Spinning Dog Hair

Spinning dog hair. What is dog wool useful for?

Surely everyone saw an advertisement for miraculous belts from radiculitis from dog hair. There is a grain of truth in it: products made of dog hair are excellent for warming and can really help to some extent with appropriate diseases. This suggests that from such material can be knit and less exotic things – scarves, hats, socks … It turns out that a long-haired dog, whose wool in the spring clutters up the whole house, is actually a gold mine! And this applies not only to purebred dogs – the mongrel, even a little like northern breeds, to black terrier, to bobtails, etc., will also fit: not all characteristics of the breed are important in spinning dog hair, but only the length and soft undercoat.

However, before you knit, you have to spin the knitting threads. Spinning dog hair has its own characteristics

To begin with, it is worth deciding on the main thing: the dog’s coat is divided into guard coat and undercoat (down), crawling out during shedding, and only undercoat is used in spinning. While combing the dog during a molt, it is necessary to carefully choose hard guard hairs from fluff – they are not suitable for spinning. The yarn, in which those will fall, will be terribly prickly to the touch, in addition, thus its appearance deteriorates. In addition, you should immediately throw away the mats that are impossible to fluff – they will not fluff in the process of combing.

Combs combing to dog hair is rarely used.

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Now about the choice of tools for spinning. Spinning dog hair can be done with a spindle, mechanical spinning or electric spinning wheel. Spindle spinning is the most time consuming and unhurried process, it will be difficult to learn it, but many people prefer this method. In the end, the spindle does not take place and does not consume electricity, and to do something with your own hands is a good way to feel your creative power. A spinning wheel with a wheel is also an object reminiscent of antiquity (but not necessarily ancient – they are made now, although it is expensive), but the handicrafts here are already smaller, the moving parts spin themselves driven by foot pedals. Electric spinning wheel is the most automated way to work, requiring almost no skills at all. However, experts say that it is less convenient to sit behind an electric-powered spinning wheel than a spinning wheel, and that this drawback can in some cases negate all the advantages. In general, everyone chooses the tools of work for himself. We can only say that today in Russia there are only two models of electric blades produced – BEP-01 and BEP-02. Information about their advantages and disadvantages relative to each other can be found on the Internet.

Spinning dog hair. secrets of mastery

It is worth mentioning that spinning dog hair can be carried out without a base, and with it. The basis for the yarn is a strong thread (but not synthetic – synthetic for these purposes is too slippery), which is placed in the middle of the tow so that the wool fibers are wound around it. In the overwhelming majority of cases, dog hair is spun just like this: the undercoat of only the longest-haired dogs is suitable for spinning without a warp.

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Also explain the concept of ssuchivaniya. A single thread is a single thread, a thread is a thread twisted from two single threads. These can be two identical threads, but dog yarn can be combined and, for example, with factory threads of suitable thickness and texture – including non-wool. In addition, you can twist together yarn from wool of short-haired and long-haired breeds – then the yarn turns out fluffy and strong.
When you have ready-made yarn, we advise you to evaluate its softness or pricklyness, putting it to your wrist. From the received sensations will depend on what kind of products can be knitted from it. A coarser yarn is suitable for knitting socks, but for a scarf or hat it will no longer fit – it will be too pricked.

Spinning Dog Hair

In general, dog wool is an excellent material for knitting. If all the necessary rules are observed, “out of a dog” things are no worse, and sometimes even better, than knitted from any other wool yarn. Do not be afraid to sound like an eccentric – now spinning and knitting from dog fluff is already quite fashionable, and you can find whole communities of handicrafts and wearing things with its use. Good luck!

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