Selection Of Combs For The Yorkshire Terrier

Thick, shiny, beautiful wool – a business card, the pride of the Yorkshire terrier breed. However, such beauty requires systematic, proper and proper care from breeders. How to take care of york wool, wind wool on papilotki? In this section we will tell you what brushes should always be on hand to care for your little pet’s fur.

Choosing a comb for york

Conditionally combs for york hair can be divided into basic ones that will be needed for everyday care, and additional ones are necessary for a pet’s successful show career.

For everyday care

For the systematic care of the coat of Yorkies will require:

ordinary massage brush with metal teeth;

thick metal comb;

brush with a metal tip.

Selection Of Combs For The Yorkshire Terrier

For daily care of hair after walking, removing clothes, after waking up you will need a massage brush with metal teeth. With the help of such a comb, the procedure of combing the tangled fur will not bring unpleasant sensations to the pet, it will have a mild massage effect on the skin, improving blood circulation processes.

Massage brushes with plastic filling tips, as well as combs with plastic teeth are not suitable for Yorkies. Plastic will electrify thin long hairs of wool, complicate the process of combing the dog.

If mats have formed on the pet’s fur, a special Pudcherka brush will become indispensable for this purpose. With its help, carefully, making movements in different directions, you can eliminate mats without causing the pet painful sensations. With the help of a poudercier, you can achieve a perfectly flat structure, a smooth texture of the coat, combining combing your pet while simultaneously drying it with a hairdryer.

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Important! Slicker walkers are not recommended for show coat dogs. Representatives of the show and the pet class each have hair counts, so the resulting mats are disassembled by hand.

The metal comb is used at the final stage of the hygienic procedure, after the baby’s hair is perfectly combed out, devoid of tangles. A sign of perfectly combed wool – the comb without the slightest delay passes along the entire length of the wool. With the help of a comb, you can form a stylish dog hairstyle, it is convenient to use it in the process of dog grooming. But for disentangling mats, the ridges should not be used in any case. Instead of a comb, you can use a comb with metal rotating teeth.

As an additional comb, for Yorkers who wear stylish fashion tails, top notes, you can purchase a comb with a metal tip, with which it is very convenient to separate the strand at the crown and form a top note.

Combs for grooming show yorks

In addition to the above-described Yorkshire terrier hair care products (with the exception of the pouderka brush), the owners must have two brushes, a large and a small one, made of natural bristle bristles, and a massage brush with long, frequent teeth.

It is convenient to use a small brush when winding York yarn on papilotki, to form a hairstyle, top note. It is recommended to use a large comb for everyday combing of the hair of a small pet, as well as before entering the ring. Brushes with natural bristles polish, align, give elastic structure, additional shine to the hairs.

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A long-toothed massage brush is used for brushing just before the spectacular appearance of the Yorkshire terrier in the ring.

In addition to various devices to maintain the beauty of the coat, you need to purchase professional products for wool – sprays, foams, and balms. air conditioners. Remember, grooming a Yorkshire terrier should be a daily, systematic ritual, to which the dog should be taught from an early puppy age.

Selection Of Combs For The Yorkshire Terrier

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