Quality Furminator – The Guarantee Of Your Dog’S Health

Every person who keeps a dog in his house knows that an animal molts twice a year. For several months, the dog’s wool is replaced by a new one, and the old one is scattered throughout the house. It is quite problematic to remove it from the animal from the first time with improvised means, such as brushes, combing, comb. And few people know that a new zoo-tool, a furminator for dogs, can effectively help.

It is worth noting that the process of molting updates the body of the dog. Fresh wool protects it from the weather, infections, parasites, so remove the dead undercoat is necessary not in parts, but completely. To date, there is no way more effective than a furminator for dogs. In this article we will describe in detail about the models, prices and advantages of the proposed tool.

This device, despite the screaming name, is extremely simple. Externally, it is a compact comb, which is very similar to a rake. To it is attached a knife, the teeth of which are sharpened by a special technology. Several blades are attached to the furminator, they are interchangeable, so they will have to be re-purchased, but the lifetime of your furminator will be significantly extended.

Quality Furminator - The Guarantee Of Your Dog'S Health

Work with the device quickly and easily. The principle is the following – by passing the instrument along the dog’s coat, the renewed hairs slip between the teeth, and the old undercoat is removed from the animal in shreds without damaging the skin. In addition, the design of a furmirerator for dogs is such that the metal teeth will never lose their original appearance and will not scratch your pet.

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Of course, the device will not remove absolutely all unnecessary fur, but it will do qualitatively 90% of the work, which is the best result today. Using a furminator, you contribute to a uniform distribution of grease lubricant among the wool – this will give the wool shine and shine. In addition, it will prevent the appearance of mats and will not damage the guard hair.

On sale you can also find furminators for cats, horses, rabbits.

Correctly select the model of a furmier for your pet.

For each dog you need your own furminator. Its parameters depend on the breed of dog, for which you will care. They differ in the length of the teeth and the size of the working surface. For example, in the care of large dogs a wide comb is suitable; for decorative breeds, pick up a furminator with a small working nozzle. Long teeth help remove undercoat, leaving healthy hair intact, while a short nozzle, where the teeth are close to each other, is optimal for the care of short-haired breeds.

The cost of the device varies depending on your preferences, brand of product and a variety of functions. The most common firms for the manufacture of furminators for dogs are the American manufacturer FURminator, the German Trixie, the Chinese Kudi and the French Vivog. Consider each manufacturer separately.

We use a furmrator correctly

To easily manage a furmrator, you do not need to have the skills of a groomer. It is enough to know a few simple rules and test the device several times on an animal.

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Quality Furminator - The Guarantee Of Your Dog'S Health

First, you need to remember that you can only resort to using this tool when your pet routinely sheds. In dogs living in apartments, molting can continue regularly. Secondly, before the procedure, the animal is recommended to be washed, dried and combed, so that there are no lumps of wool on the surface. Remove unnecessary undercoat need for hair growth. Shorthair dogs are combed from top to bottom, starting at the head. It is necessary to move the device on the dog with confidence, but so as not to damage the guard coat. On average, the procedure takes half an hour, but in advanced cases it may take twice as long.

At the end of work, the furminator should be rinsed under running water and let it dry on its own; the blades on the device cannot be wiped off.

Despite the practicality, the furminator is not useful at all if your dog falls into one of the following categories:

  • dogs that do not have an undercoat (papillons, toy-terriers, shih tzu and others);
  • dogs of bare breeds (Mexican, Chinese Crested, Hairless Terrier and others);
  • dogs with spun hair (poodles, Bichon Frize, and others);
  • if the dog suffers any infection on the skin (fungus, dermatitis, infections).

Also note that dogs with injuries need to be combed very carefully, it is better to avoid the damaged area on the body.

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