Trimmer For Grooming Dogs Ziver 201

Trimmer for grooming dogs ZIVER 201

The adjusting trimmer for a hairstyle of decorative dogs ZIVER 201, accumulator-network A unique opportunity to adjust the length of hair on the ears, paws and muzzle of your dog. The ergonomic design of the trimmer is specially designed for comfortable grip. Haircut with 5 settings: 3,4,5,6,7 cm allows you to select the desired length of the haircut. It is possible to use an optional 7mm wide knife (not included), which will allow you to cut the hair even between the fingers of your four-sided friend, and also to cut out the patterns on his body. The ZIVER-201 trimmer is battery powered, which means that you are not tied to an outlet with electricity and can perform the entire creative process to create an image of your pet in any place convenient for you, within 40 minutes (battery discharge time). In case you didn’t have enough time, turn on the trimmer in the socket and continue cutting (do not work on the network often – this leads to battery damage). The trimmer is made from high quality materials, using the latest technology. Powerful 7W rotary motor, built-in battery, convenient stand for charging!

Removable stainless steel knife 27 mm
Rotary motor
Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery
Battery network
Adjustable nozzle with 5 settings 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 mm
Battery Charge Indicator
Stand for easy storage
Additionally, you can buy a knife width of 7mm
12 months warranty

Equipment: trimmer for grooming decorative dogs, grooming nozzle with 5 settings: 3,4,5,6,7 cm, power supply, stand for charging, trimmer oiler, brush, instruction manual, warranty card

– 7W powerful and quiet rotary motor
– built-in rechargeable battery
– rechargeable battery and mains operation
– adjustable nozzle with 5 settings. charge indicator light
– stainless steel removable knife
– ergonomic and stylish design
– convenient power button
– knife 7mm (optional)

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Instructions for use:
1. BEFORE USING THE TRIMMER, LAP OUT YOUR KNIFE WITH OIL, which is included in the kit – otherwise the knife will become blunt after the first haircut.
2. Charge the trimmer – try to charge at least 8 hours to fully charge the battery and extend its service life. 3. If you use a nozzle, then set the desired length of the haircut
4. Turn on the trimmer by sliding the switch to the on position. Get down to haircut.
5. After finishing the haircut, turn off the trimmer by sliding the switch down to the off position. Haircut when powered from the mains, it is advisable to produce only when the battery is discharged, and there is no time to recharge it. Frequent use of the machine in this mode leads to a decrease in battery capacity and its service life. After finishing the haircut, remove the knife block from the trimmer and carefully brush the wool with a brush and brush with oil. ATTENTION! Do not charge the machine near water, in the bathroom, etc. places. Make sure your hands are dry when using the machine.

Specifications: Rated voltage 220 V-240 B Current type – alternating, frequency 50 Hz Package size: 18 x 20.5 x 6 cm Weight: 550g
Producing country: China

Trimmer For Grooming Dogs Ziver 201

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