What Is A Furminator For Cats And Dogs

What Is A Furminator For Cats And Dogs

In the article I will consider the means for combing wool in cats such as furminator, I will acquaint the reader with the advantages of using combing for cats and dogs. I’ll tell you what kind of animal is contraindicated and how to use this brush correctly. I will review the most famous and high-quality manufacturers, sort out the nuances of the choice of a furminator, its cost.

Furminator for cats and dogs

At best, twice a year, we have to deal with the process of molting our pet. The process of changing fur in cats is carried out from autumn to winter and from spring to summer.

What Is A Furminator For Cats And Dogs

This is an amazingly simple and most effective tool that reduces cat shedding by 90%.

To speed up the process of changing the coat, to protect themselves from the endless cleaning of wool at home, as well as to bring the pet’s hair in an acceptable form – you need to periodically comb out dying wool.

Furminator is a tool for combing wool, allows you to comb the dead undercoat. Outwardly, it resembles a small rake, with closely spaced thin metal teeth. Length of teeth varies: for short-haired cats – short teeth, for long-haired, respectively, long. The length of the ridge also varies. Based on the weight and volume of the animal, the comb is selected in length.

Benefits of using a scab

This device was developed by grooming specialists, breeders and scientists in the United States. Unlike the usual, familiar comb, the furminator combes the fur much better due to the ideally chosen distance between the teeth, the width of the ridge and the comfortable handle.

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The process of combing is comfortable and does not bring unpleasant and painful feelings to the animal.

What kind of animal is contraindicated

So, the furminator is a good tool in the case of proper selection.

In addition, not all breeds are suitable. For breeds Laperm, Devon Rex, Sphynx, Cornish Rex, Selkirk Rex, Oriental, Burmese, Asian Longhair, (Tiffany), Balinese and other breeds, should be selected with extreme caution.

What Is A Furminator For Cats And Dogs

Using a furminator is not appropriate for cats of those breeds that do not have undercoat or wool has its own characteristics

Simply put, the furmer should not comb cats that have a specific coat (curly, very long-haired, sleek and hairless cats).

How to choose a comb

Select a scab very easy. It is subdivided depending on the length of the coat: for short-haired and long-haired cats and the size of the animal.

The most famous manufacturers:

  • American-made "Spectrum brands: FURminator"

On the package you can see the words “short hair” (short hair) and “long hair” (long hair). In addition, when purchasing a device, you should also pay attention to the Latin letter denoting the size of the comb (S, M, L).

What Is A Furminator For Cats And Dogs

Furminator for cats of small short-haired breeds Short Hair Small

For kittens and cats of small sizes, the size “S” is recommended, respectively. The width of the comb of this furmier is 3.2 cm. The size “M” for cats weighing up to 5 kg, with a width of 4.5 cm and the size “L” for cats more than 5 kg and a width of 6.8 cm.

  • German-made, "Trixie"

German furminators "Trixie" are divided by articles, on the manufacturer’s website, you can get acquainted in detail and select the appropriate article based on the description of the animal’s woolen coat.

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What Is A Furminator For Cats And Dogs

Before using the furminator, you should have a good look at your cat and read the instructions.

There are a lot of types of these devices, literally for all existing animals, but also species, specifically for cats of the breed of British or Scottish cats.

How to use a brush

Before you start combing the device, it is necessary to comb the cat’s hair with an ordinary comb-comb. When combing long-haired cats, combing is recommended to start with the abdomen. Combing is done only in the direction of wool growth.

Combing wool should be done no more than 8 times a year. During periods of molting, it is recommended to use a scab 2 times a month.

What Is A Furminator For Cats And Dogs

Furminator wool must be combed out strictly according to its growth.

Cats that do not have access to the street are less sensitive to seasonal moulting, so molting can last a whole year. Each situation is individual and combing should be done when the excess wool is clearly manifested.

Manufacturers guarantee high-quality use of this tool for grooming for a period equal to the average life expectancy of the animal. However, with frequent use, the blade will need to be replaced.

The cost of American devices "FURminator" varies from 1390 to 1600 rubles.

The cost of the German "Trixie" – from 950 to 1300 rubles.

Offered more budget analogues of other manufacturers at prices ranging from 400 to 700 rubles.

Furminator – pleasure is expensive. However, the price matches the quality and durability of the care product.

The use of a comb allows you to avoid another serious problem – the formation of clumps of wool in the stomach of the animal and, accordingly, the cost of additional funds for the withdrawal of hairballs (malt paste).

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What Is A Furminator For Cats And Dogs

Furminator for a cat is a tool that greatly facilitates the procedure of combing wool

And finally, I would like to note another very tangible advantage of this device – a significant decrease in the wool from the animal in the house. Use will make life easier for both your pet and you.

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