What Combs Are Suitable For Pomeranian Spitz

A key factor in the care of the Pomeranian spitz is combing. A quality procedure will keep the coat healthy, and the dog will shine with a luxurious fur coat. An important factor is the choice of the right comb. If the comb or puhoderka does not fit, they will damage the hair and skin of the pet.

General rules for combing

Care for hair miniature dog is simple but painstaking. It consists of two main points: bathing and combing. The latter procedure should be taken very carefully. To keep the orange coat healthy, follow these guidelines:

  1. To teach Spitz to comb begin with 1 month.
  2. Puppies up to 3 – 4 months are combed out with a soft massage brush over the growth of hair, as carefully as possible so as not to cause pain.
  3. Older pets are introduced to tougher brushes and puhoderkami. It is also gradually taught to tolerate combing against the growth of wool.
  4. Doggie need to comb 2 – 3 times a week.
  5. During the manipulation pet should be on the table. It is advisable to put a rubber mat so that the paws do not slip.
  6. They begin to comb out with a massage brush, then they pass through a pokhoderka, and then – with a comb with sparse teeth.
  7. Particular attention is paid to areas with soft skin: in the groin, under the chin, behind the ears.
  8. Plicas are carefully disassembled with fingers, and then combed out with a comb. If you cannot comb the tangled areas, get rid of them with a cutter cutter.
  9. Need to comb in different directions so that the teeth reach the skin. This is an excellent massage for the skin, it stimulates the diet and hair growth.
  10. At the end of the procedure, the pet must be awarded a treat.
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Combing is also necessary before and after bathing. This will prevent tangling of wool and the formation of mats.

How to choose a comb for the Pomeranian Spitz?

High-quality combs make combing pleasant for the miniature dog and comfortable for the owner. Whereas incorrectly selected combs can damage the pet’s fur coat and skin.

Especially carefully choose accessories for a puppy. If the teeth will tear out the wool, scratch the skin, the baby will learn that it is painful to comb. In the future, to teach him to grooming will be difficult.

For Pomeranians use three types of hairbrushes: a massage brush, a comb and a puhoderka.

Massage comb

For the Pomeranian Spitz, choose a massage brush with teeth 2.7 cm long. The large ones will scratch the skin, and the small ones will not be able to reach the undercoat. Such combs well disassemble tangled wool. Accessory indispensable in the care. It is necessary:

  • before more thorough combing out by the pukherker and the comb;
  • to quickly give the dog a neat appearance – before walking, taking photos, exhibiting in the ring;
  • when drying the hair dryer.


The main combing begins with a poucherka. It helps to remove dead hair from the inner, thick layer of fur coat – undercoat.

What Combs Are Suitable For Pomeranian Spitz

Poukhoderku use after a massage brush. First, the wool is divided into partings, and then combed layer by layer from the roots to the tips.

Most Spitz do not like Pkhoderku. The owner needs to comb the coat in different directions, removing all the fallen fluff. This is a long and not always pleasant procedure, but it is necessary for complete care.

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For the Pomeranian Spitz use 2 types of pukhoderok:

  • Small size with teeth 1.5–3 cm long is a daily variant, used for standard procedures and for drying with a hairdryer;
  • medium or large size – used during shedding, brush grabs large areas and collects more fluff than a small option.

The length of the teeth is chosen individually depending on the length of the coat of a particular dog. There should be no droplets on the tips – such slickers do not collect fluff well, pull hairs and scratch the skin.

Plowers Mark X-Tiny (manufactured by Chris Christensen) and brushes from the company Show Tech have been well proven.


The comb is used at the final stage of combing the orange. It is needed to:

  • collect the remaining fluff, which is not able to capture the pohoderka;
  • pull the coat, especially important during the haircut;
  • lift hairs from the root and give pomp to the fur coat;
  • disassemble the mats.

Only with the help of a comb you can ideally comb through a thick coat of the Pomeranian spitz-dog.

For the Pomeranian Spitz used 3 types of combs: massage, puhoderku and comb. The length of the teeth is selected individually, depending on the length of the coat and the condition of the coat. But they must be at least 15 mm and not more than 30 mm. Larger brushes are allowed during shedding.

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