Types Of Comb For Dogs

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Types Of Comb For Dogs

The basic procedure for dog grooming is combing. How often do you need comb the dog, depends on its breed and type of wool. Combing helps to clean wool from dirt, dust and dead particles, prevents its tangling and the appearance koltunov, massages the skin of the animal, thereby improving blood circulation. Therefore, immediately after you have dog, You will definitely need various combs and brushes to care for her hair. Their selection depends primarily on the breed and type wool Your dogs.

Combs and combs.
For the right and quality wool care You will most likely need a few combs. For the first combing and combing koltunov need a comb with longer and more sparse teeth, for later – with more frequent ones. Have comb for dogs there is not only a different frequency of teeth, but also length. The longer your coat dogs, the longer the teeth of the comb should be. For shorthair dogs Combs with frequent teeth, for long-haired, on the contrary, with rare. In order not to injure the dog, the teeth of the comb should not bend and be sharp. Best to comb or comb for dogs was metal, as the plastic – will electrify wool, and the century of wood is not long. Over time, it may appear jagged, which can be rubbed when combed wool, which in turn will lead to its injury.
If you want to make your dogs parting on wool You will need a comb with a long narrow end and frequent teeth. And for the treatment of the ears, mustache and muzzle fit metal comb with short and frequent teeth.

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Brushes and Slickers.
Species dog brushes there is also a great many. Massage brush stimulates blood circulation, making wool more healthy, and contributes to its growth. Most dogs suitable bristle brushes, preferably natural, as it does not injure or electrify the wool. Using a natural bristle brush, you can easily apply balms, conditioners or cosmetic oils to your pet’s hair, which are evenly distributed with a brush over the entire length of the wool. It can also be used to polish wool during laying.
If you purchased a massage brush with plastic or metal teeth, pay attention to the fact that the brush has teeth with rounded, not sharp tips, with no balls at the ends. The teeth of the brush should rotate easily at the point of attachment in order to stumble upon a matted wool or koltun, not to pry and not to spoil dog’s fur.
For long-haired and medium-haired dogs, who have an undercoat, you can use an iron brush or a puhoderka, preferably with not very frequent and not sharp teeth, which are firmly attached to the base. Pukhoderka carefully removes dead undercoat during molting time, while keeping and combing the main wool. It is recommended to use it before washing the dog, no more than 1-2 times a month. If you have a short-haired dogs, then for her, you can use a soft cord pudder.
For dogs with a thick undercoat you may need a furminator – this is a brush against shedding. It effectively removes dead skin. wool, preventing education koltunov, and almost completely reduces the troubles associated with moult. Furminator is selected for a specific view. wool and undercoat. The teeth of this tool are immersed deep in the fur, removing 90% of the dead coat of the undercoat, without damaging the guard hair. During the use of the furminator, the dog’s skin is massaged, blood circulation improves, which contributes to faster growth of healthy hair.
If you have a smooth-haired or short-haired breed of dog you may need a massage glove made of rubber with spikes. She not only combing wool, but also nice Massages your pet’s skin.

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Do not forget to regularly comb your pet. After this procedure, the skin dogs starts breathing better, and wool It becomes smooth, soft and silky. And then your pet will surely please you not only with a beautiful view, but also with its good health. After all, a dog, which is regularly looked after, is not threatened by koltunov and parasites.

Types Of Comb For Dogs

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