What Combs Are Needed For The Spitz

The spitz comb is an indispensable tool that should be in the arsenal of every owner of fluffy. Thick, dense pet undercoat requires regular brushing. The lack of proper care leads to the fact that the fur coat of the animal is knocked off in mats, and loses its attractive appearance.

What Combs Are Needed For The Spitz

For grooming Pomeranian and any other type of spitz used several varieties of combs. They provide comprehensive care for the dog’s hair.

Types of combs

For home and exhibition grooming different tools are used. With everyday care

What Combs Are Needed For The Spitz

Home conditions are most often sufficient to use a comb, massage brush and pouderki (slicker). During the molting period, you can additionally use a furminator for long-haired breeds.

Show dogs require special attention to the fur coat. During the period of the exhibition will require the following comb for Spitz:

  • comb with frequent and rare teeth;
  • massage brush;
  • brush with natural bristles.

What are the combs for?

Comb in the form of a comb is needed for thoroughly combing the coat. Pomeranian wool cannot be combed only with a massage brush.

The comb helps to capture dead feathers. It allows you to get rid of hairs that could not capture the slicker. This tool combing mats well. It is used as the main tool for everyday grooming.

The comb is also indispensable during dog grooming – it helps to pull out the coat.

Massage Brush Functions

What Combs Are Needed For The Spitz

The dog comb massage can be quickly put in order. Ideal for the Pomeranian Spitz – a brush on a rubber pad with metal teeth 27 millimeters long. They comb the wool well and give it extra volume.

At home, a massage brush is often used during the blow-drying of pet fur coats. At exhibitions, it helps to make wool more fluffy and is used at the final stage of combing.

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Purpose Puhoderok

The fur coat of most species of Spitz continues to change undercoat. Falling out, he lingers in the main

What Combs Are Needed For The Spitz

wool. To get rid of dead hair helps slicker.

Which Pukhoderka is better to give preference when choosing:

  • ideal – slicker medium size and hardness;
  • there should be no droplets on the end of the teeth;
  • the length of the setae is 15-30 millimeters.

This type of comb is ideal for combing the hair on the paws, cheeks and behind the ears. Many owners also use plowers when they blow-dry their pet fur coats.

The use of brushes with natural bristles

Brushes are used for uniform powder application during the exhibition period. They allow you to properly distribute tint cosmetics and look perfect pet. Chris Christensen Hard Boar Bristle Chalk Brush made of hard boar bristle is considered one of the best brushes for this purpose. This tool is usually not used for spitzers not participating in the ring.


Furminator is an auxiliary tool that helps in the period of active spitz shedding to get rid of dead wool. The device is considered to be the most effective than the usual Pooderka. It prevents the formation of mats and carefully removes dead undercoat, without affecting the guard hair.

FURminator Long Hair Small Dog with a blade length of 4 cm is suitable for medium sized German spitzs. For oranges, FURminator Long Hair Tool Dog Dog is ideal.

How to choose a spitz comb

Only having tried several options of brushes it is possible to determine which comb is perfect for your spitz. However, there are times that you definitely need to pay attention to when choosing.

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The first step is to look at the teeth of the comb: they should not be sharp. Pointed tips can damage a pet’s skin and cause discomfort.

Spitz combs must be metal. They do not create a static effect.

For the Spitz, be sure to choose a sliker without droplets on the cloves. Pouder with thickened tips of bristles are not able to comb through thick undercoat of orange, and cause pain to the dog during the procedure. It is important that the tips are not overly pointed.

In order to check the bristling of the bristles, it is enough to attach the working surface of the slicker to the palm of your hand and determine how comfortable your hand is. If the bristles stick into the palm and bring discomfort, then this comb is not recommended for use for dogs.

Popular brands

Professional combs for German Spitz are produced by the following manufacturers:

  • Artero;
  • Chris Christensen;
  • MaxiPin;
  • Show Tech.

Chris Christensen is an elite series of grooming tools. Comb Chris Christensen 004 handmade is considered one of the best for the Spitz. The Pudder of this company, Mark X-Tiny Slicker Brush, has also proven itself well. It is perfect for spitz wool.

MaxiPin specializes in dog comb massage. When selecting a brush for an orange, it is better to stop the choice on the model Keller MaxiPin 21633 mm or 18548 mm with teeth 2.7 cm.

Show Tech produces professional, high-quality combs, massage combs and pooderki. The range also presents koltunorezy for dogs.

How to comb a spitz

Each owner must know how to properly comb a spitz.

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Before combing the dog, the coat must be sprinkled with a special grooming spray. As a cheaper alternative, breeders recommend using Gliss Kur express conditioner serum. To reduce the concentration, the agent can be diluted with water.

Specialized grooming sprays for long-haired dogs are produced by Iv San Bernard, Royal Groom and Artero.

First, a moisturizer is applied to the fur of the spitz in the chest area and proceed to the procedure of combing. Scrub the coat is necessary for small strands. Carding is carried out from the very skin of the dog to the edges of the guard hair. In this case, you should try not to hurt the epidermis, so as not to injure him.

After combing, they are combed against wool. If between teeth the wool slips freely, it means that the hair is well combed well.

From the chest go to the sides, and then the pet’s back. Careful combing requires an area near the ears. In this place mats are most often formed. The final stage – combing the legs and tail.


Teaching Spitz to comb is necessary with puppyhood. The first procedure is carried out in 1 month.

Before bathing, comb the spitz. This will prevent stalling of the undercoat and the formation of mats.

Before combing the spitz, wool must be moistened with a spray-conditioner. This will prevent damage to the pet’s fragile guard hair.

Combing the dog recommended up to two times a week for 15 minutes. During the active molting procedure is permissible to be carried out daily.

After combing fluffy treat delicacy. The promotion will help to transfer the grooming to the pet more patiently later.

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