The Dog Itches And Falls Hair

The Dog Itches And Falls Hair

If a dog has wool and itchy skin of the whole body, this means that it has not just a harmless moult, but a more serious affliction that should not be overlooked in any way.


The most common factor causing an animal to moult and severe itching is allergy. As you know, dogs often suffer from allergic reactions, and cause them not only improper food or poor-quality food, but also:

  • drugs that your pet has been taking recently;
  • human shampoos, not intended for washing wool;
  • synthetic materials used for making cheap overalls;
  • cleaning products for washing carpets, floors and other surfaces with which the dog may come in contact;
  • fleas;
  • house dust in badly cleaned rooms;
  • pollen of flowering plants and trees.

So, if your dog gets wool in clumps, it itches badly, sometimes even to the blood and often licks, most likely, the cause of all this is an allergy. To diagnose it in a clinical setting you need to do an allergotest.

A word of advice: remember if you added any new foods to your pet’s diet shortly before it began to itch. If the allergy was caused by food, then simply remove it from the menu.

Scabies Tick

The itch mite is a parasite that can be infected not only by a dog, but also by a human. An animal that has scabbed quickly loses its coat. First, the hair falls around the mouth and eyes, then some areas of baldness spread throughout the body. As a rule, at the initial stage of the disease, the area of ​​these sites does not exceed 1-2 cm, but subsequently they are combined and become much more visible, leading to extensive baldness.

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Scabies is characterized by excruciating itching, forcing a four-legged pet to itch constantly. It is diagnosed only with the help of tests that can be taken in any veterinary clinic. It is dangerous to leave this disease without treatment, as it not only gives the animal noticeable discomfort, but can also lead to serious complications.


A dog may also scratch and molt if there are other diseases that cannot be identified at home. One of them – demodicosis, causes mites that live in the skin. There are two types of illness:

The Dog Itches And Falls Hair
  1. Generalized – affects the entire body of the animal, especially the paws and ears. More common in older dogs. It is characterized by severe itching. It starts due to the weakening of the immunity of the subsequently transferred illness or the administration of drugs.
  2. Local – causes molting on the front paws and in the muzzle. It is more common in puppies. In some cases – it passes completely in 1-2 months, in others – it degenerates into a more serious generalized form. May be inherited.


We have listed the main reasons why a dog may lose hair and itch the skin. Of course, there are other factors that cause similar problems, such as a fungus (versicolor). With a ringworm in an animal, itchy skin forms a rounded, bare skin of pinkish color, covered with a crust. Such a fungus is dangerous in that it is easily transmitted to a person, so when it comes into contact with a pet, you need to be careful and wear rubber gloves.

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It is possible to make the correct diagnosis only after the doctor examines the dog, preferably using a special lamp. In addition, a veterinarian will take scrapings to determine the presence of ectoparasites.

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