) water, dried and stored in an individual case.
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If it falls, the device may be damaged, so it’s better not to drop it.

The whole process of caring for a dog using a furminator takes about 20 minutes. It is worth using a furminator two or three times a month during a molt and once a month when the animal does not shed.

You can use the device more often, because combing with a furminator usually gives the dog pleasure.

Video on the use of a furminator from the creators of the original furminators (FURminator)

How to pick up furminators for different dogs

Choice according to size and length of pet hair

There are furminators for long-haired and short-haired animals. Teeth appliance for long-haired longer, they easily penetrate into the animal’s fur. Furminators for sleek breeds of dogs have short teeth and remove even the smallest hairs of the undercoat.

The width of the ridge depends on the size of the animal. The size of the original furminators are:

  • X-small – 3.2 cm
  • Small – 3.3 – 4.4 cm – for cats and small dogs weighing up to 10 kg (lapdog, spitz-dog).
  • Medium – 4.5 cm – 7 cm, for large cats, dogs from 10 to 20 kg (sheltie, Cocker Spaniel)
  • Large – 10 cm, for dogs weighing up to 40 kg (shepherd, collie, husky)
  • X-Large – 12-13 cm, for large breeds of dogs

Be sure to consider the size of the furminator when purchasing it. So, Small dogs like chihuahua will be suitable for small dogs, but for Large dogs.

There is also a third parameter by which furminators differ – the “Classic” or “Deluxe” model. The first, usual option, is cheaper. In this model, there is no button for quickly dropping wool from the blade, and the handle is less convenient. However, the quality of combing wool in both cases is the same.

In some cases, the furminator cannot be used at all, because it can injure the pet’s skin. This is possible if:

  1. The dog has any skin diseases, rashes, irritations, wounds, cuts and so on. In this case, you should stop using the furminator at all. If the dog has an infectious or fungal skin disease, the device cannot be used.
  2. If the dog is naked ("Peruvian bald" and similar breeds).
  3. If the dog has no undercoat or wool curly. In this case, the furminator can severely bite the hair. For a list of the breeds we have in mind, see below.
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The Furminator will not suit the following dog breeds:

  • Poodle
  • Schnauzer
  • Terrier
  • American water spaniel
  • Bichon frize
  • Curly Coated Retriever
  • Maltese
  • Portuguese water dog
  • Shih tsu


On the market, you can find furminators from different companies. It is recommended to select products only from trusted companies, as otherwise there is a great chance to get a low-quality product. The most famous firm producing furminators is FURminator Ink, the original manufacturer.

The German counterpart of such furuminators, Trixie, has a wider blade, as well as the ability to change it by pressing a button, while on American furminators, the blades are bolted.

French devices from Foolee have a blade attached, a comfortable handle, and various color variations. Vivog furminators are also created in France, some models have two functional sides – “rake” and “comb”.

Kudi’s Chinese appliances are quite classic; they can have four blades of different lengths in the set, although the blades are also bolted.

Choosing the right Furminator is a guarantee of the health of a pet and money that is not wasted.

In custody

Furminator for dogs is a convenient and easy-to-use device for combing dogs, especially during shedding.

Using a furminator, you need to comb dry, healthy hair, moving in the direction of its growth. When selecting furminators, it is worth considering the size of the dog and the length of its fur, as well as to beware of fakes.

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