Types Of Combs For Dogs How To Choose The Right One

Care of the four-legged friend is not only daily walks and feeding. Dogs of most breeds must be periodically combed out to avoid the appearance of tangles. However, many owners do not understand the types of comb for dogs or do not use them at all, considering that the pet’s short hair does not require additional care. But this is not the case, and occasional combing is necessary for any dog, and the brush should be chosen according to the type of pet hair.

How to choose a tool

There are many types of comb for dogs. Most owners get a standard Pokhoderka and comb out with its help both short-haired dogs and long-haired pets. And it is not surprising that the dog may dislike this procedure. This combing can harm the animal’s scalp. So, how to choose a good comb for combing the dog, so that when using it, it will not harm the coat of your pet?

First of all, the brush for the pet should be chosen according to the length of the hair. A tool for long-haired breeds can harm the skin of a short-haired animal. Density of wool also plays a role. In addition, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the material from which the brush is made. Teeth should not be sharp, otherwise there is a risk of injury to the dog.


This is probably one of the most popular comb for dogs. The long hair of the pet perfectly matches the combing with this brush. Also, this type of tool is suitable for pets with an average length of wool. The brush is irreplaceable when combing tangles, which are so often formed in pets with long hair. The walkers look like a massage brush, they can be with or without a handle.

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When choosing a pounder, you need to pay attention to several factors:

  • The teeth should reach the skin of the animal, but not scratch it.
  • The teeth should be well fixed and not have sharp tips. Also at the end should not be balls – they can injure wool.

It is recommended to use the Pukhoderka before washing the dog and no more than 1-2 times a month.


Scallop is not only a girl attribute. This type of comb for dogs is ideal for pets with hard wool. With it, you can easily comb the appeared tangles and put in order the coat of the four-legged friend. There are scallops with different frequency of teeth. Well-proven comb with variable length teeth.

An ideal scallop should have the following parameters:

  • Dental teeth should be on the same side.
  • The best material for the comb is metal, as plastic will electrify wool.
  • Scallop should be tough enough.
  • The presence of the handle of the comb will greatly facilitate the process of combing.


This tool is indispensable for dogs with thick undercoat. The length of the coat here does not matter – the device is suitable for both long-haired pets, and for dogs with short hair. In appearance, the feeder resembles a rake – its working surface is attached to the handle. The teeth hold the dying hair without harming the healthy, which allows you to keep all the beauty of pet fur coats. He removes the main part of the shedding wool in just a few procedures, which distinguishes it from other types of combing for dogs.

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However, not all owners can choose the right tool. When buying, you must follow the following rules:

  • The length of the teeth. The shorter they are, the less often the pet’s coat should be.
  • The width of the plate with teeth also has its value. The larger the dog, the wider the working surface of the instrument should be.
  • Before buying you need to hold the brush in your hands. The handle should rest comfortably in the palm of your hand.

If you follow these simple rules, the purchase will be successful, and the process of combing the dog will bring pleasure to both the owner and his four-legged friend.


This tool will help to cope with the most neglected pet fur. There are several types of koltunorez, aimed at combating various types of koltunov. However, this comb requires a certain skill to use. Therefore, in the absence of experience with such a brush, it is better to consult with a specialist – groomer before use.

Optional accessories

In addition to the basic combing and brushes for dogs, any owner may need the following tools:

  • Massage rubber mitten for daily combing of dogs with short hair.
  • Brush with rare metal teeth for daily grooming.
  • A brush with natural bristles is ideal for applying balsam or oil for the delicate hair of the dog.
Types Of Combs For Dogs How To Choose The Right One

Dog grooming rules

However, if you use the brush incorrectly, you can harm the skin and coat of the dog. Therefore, to maintain the beauty of the pet’s hair when combing, it is important to consider the following points:

  • You can not comb your dirty or dry pet hair, as the hairs may break and skin irritation will appear. To avoid this, the hair can be slightly moistened with plain water or with the addition of a special balm.
  • Combing immediately after bathing can damage the coat and stretch it.
  • For the best effect, you need to use a comb, suitable for the length and thickness of wool cover.
  • The procedure should be regular. The frequency of combing depends on the type of coat and its condition.
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Regular pet grooming, proper nutrition and frequent walks will help the dog to maintain vigor and beautiful appearance for many years.

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