Vitamins For Dogs From Hair Loss

Vitamins for dogs from hair loss are special medicinal preparations, the action of which is aimed at making the pet’s coat the most healthy, shiny and high-quality. Every breeder who cares about the health of his pet, trying to make sure that his ward has less hair fell out.

Vitamins For Dogs From Hair Loss

Thus, for this it is necessary not only to balance the nutrition of the dog correctly, but also periodically to provide the body with an opportunity to better replenish it with necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Sometimes there are cases when the pet’s hair begins to crumble very intensively for no reason, this is what should alert the owner and become a reason for urgently seeking advice from a veterinarian. If the dog has no pathologies, then the first thing the doctor will recommend is the intake of special vitamin complexes that can prevent the intensive loss of the pet’s coat.

Active hair loss during molting

Almost every dog ​​starts shedding twice a year. The duration of this process is usually no more than five weeks. This process is characterized by persistent loss of wool, therefore, combing should be done as often as possible. This should not cause any concerns, since annual shedding is a normal canine biological process.

However, there are situations when the molt lasts throughout the year, which should be the reason for an urgent appeal to the veterinarian. Thus, year-round hair loss can occur for the following reasons:

  • pet food picked wrong;
  • helminthic invasions or other parasites in the animal;
  • use of the wrong hair care products;
  • the use of antibiotic pills or other drugs;
  • stressful situations or other instabilities of the nervous system;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • lichen formations;
  • allergic to shampoo or food;
  • the dog has any pathology of internal organs.

To correct the situation and stop hair loss, use shampoo for dogs from persistent hair loss, vitamins for domestic dogs from hair loss or medical medications necessary for hair loss in dogs.

Treatment of persistent hair loss with vitamins

What are the best vitamins for dogs from hair loss to choose, only the vet will recommend. However, there is a certain list of beneficial substances that are required for the proper type of pet coat:

  • Vitamin A. This is quite a valuable substance that is necessary in order to ensure that the animal’s hair is supple and smooth. In the event that this vitamin is not enough, then the dog’s coat will not shine and will feel like a sponge to the touch. In order to avoid such a situation, it is necessary that the pet’s ration should be saturated with foods rich in vitamin A, as well as offer the dog in the form of a medicine.
  • Vitamin E. This vitamin is needed in order to maximally protect the hair and skin of the animal from the negative factors of the surrounding world. In that case, if the animal receives a sufficient amount of this vitamin, hair growth increases and the coat becomes of sufficiently high quality. Vitamin E can be offered to the dog in the form of a pill or oil that can be added to food.
  • Vitamin C. If the pet’s body is deficient in this particular vitamin, the hairline begins to fall out actively, and the hair becomes a loose consistency and loses its rich color. This is due to the fact that this vitamin is responsible for local immunity and forms it on the skin and hair of the pet.
  • Vitamins Division B. These invaluable helpers puppy can receive both in the form of injections, and in the form of special feeds that are as saturated as possible. All the B vitamins direct their action solely to maximize the structure of the coat, restore its appearance, and also reduce the loss of hair of the animal.
  • A nicotinic acid. This component brings its attention to the intensity of pigmentation of the dog’s hair. Thus, with a lack of this vitamin, the wool becomes dull, lifeless and not at all bright.
  • Healthy fat and acid. It is also necessary for the normal development of hair, which greatly improves the quality of pigmentation, the composition and appearance of the animal’s hair.
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Thus, each owner must take into account that only a fully balanced complex of nutrients contributes not only to the overall health of the dog, but also to the ideal appearance of its wool cover.

Vitamin complexes for the correction of hair loss

As for vitamin complexes for dogs, they can still be of two main varieties:

  • against problems with the locomotor system;
  • for dogs that have reached old age.

These complexes are mostly calculated based on the breed and size indicators of the pet. Consequently, those vitamins that are designed for large breeds, does not fit kids.

Thus, vitamins for strengthening the coat are not only beneficial for the growth of animal hair, but due to their universal composition, they have a great effect on the whole organism.

As for wool, the main complex of vitamins mostly contains additional components that affect the healthy growth and appearance of the dog’s hair.

If we consider the form of release of vitamins, they are most often presented in the form of tablets or specially prepared powders. As an option, today you can buy food for dogs from hair loss. This is a fully balanced diet, which in its composition has a full range of necessary substances for full recovery and reduction of hair loss in dogs.

Thus, all these specially designed complexes have a positive effect and prevent the weakening and loss of hair.

The most effective means of enhanced exposure

These vitamins are most often used by dog ​​breeders who prepare their pets for exhibitions or other international competitions. In addition, the veterinarian may recommend the use of these funds in the event that the dog is very much lost in weight, underwent heavy surgery or has a completely weakened immune system.

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In this way, These funds very actively strengthen the body’s own strengths and enable it to cope with the illness itself.. And, as you know, if the immunity is very weak, then the wool begins to dim and fall out very actively.

However, in spite of all these recommendations and the positive description of such very active vitamins, only a veterinarian should make a decision on their appropriate use. This is due to the fact that these complexes are strong enough and can not only benefit, but also if used unreasonably, take a significant measure to harm the animal.

The correct complex of vitamins for dogs can be selected only by a highly qualified specialist who will preliminarily perform an inspection and diagnosis of an animal.

An excess of vitamins in the body of the pet

Hypervitaminosis is a condition where there are too many vitamins in the pet’s body. This condition can also lead to loss of coat and skin pathologies.

It is very important to note that an overabundance of useful substances may occur immediately or have its hidden chronic course.

As for the vitamins, which can be most in the body and which in excess can be the cause of many problems, it is mostly vitamins A and D.

Vitamins For Dogs From Hair Loss

During the development of hypervitaminosis, the dog begins to lose its overall tone and whelp. Also problems with work of a stomach or intestines of an animal can be fixed. In some cases, body temperature rises significantly or other symptoms of a disease appear.

The skin is also a significant measure begin to peel off, which manifests itself in the form of formations similar to dandruff. In general, the state of both wool and the general immunity of an animal is weakened by a considerable measure. Gliding the dog with vitamins is not the best thing a host can do, as this situation will be detrimental.

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If we talk about folk methods of restoring the balance of vitamins and minerals in the body of a pet, then this should also be agreed with the doctor beforehand, since some herbs and tinctures can also significantly damage the dog and cause persistent hair loss.

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