The Best Vitamins For Wool And Skin Of Dogs

Probably anyone like the look of dogs from advertising. There they are active, joyful and very beautiful, with shiny silky hair. And yet, the axiom that directly connects beauty and health is legitimate not only in relation to people – pets are also no exception.

In order for your dog’s coat to be as luxurious you need to give it enough strength and resources. For this important:

  1. Diet
  2. Health (especially the health of the skin and gastrointestinal tract, as well as the presence of genetic defects).
  3. Physiological condition.
  4. Conditions of detention.
  5. Regular adequate care of the dog’s hair and skin (frequency of combing and washing, properly selected objects and means for grooming the coat).

But this is all in general. The goal of this article is to reveal when a dog needs additional input of vitamins, minerals, their complex preparations and bio-additives in order for its wool to be beautiful, healthy and attractive. And of course how to choose exactly what you need.

In order to figure out whether our dog needs an additional source of vitamins and minerals, it is necessary to initially analyze its condition. Everyone knows how a healthy dog ​​should look and behave, but only professionals know how hair problems manifest themselves.

Signs of lack of nutrients

  1. Dryness and inelasticity of the skin.
  2. Wool is dry, disheveled, dull (except for the period of molting).
  3. The presence of frequent local inflammatory lesions on the skin, dermatitis (inflammation of the deep layers of the skin).
  4. Alopecia (alopecia) complete or patchy.
  5. Persistent itching.

If you find your dog one or more of these signs, then this is a reason to go to the veterinarian, because these symptoms are also suitable for some other diseases. Professional diagnostics required.

Causes of ill health

The reasons for the occurrence of problems with coat in dogs is quite a lot. This is usually not one kind of reason, but several in the complex.

Therefore, a veterinary specialist tries to conduct the most detailed survey of the owner (to collect anamnesis) and laboratory studies, starting with a scraping microscopy of the skin before the biochemical analysis of blood.

The most common causes of problems with wool include:

  1. Hypovitaminosis.
  2. Allergies (most often food).
  3. Parasitic diseases (especially parasitic skin diseases, such as demodecosis, sarcoptosis, fleas, lick eaters, etc.) appear quickly.
  4. Some infectious diseases, including fungal diseases, such as staphylococcus and ringworm (microsporia, trichophytosis).
  5. Hormonal imbalance, stress, adaptation – these concepts are often interdependent.
  6. Shedding, incl. and pathologically prolonged.

From this entire list, we will consider only two points – “hypovitaminosis” and “hormonal imbalance, stress, adaptation”. In these cases, the problem can be solved by improving the diet of an additional source of vitamins and minerals. In other cases, without qualified veterinary care can not do.

If a dog gets a full-ration dry food of a class not lower than “premium” (as a rule, already well-known brands, unfortunately, are not the cheapest), then perhaps he just didn’t fit and need to change it. But the replacement also needs a full-ration premium feed, but for dogs with sensitive digestion or for allergic dogs. In such feed, the manufacturer introduces the required amount of balanced vitamins and minerals.

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If the dog gets an inexpensive dry food of economy class, or feeds on “naturalk”, then most likely it really will not have enough vitamin and mineral supplements. They may simply not be added to the budget food, so that there is no increase in the cost of production, and with a natural type of feeding it is almost impossible to correctly balance the amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for a dog. Hence the problems with wool.

The best drugs for hair loss

Usually, the veterinary doctor himself recommends a particular drug, but sometimes it happens that in the veterinary pharmacy the right one is not available. Then the seller can offer a number of other vitamin-mineral complexes to choose from.

The Best Vitamins For Wool And Skin Of Dogs


Vitamin and mineral complex for dogs. One of the most cost-effective products based on meat and bone meal.

Includes essential vitamins and trace elements. Great for dogs of all ages and breeds. Easily dosed, introduced into the diet course. Cons – available in powder form, which is not always convenient.

8 in 1 Excel Brewers Yeast with Yeast

Complex vitamin and mineral preparation made in Germany. In addition to vitamins and trace elements, brewer’s yeast is included as a biological additive. This is an additional source of vitamins of group "B", but not in pure form, but in the form of provitamins. It provides a longer and pronounced effect of the action. Available in pill form. In the line “Exel 8 in 1” there are complexes adapted for different ages of dogs and different breeds (puppies, junior, adult dogs, nursing females, age dogs, small breeds, large breeds).


Russian veterinary drug for raw medicinal herbs. The action – herbal medicine, more similar to a dietary supplement.

There are three directions in the line – “Clean skin” (for improving wool, treating skin non-communicable diseases), “Healthy kidneys” (for diseases of the kidneys and bladder) and “Metastop” and “Cytostat” (for cancer, for the prevention of metastasis and tumors mammary glands). Form release – pills. There is a direction for dogs and for cats, and separation by age groups.

Anivital CaniDerm Tabs

Excellent complex drug narrow directional. The country of origin is Germany. The drug is intended directly for dogs with problem skin and hair, allergic dermatitis. The composition is dominated by purified brewer’s yeast (at least 30%), fatty acids, biotin, plant extracts.

Anivital CaniDerm Tabs is available in tablet form and is designed for continuous long-term use. Breeders note that with systemic use in dogs, the condition of the skin improves, age-related changes become less pronounced, the coat becomes soft and pliable again, and ceases to be dull and dry. It is also noted that the reception of Anivital CaniDerm Tabs has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels – the dog becomes more active.

The Best Vitamins For Wool And Skin Of Dogs

Quantum Sherstevit (suitable for moulting)

Russian budget vitamin-complex drug, very old and time-tested. Available in tablets, suitable for any dogs (and cats) starting from nine weeks of age.

The only contraindication is individual intolerance. The preparation includes vitamins B1, biotin S, Ca, essential amino acids, flour from seaweed.

Used to normalize metabolic processes and the immune system. Very positive effect on seasonal molting – the process is much faster and easier. Also "Sherstevit" improves the skin, relieves it of dryness, makes it more elastic and increases its barrier function.

Polydex Super Wool Plus

Russian multivitamin complex. Contains Vit. gr. “B”, Vit. "C", a set of essential amino acids for skin and hair. Available in pills, you can enter into the diet as an additional source of vitamins from the 1st month. Suitable for daily use for a long time.

The Best Vitamins For Wool And Skin Of Dogs

8 in 1 Brewers with Beer Yeast

A good vitamin and mineral complex made in the USA. The composition and method of use is very similar to Excel 8 "Breaders Yeast with yeast" (see above).

Beaphar Vit Total, Beaphar Laveta Super

The trademark Beaphar belongs to the Netherlands. In the Russian veterinary market has long held a strong place among the leaders.

Beaphar Vit Total, Beaphar Laveta Super is a complex of vitamins in liquid form. In addition to vitamins, it also contains amino acids and some trace elements. The drug is practically odorless, convenient because it can be added to drinking water or food. It is very effective when a dog sheds, prevents dry skin, makes it supple.

The Best Vitamins For Wool And Skin Of Dogs

Canina Petvital Derm Caps (for hair growth)

The complex of vitamins for skin and wool of German production, is a capsule with an oily composition inside. Capsules should be opened and poured their contents into the food of the dog. Also provided is the liquid form of this drug. The structure includes a complex of fatty acids Omega, linoleic acid.

Canina Petvital Derm Caps very well help to restore all the disturbed metabolic processes in the skin and the growth of healthy hair. After 1 month of application, the wool and skin are completely restored.

Hokamix skin & Shine (for skin)

German veterinary drug to restore the skin and coat on the basis of oil. The composition has linoleic, stearic, palmitic, oleic, arachidonic acid, extracts of African and American nuts.

Quite an expensive drug, but it justifies its price. After the first course, problems with dry skin go away for a very long time, or even irretrievably. Wool becomes smooth and silky.

Canvit biotin

Czech vitamin-mineral complex for adult dogs. The composition includes (descending) biotin, Zn, B2, niacin, Ca. Available in tablet form. Helps in the care of the skin and hair of the dog.

Contraindications and precautions

As you can see, there are a lot of veterinary preparations for improving the quality of wool and healing the skin. There are only vitamin complexes, there are vitamin-mineral, there are on the basis of extracts and extracts from herbs, and there are on the basis of oils. The latter are usually from the category more expensive.

Necessary care

A very important point in the aesthetics of the appearance of the dog – this is competent care for her. You need to know that dog hair shampoo should be just for dogs – human shampoos are not suited categorically.

You should ideally wash your dog twice a year, but you need to comb it regularly, at least 1-2 times a week.

A tool for combing must also be carefully selected. Now the market has a lot of all kinds of brushes, puhoderok, hairbrushes and the like. In addition, the good old cloth still relevant at the stage of completion of glossing.


Marina, 28 years old, Luga

We have two Norwich terriers already respectable age – for 9 years. In such a period of life such dogs especially require vitamins and minerals. They eat with us royal canin, but we still at least twice a year, when the seasonal molt feeds them with vitamins. Usually it is "Excel 8 in 1".

Natalya, 30 years old, Moscow

I have an English spaniel, I feed a naturalka. There was a food allergy and the vet prescribed us "Fitoelitu". It turned out inexpensive and effective. As soon as they started giving it to the dog, all the allergies were in the past.

Olga, 48 years old, Nizhnekamsk

We got ourselves a Toy Terrier. He, of course, pretty, small, very pretty. But it turned out to be very capricious in food – the usual dry food does not eat in any way, likes to beg. The result is constantly itching. Went to vet – it turned out food allergies. Now we are dieting, but we compensate for vitamins and minerals 8 in 1 Excel Multi Vitamin Small Breed. Expensive, of course, but it is small and the consumption is small, so often you do not have to buy vitamins.

Pavel, 42, Yaroslavl

I breed Shetland Sheepdogs Sheltie. The cost of them, of course, a lot, especially when you want to get a decent offspring. Therefore, I try to save so as not to be detrimental. Our veterinarian advised the Kanina vitamin complex. He is also not cheap, but I don’t fear my flaws in their feeding – vitamins perfectly “line up” the diet and the dogs always look decent and attractive. The offspring, too, have not failed)).

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