Recommendations For The Care Of Wool York

Recommendations For The Care Of Wool York

Every dog ​​owner finds his methods of grooming favorite. Gradually, the optimum is selected. dog cosmetics with a certain quality of wool. I must say that everything is quite individual. However, there are a few general tips for grooming a Yorkshire terrier.

Although you need to care for a Yorkshire terrier’s coat from an early age, you should not cut it until the dog is one year old. Until this age, neither the coat nor the body of the dog has yet been formed completely. If the dog is shortly mowed at this age, it is possible that nothing will happen, but many breeders agree that this will make the coat sticking out.

Yorks in the age of one year require only hygienic care. It’s too early to do hairstyles, but you need to maintain the overall shape of the haircut, for example, to cut the hair on the paws and ears, to trim the trimmed ends of the hair. When trimming intimate places it is better to use scissors, but if you still prefer the machine. choose a long nozzle. In these places there is a very delicate skin that is easily injured and on which irritation quickly occurs. Hair on the testes is better to leave longer. In males, the abdomen is exposed to the breast higher than that of the bitches, since the long hair on it may get dirty when urinating.

Pieces on york hair

Separate topic – mats. Pieces come from clothes (from the one you put on York and from yours), from knitted clothes, from soft plush toys in the chest, from your hands (especially under the arms), carpets, sun beds and if the dog itches (behind the ears, top, withers and outer side of the thigh).

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When choosing clothes should pay attention to the lining, it should be silk and preferably with seams out. Clothes should be treated with antistatic, so that the wool is not electrified.

Even the wool can be very confused at the tips if they are bitten, especially in puppies, from improper care, poor combing.

How to get rid of mats on york wool? The main thing is that they should not be cut, as a tear is formed in the hair, because of which it is very difficult to create a hairstyle afterwards. Koltun needs to be carefully disassembled with his hands, having previously moistened it with a special spray or, if there is none, at least wet it with shampoo. Untangling the tangles "on dry" can seriously damage the wool. However, matted wool must be unraveled before bathing.

If the koltun is small, you can simply wet it with water and disassemble, if it is extensive, then you should first moisten it with shampoo (another means).

Combing York

Scratching a Yorkshire terrier "Pukhoderkoy" is impossible. This device is intended for dogs with undercoat, which Yorkies do not have. In our case, for daily care of the coat, a massage brush with bristles without balls at the ends is needed. For combing mats, a comb with small teeth is preferable, preferably made of stainless steel.

Recommendations For The Care Of Wool York

How often to brush York? There is no exact answer to this question. Someone brushes every day and not once a day, someone thinks that it harms the dog’s skin and hair and they do it every other day. The main thing – to prevent the formation of mats. You should not comb a dog with heavily soiled wool (stuck together), such a procedure spoils the coat.

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Cosmetics for york

Do not buy expensive cosmetics for dogs immediately in large bottles. It may not suit your York, because the structure of the wool is different for everyone. The indicator that the cosmetics are suitable: the wool does not fall off as “icicles”, dandruff does not break off and does not form. You can not wash dogs with shampoos for people, we have a different level of pH.

To care for a dog you will need:

· Deep cleaning shampoo. It can be used about once every 3. 4 weeks, depending on the contamination of the dog, after oil procedures.

· Mild shampoo. I am of the opinion that you need to wash the dog once a week. The purpose of the shampoo to clean the skin and hair from dirt. Shampoos contain substances that are needed for wool. It is very important to use tools that "return" what washed the shampoo. It is very important to be careful when choosing a shampoo. Shampoo can negate the years of grooming.

· Air conditioning. Air conditioning should be used to return the loss of vitamins and fat during daily care. Air conditioning should be left for one to two minutes for optimal results, even if it should not remain on the coat. Wool needs time for the conditioner to soak. Conditioners smooth the outer layers of hair, helping to maintain healthy hair ends. This will give the wool more shine and keep the wool in perfect condition.

I would recommend another tool for combing mats, masks for wool, natural oils. The rest is optional. A great variety of products for york hair care. The main thing to choose the right, suitable for your dog.

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