Vitamins For Dogs What Substances Are Needed For Strong Wool, Health And Beauty

The pet is depressed, the skin has become dry, and the wool has faded – these symptoms indicate that it needs vitamins for dogs. When and how should they be given? How to support the body of a puppy, nursing a bitch or a dog "pensioner"?

Big and small, long and short-haired, always active hunters and impressive “sofa” handsome men – it may be more difficult to choose vitamin supplements for a dog than choosing a similar complex for humans.

Why "stuff chemistry"

Amateur dog breeders often wonder if it is necessary to give an animal additional bait or “do not eat wolves in nature”? In the circles of specialists dog handlers and breeders this question is not worth it. Separate vitamins and mineral complexes do not give only animals that eat exclusively professional premium food and more expensive. Manufacturers of such feeds often produce specialized products for specific breeds’ needs for proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and other macronutrients.

Vitamins for dogs on natural nutrition are necessary, as they are involved in maintaining immunity, metabolism and timely renewal of all cells of the body. Vitamin deficiencies primarily affect your friend’s appearance, behavior, and food preferences. The consequences of beriberi can be serious health problems.

The body needs additional support during periods:

  • growth (puppies);
  • seasonal molting;
  • exhibitions and sporting events;
  • disease and rehabilitation;
  • pregnancy and lactation (bitches);
  • old age.

Symptoms of avitaminosis

Animals, like people, are often deficient in vitamins in the spring and autumn. Puppies, pregnant and lactating females, and aged animals are most susceptible to this condition. Your dog has avitaminosis if the following symptoms are observed.

  • Wool has deteriorated. Wool cover has become dull, dandruff has appeared, wool falls and climbs unevenly.
  • The skin looks unhealthy. This is manifested in places where the skin tightly tightly bones – on the face, shoulder blades, paws.
  • Itchy most often on the head, near the ears or on the face. You can take for a symptom of tick infection.
  • There was a craving for eating “nasty things” In search of substances necessary for the body, some animals are trying to pick up rot and carrion on a walk. Others eat earth, stones, or feces.
  • Pet became passive. The animal sleeps a lot, is indifferent to ordinary entertainment, does not eat well.
  • Pale mucous membranes can be clearly seen in the mouth – mucous pale, possibly with unhealthy blue. The smell of the mouth can give metal.
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What is missing the body

Chemically, vitamins are organic compounds found in foods of plant or animal origin. Each compound has its own functions and is necessary for a particular process in the body.
Vitamins are divided into water-soluble and fat-soluble. Their main utilitarian difference is the ability of the latter to accumulate in the body, which can, under certain conditions, cause an overdose. Water soluble in the body does not linger.

Water soluble C and B

Vitamin C is known even to people far from pharmaceuticals. Ascorbic acid is synthesized by the body itself, but it will never be superfluous, as it participates in almost all physiological processes, prevents the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and helps the body to defend against bacteria. Oranges and tangerines, of which we love to get this vitamin, will not be liked by dogs. But they are rich in many fresh vegetables and beef liver. It is recommended to increase the presence of vitamin C in the diet in the autumn-winter period.

Vitamins B are involved in metabolism, in the nervous, digestive, immune systems. Complex drugs of the group are commonly called brevers. The main substances of the group, necessary for dogs from birth to old age, are shown in the table.

Table – The importance of B vitamins for the body of a pet

Fat soluble A, D, E

Fat-soluble vitamins are able to accumulate in the body. Overdose of vitamins is more dangerous than their deficiency. Strictly follow the recommendations of the veterinarian and indications for use.

  • Vitamin A (carotene). Responsible for the condition of the mucous membranes and skin, useful for vision and wool. Needed pregnant and lactating females. Contained in the liver, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini.
  • Vitamin D (calciferol). Responsible for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, indispensable for the joints. Contained in fish oil and cod liver. Shortage leads to rickets in puppies and osteoporosis in older dogs. With an overdose, the animal’s immunity falls, it is constantly tormented by thirst. Diagnosed by the level of calcium in the blood.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol). Participates in maintaining the immunity of the organism as a whole, is necessary for the reproductive system. Contained in beef and pork liver, fat, vegetable oils (sunflower, corn, olive, flax).
  • Vitamin PP (nicotinic acid). Essential for skin and digestive system. Contained in cheeses, meat and offal, fish and legumes.

Vitamins For Dogs What Substances Are Needed For Strong Wool, Health And Beauty

Vitamins for dogs: how to choose

Vitamins should complement the diet of the dog with macronutrients that are lacking in the stern. Therefore, before choosing a brand and a vitamin supplement directly, determine what your pet is missing. Best done with a vet.

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Similarly, there are vitamins for puppies, including large breeds. Kids grow very intensively, their body does not have time to synthesize all the necessary substances, and they need vitamins for the formation of the skeleton and all life activity systems. In the first place at this age, vitamins C, D and group B. The amount of calcium and phosphorus for puppies of large breeds is strictly metered, since the strong mineralization of bone tissue is harmful for the development of the skeleton as a whole.

For adult dogs, large breeds of food and vitamin supplements for puppies are not suitable, as they have a lower metabolic rate, and there is a high risk of overdose with fat-soluble substances.

Popular brands

It is impossible to list all domestic and foreign vitamin complexes and preparations on the market. But the list of the most famous brands is the following.

  • Beaphar (Netherlands). Vitamin supplements are available in the form of powders, dry delicacies and pasta. The range is adapted to different ages and breeds. Multivitamin complexes are popular.
  • Polidex (UK). Polidex produces vitamins for dogs Gelabon Plus, Multivitum, Polyvit-Calcium Plus, Glyukokestron Plus, Immunity Up, Protevit Plus, Recovit Plus, Super Vul Plus. Drugs are focused on solving specific problems with joints, wool and other things.
  • 8 in 1 (US). Vitamins "8 in 1" for dogs are included in the TOPs of comparisons and ratings. The name of the entire vitamin line is Excel, to which a specific destination has been added. Brewers Yeast – considered to be one of the best vitamins for dogs from hair loss, Calcium – for strengthening bones and teeth, Glucosamine – for developing skeleton in puppies.
  • Unitabs Ecoprom (Russia). Under the brand "Unitabs" there are nine types of mineral and vitamin supplements based on vitamins A, C, E, groups B, H, D3, a number of amino acids and other macronutrients. Products include the needs of different age groups and animal breeds.
  • Canina pharma GmbH (Germany). Canina vitamins are positioned as a natural dietary supplement based on extracts of plants and natural oils. The range covers all ages and breeds, and also includes specialized complexes for maintaining the cardiovascular system in elderly dogs, vitamins for dogs for joints, and separate supplements for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Agrovetzashchita (Russia). The Russian vitamins “Kostochka”, which are popular in the low-cost segment, are five types of vitamin-mineral complexes.
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Vitamins For Dogs What Substances Are Needed For Strong Wool, Health And Beauty


I have a spitz, there was a period that there was a very long molt, the wool was straight dripping. We went to the doctor, said that it would pass with age, but you can drink vitamins for prevention, advised Excel bought the same day (cost 240 rubles) 140 tablets per pack, taking into account that they should be taken for 14-30 days, surprisingly my dog they usually burst with pleasure in order to shove him some kind of pill it takes a lot of effort.

A month after the admission, I will not say that the wool became straight shiny as the manufacturer claims, but he started shedding a lot less, I don’t know it is connected with vitamins or something else, but it certainly didn’t get any worse. For prevention, I think they will not interfere, we will continue to take.

Here we have it was a real problem, the poodle simply refused to eat this vitamin. My options for how to persuade:

To take a snack in one hand and a vitamin in another, and first give a snack and then a vitamin, or vice versa, sometimes this did not work for us.

Take this vitamin, crush, take the most favorite food, preferably liquid, to throw this vitamin there, stop everything and give it to the dog. She’ll eat here anyway …

We gave Gelabon Plus to our pet with dysplasia, we have a German and the disease already had a severe course, it was noticeable to the naked eye that the rear limbs were disturbing the dog.

In two weeks of taking the Gelabon Plus pills, the long-awaited relief came, the dog stopped grinning, if you approached and touched her paw, it became more friendly and sociable. After all, when the dog is sick, the owner tries to help him in every way, but often the animal does not understand this and thinks exactly the opposite … I constantly watch our pet, he still has a hard time getting up, does not like the "Stand" command, tries to deviate from it, only once again do not strain the paws, the dog is elderly and large (not thick). But in general, the state has improved markedly, now Gelabon is included in its constant diet.

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