Methods For Hair Loss In Dogs

The loss of hair in animals occurs twice a year. Anyone who kept a dog or cat, it is known that the animal sheds, have to comb it. In long-haired animals in time not combed wool can fall down, there are mats. Some dogs molt profusely. For example, oranges after moulting become spotty, wool falls unevenly.

Wool falls out. Shedding or not?

It happens that a dog has hair not due to moulting, but due to other causes, diseases or parasites that the dog has contracted. The dog’s coat fades, loses its elasticity, becomes dry and tough. Loss of hair and the appearance of hairless areas on the body of an animal is accompanied by changes in the behavior of the dog. Favorite becomes restless, loses appetite.

Why does the dog have wool, the doctor will be able to answer after a thorough examination of the animal. The causes of the disease are divided into two groups: hormonal and non-hormonal. Symmetric loss of hair indicates a change in the hormonal background in the animal’s body. Asymmetrical sites indicate other diseases not related to hormonal changes.

Loss of hair is a symptom of the disease

Hormonal disorders include various diseases, excess and deficiency of estrogen, lack of thyroid hormones, an excess of cortisol, and impaired growth hormone. In dogs suffering from hormonal diseases, hair falls in different areas, it becomes thinner, animals often gain weight. Hormonal disorders, for example, estrogen deficiency, are characteristic of sterilized females. As a result, the coat becomes thin, the dog becomes bald, the skin becomes soft and smooth.

To the loss of wool in dogs lead:

  1. Strong stress.
  2. Postoperative condition.
  3. Separation from the owners.
  4. Other circumstances.

If the dog itches and falls hair, it can be an allergic reaction. Dogs are often allergic to various foods, even feed. Standard allergens (pollen, dust, fleas, dust) can cause hair loss, as well as substances with which the dog comes in contact:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Medications.
  3. Household chemicals (cleaning products, dishwashing detergents).
  4. Various materials (synthetic).

As a result of an allergy, the dog drops the hair in shreds, the animal can itch and scratch itself, licking the affected areas. A rash appears on the skin. Dogs are often allergic, and new foods should be introduced into the dog’s diet with caution. Not only hormonal and allergic diseases lead to problems with the coat.

Tiny culprits of big problems

Infection of a dog with parasites, for example, a scabby mite, will also lead to baldness. Scabies – a painful and contagious disease. It threatens not only the four-legged pet, but also the owners. The dog sometimes has wool, at the beginning of the disease the animal grows bald in the eyelids, in the corners of the mouth. The size of bald areas is small (with a penny coin), but with further course of the disease, if the dog does not receive treatment, the areas merge into a large alopecia. The dog is tormented by an itch, it constantly itches. The neglected form of the disease leads to a complication, pyoderma.

The second form of scabies is initially characterized by severe itching and extensive baldness, since the dog itches a lot. Scabies are caused by two types of parasite mite. Special tests will help determine the type of parasite and conduct effective treatment.

The dog has bad hair loss and as a result of a fungal infection (ringworm), seborrhea and vitiligo, a yeast infection and a colored mutational alopecia.

Zinc deficiency and sun dermatitis lead to loss of coat, ulcers, dryness and coarsening of bald skin. Often bald dogs infected with worms, and those whose immunity is weakened due to severe illness. The pet’s health must be monitored, deworming carried out, immunostimulants should be given, and the fur must be properly maintained.

Anti-hair loss – antibiotics, vaccines, prevention

In the care of dog hair, the use of shampoos and conditioners for human hair is unacceptable. Poorly chosen or carelessly selected dog grooming products will cause serious allergies and cause the dog’s coat to thin and fall out. It is recommended to bathe the dog no more than once a month, and the water temperature during bathing should not be hot, only slightly warm. Smooth-haired dogs can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The dog is combed carefully and regularly, teaching the animal to the ritual gradually. Dog hair should be treated with special drops designed to protect the animal from parasites.

Only a veterinarian, after examining the pet and carrying out the necessary tests, will be able to give the exact reason why the dog has wool. Treatment depends on the cause of the disorder. In some cases, the dog needs a course of antibiotics or a special vaccine. Treatment includes simple measures to prevent allergies, selection of a suitable diet and careful care of the pet’s hair. Sometimes a dog needs a course of immunomodulatory drugs.

Wool can climb for a variety of reasons. My dog’s wool got when the worms appeared. Along with this, the appetite also became bad, the dog became lethargic, did not even wave its tail when I came home from work. Dontal plus drove worms away, and I also do prevention. These pills are excellent for eliminating worms – not the first dog is cured by them. So my dog ​​the next day was a little bit more cheerful and even ate better than usual, and soon became completely self-tuned to the electric clock))

From time to time my dog ​​climbs wool on his back, it goes like that for a month, and then he grows up again, then the year is all right, and again everything repeats.

And I can not understand. February is in the yard – our dog started to throw off wool. Cable, a huge mongrel. Year. The wool is dull. In general, it is very similar to molting, but not typical for the season. What could it be?

Methods For Hair Loss In Dogs

It is worth consulting with a veterinarian. Perhaps the matter is inadequate care of the coat, lack of vitamins or problems with the liver!

the dog climbs back and flakes skin

It surprised me

I have a cane Corso, the wool began to fall out in the area of ​​the tail and on the tail itself, a small ulcer next to the eye, when I come home, is happy, wagging the tail, as usual, but my appetite does not matter. Tell me what to do, please.

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Do you know that wool sometimes climbs when a dog has worms? We had it so. Initially, the values ​​were not given, and then at the vet we found out that these parasites were to blame. They took them out … Oh, how did I scold myself that I didn’t do any preventive care at the time of this. Now I do not forget Bimka, to give medicine as a preventive measure. My advice: see that something is wrong with the dog, take it to the doctor.

In case of untimely molt: clean the anal glands, give polyversion 1 cube – from worms, linseed oil spoonful per day, brewer’s yeast 5 tablets, 2-5 cubes of gamavit – immunomodulator is good.

My dog ​​has demodicosis! We drive for injections, wash and give vitamins.

I have a French bulldog. Wool began to fall out. Began to give vitamins. After 2 weeks of administration, everything returned to normal. Now the fallout has begun again, the vitamins are no longer helping. Tell me why? What could it be!? There are no bald areas. Just with it very much sypytsya! Already 2 months.

We have the same. Already winter and do not know what to do.

Hello! Please help me cure a shepherd dog. Her wool is getting wet, she climbs out, you can see the type of eczema on the skin of the abdomen and sides. Last year it began with deep autumn, the doctor put down some injections, everything seemed to be fine, now it started again from the autumn, they put down the injections again, but she got worse and worse, she already barely walks, there is an unpleasant smell than to help her ? Sincerely, Galina Aleksandrovna.

You need to change the vet! This may be wet eczema, and the smell and deterioration due to the lack of necessary treatment.

Good day! Eczema is associated with allergies, so you should change the feeding, I advise the meat – trimming pork, because fat lubricates their intestines and enhances immunity, but you need to contact another doctor who will also prescribe anti-allergens. You can’t do without a specialist, write to me at my email address, I will give you the bodies of a good doctor, he will help you even by SMS or Wattsup.

My long-haired shepherd dog started to itch from the middle of summer, itched, it smelled badly, the doctor prescribed treatment for us, but in the kennel they told us to try to clean the dog of toxins and switch to other food, to natural, it still does not help. 89161141112 Sergey. Help.

Hello. We have a drakhaar. There were spots after the hair fell out. Uneven on the sides. Changed the feed. Went to the doctor – they said, do not deprive and that’s it. And the spots grow. Please give me the phone of your doctor, maybe he will advise something. Sincerely, Elena.

Also the same problem with drathaar. It used to happen in winter, but not so much. And lost weight, and poor appetite.

And I have that 4 months, on the little face between the eyes the bald spot, like wool fell out, appeared on my head, and yesterday I get brighter closer to the tail, I don’t know, I went to the vet, said not deprive, I calmed down a little, but I still can’t understand what is wrong, and the veterinarians have one answer … If you eat buckwheat, it means you are feeding with rice … You can change the type of food, maybe an allergy.

So can really allergies. Change the diet and see how the symptom manifests further!

We also had such a problem. That became as eaten by moths. Then he grew a normal adult coat. There is such a breed – Prague rat, saw a program about him. And so, they at a puppy age exactly so shed, as eaten by moths become. With Toyem, in my opinion, something similar happens.

I have a German Boxer, 6 months old, very hard wool falls. Falls evenly, but very much.

My little dog has teary eyes and balding along with a muzzle, what can it be?

Hello! Tell me, please, I have a German shepherd, she is 4.5 years old, weighs about 50 kg, lives in the yard, a baldness began to appear near the tail a year ago. They put a shot, it did not help, they were smeared with sulfur and added to food, it passed … Then it reappeared, but by itself it passed. But a month ago, abruptly began to fall abundantly wool, while there are sores, it looks NOT as sheared. The area has increased significantly, back, armpits, abdomen. The veterinary clinic, which is located in our village, leaves much to be desired – they cannot take any tests, they just guess what this may be. There is no opportunity to take it anywhere to another veterinary clinic.

buy Baneotsin powder in a regular pharmacy

My rottweiler also has a strong hair loss. Falls smoothly, but very much. And besides, the appetite was gone. I’m afraid that soon my Gretta will be completely like the Sphinx. Once this has already happened. Began to give vitamins – passed. But this time do not help. I believe that only the owners are guilty. No matter how trite it may sound, but we are responsible for those whom we tame. And the reason should be sought together with the veterinarian, and not to self-medicate. After all, animals are the same living beings as humans. And the attitude towards them should be appropriate.

Hello! I really hope that you answer. We live in a small town, there are no good veterinary clinics. There are dogs in the courtyard that have been gathered all over the city, some have strayed themselves. We try to feed in a variety of ways, with vitamins, regularly we give tablets for worms, we make vaccinations. Two dogs are sick, the symptoms are the same: the undercoat is gone, there is no itching, blurred eyes, one sore in the perineum, and the change in skin pigmentation seems to brighten, though both dogs are brown.
I would be grateful for the answer, I hurry to say in advance that it is unrealistic to do any analyzes. More often eat chicken. Odin underwent a complicated operation on his paw, went for six months with the apparatus of Elizarov.

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My stuff is on the withers peeling. Wool falls out. Tell me how to treat?

Hello! Can someone tell me, I have a Labrador, the wool is not dull, but on the contrary very silky and beautiful, as the vet said, but the loss, it seems to me, is not quite normal, climbs madly, but eats well! Already 4 months constant shedding! We already didn’t give anything, I don’t have the strength and the worms! Advise which vitamins really help!?

My dog ​​(mongrel) has become weak on its feet, it is difficult for it to climb, descend the stairs, is not able to walk at all or goes down like an old woman. Loss of appetite lies with the reservoir, but when it gets to the street it “comes to life” a little. Upon arrival home lays down and rises only at the next walking. Very intensively wool falls out, evenly. I combed it out, but if you stroke the dog from head to tail along the back, then a shred of wool remains in the hands. We can not figure out the cause of this condition. It is impossible to look at the beloved lying on the bed, knowing what a "little horse" she is, when she is healthy and how her eyes are smiling … Tell me, please, what kind of attack is this?

Inna, with my dog ​​(mongrel) in the same way. He lives in the yard. Wool falls out very strongly, lies, shortness of breath, eats badly, but eats, I feed with dry food. I refer to the heat.

Methods For Hair Loss In Dogs

My dog ​​has wool since winter, all the carpets in wool, we can not understand what it is. Can you tell me?

I have the same misfortune – the shepherd began to shed heavily, just horror, but there is no alopecia, you can sweep the wool every hour with a scoop, eat tasty food, but refuse to feed and still play, what to do?

So the heat on the street is probably hot dog. Give more water, want to eat – eat.

We have a German shepherd, 7 years old. After winter, hair began to fall, more than usual, on the back. And now the sore has formed, round, 3-4 cm in diameter. Processed peroxide, iodine. Smeared ointment for healing wounds. But nothing helps. Tell me, what to treat?

Good people, tell me how you treated your dogs, what medicines? I can not take my dog ​​to the vet, because he is very angry … I don’t know what to do, the situation is the same as yours.

Angry dog ​​is just an excuse. Put on a muzzle, a leash with a collar and go to the doctor!

Who is angry, the vet?

Hello. I have a black Labrador, 10 years old, just recently experienced an operation. And now it sheds wildly, and you can get wool with pieces and it turns brown – the one that will fall out. Such molting did not see in vogue. Basically, moult on the lower half of the body. What can it be, tell me, I don’t run to the doctor, after the operation she is afraid of hospitals, I don’t want to hurt her once again. Tell me, is it scary and what could be?

Dog-pooch, about the age of about a year, not growing above the knee. Insanely fluffy, almost like a pomeranian dog, and, moreover, thin so that the ribs stick out. I did not try to feed them with anything, in different portions I didn’t gain weight and that’s all (porridge with meat, Chappi and Proplan were also used). By her nature, she is very nervous, afraid of strangers, she runs away from children and other dogs with shouts, makes a puddle at the slightest stress or joy (for example, I came home from work and she was very happy about that. Or her friend brought a tax). It’s very smart in itself, even though I didn’t specifically teach any teams, it understands my speech and what I want from it.
What is the problem – sheds continuously from the moment we took it (the dog’s mom was home-made, too, the mongrel). At home, everything is in wool, I clean, I comb out huge lumps of furniture and carpets, although socks are knitted from them. I care for her – the hand collects wool. The dog shook itself – the wool flies snow. We walk with her for a long time in any weather (I live in a small village near the forest). But to go to the veterinarian is quite problematic, since there are no clinics in our village, and you need to look for a person with a car, because you are tortured with public transport, and the wool is flying – other passengers will be very unhappy. She constantly itches, for a long time, with pleasure. There are no fleas and other parasites (I take them out regularly), there are no bald areas on the body either. However, with her fluffy, bald fate for a long time will be invisible))
The question is – what vitamins would suit her in the near future, until I find an opportunity to go with her to the city to see a doctor? I used to give her pups vitamins (I don’t remember the brand), it’s better, but now she doesn’t react to them. Her wool has faded a little, and I got angry the other day, and in the bathroom I could cut it … The hairdresser from me was so-so, in general, my Bun was completely ugly. Regularly combing a bunch of down with a fist size. Irritation on the skin, rash or allergies either.
What is there to do with it? I’m already tired of coming to work all covered with dog fluff (you can’t wash him out of his clothes and not shake them off without dancing with a tambourine).

Try any vitamins for breeds with long hair, for fluffy dogs. Try to change and nutrition, while using diet. But you need to keep her dog at least 2-3 months. over time, you can add other products, so you will understand, perhaps this is a slight allergy to the characteristics of food.

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I have a staff and itching all the time, so much so that it tears itself to the blood, I have no time to go to the vet, but the guy doesn’t want to. Especially scratching the back of the tail and the hair flies and some dandruff?

Is it your dog! You can find time for the vet, but do not want! And, most likely, do not want to spend money on it! There are many services available around the clock, 7 days a week. You can always find an hour to go with the dog to the doctor, for example, after work.

No need to reproach strangers to you) Even if she does not want to go to the clinic, this is her right and very often veterinarians just shrug. As a rule, they sweep away the versicolor and all) Loss of hair mixed with seborrhea (dandruff) is often associated with allergies and stress in dogs. Small foci with flaky skin … the merit of fleas.

In this case, my right to reproach her for her unwillingness to cure a defenseless animal!
Everyone wants advice and treatment for free. But in their work they dream of getting a bigger salary. And veterinarians should get paid for their work.

I have a great desire to cure my dog! But! I can assure YOU to find a specialist is very, very difficult. For 4 months we applied to 6 different clinics – think about it at 6, and almost each, on the recommendation, as very good specialists! I tell each “specialist” that I have neither experience nor knowledge about breeding dogs … A dog found on the street is sick. We hand over analyzes, we do ultrasonography, again analyzes … At least one of them would give sensible recommendations in and out. Every time there are questions about health, more and more, I myself have to read the information and draw certain conclusions already! As much as I have already spent time and money for treatment during these 4 months, it’s even scary to call the numbers, I can think, I’m sick))) But, with all this, I’ll still continue to look for my specialist.

Hey. My German Shepherd Dog is climbing wool.
I noticed this a month ago, but I thought it was hot. Have not seen a month. And from what he saw, there was a blow. My dog ​​is bald. What to do?! He is 9-13 years old.

A dog of 9-13 years old? Is she exactly yours? Even not seen her month …
If you are really worried, then take them to a doctor so that they can be tested and prescribed the correct treatment.

Hello. I have Amstaff, he is a year old. Approximately 4 months from it the wool pours awfully! Changed food, vitamins, process from worms. Everything is useless. Wool falls evenly. And what else is interesting, his coat is short, and if you look closely, you can see a long coat. Through certain areas of one hair.

Hello. Dog chiushka, 3 years old, sterilized. Bald in the groin and armpits, there is also no hair on the points, on the breast, too, in some places there is no wool. We went to the surgeon who did the sterilization for her — she did not find any diseases on her part. Tell me, please, what tests should be taken to reveal whether there are skin diseases or hormonal failure? Please answer, but nowhere can I find which tests to take. thank

Why do you need to know what tests to take, if the vet will still do it? Contact the veterinary clinic and the dog is fully examined!

Olga, read about hair loss in your Chihuahua. It was written, however, 2 years ago, but I have exactly the same story with my dog ​​chihuya. It also crawls under the armpits and on the hind legs, knees. The vet prescribed vitamins, but there is no result. Please write, you are cured? And what helped you. Thank you in advance. Very worried about him.

My dog ​​has a bald spot on his chest and he has skin on his back, and he also has a whiff near the tail, as many as pieces and a whistle is not white. Tell me what to do?

I have a problem with a dog started from the beginning of the summer, I got sick, wriggled out my hair, paws, which they didn’t do with veterinarians, all in vain. It seems to begin to pass – I fed the antibiotics with the expensive month, and if we stop the treatment, she climbs everything again. Now I bought anti-fungal ointments in a human pharmacy and we take Pancreatin and Liv52 tablets as human, the wool was treated with tick-borne leopard from veterinary medicine, and only dry hypoallergenic food. So afraid to lose my taxi! The main thing is all the tests are perfect, and the animal will soon become bald for sure. One of these days we will go back to the clinic, they say, there is some kind of vaccine, we will try it again. Forvetvet, vanderm or polivak is called. Maybe someone helped these vaccines? Share please

Hello. Please help me cure the German Shepherd. Her third year, but I gave her this summer and I do not know what to do. It is November in the street, and she started to lose hair on her stomach and get wet on the side, on eczema ears. I can not understand that with her, the former owners said that she was vaccinated and all the injections were made. What can I do, tell me, please, I will be very grateful?

We have a German, 6 years old, never hurt anything, here the wool began to fall out and itch … All was combed out and all the wool itself combed out. While I was not home for three months, the dog became bald. They went to the doctors with her … Vlaoed … Wormwood was processed … Ticks … She put injections herself … Food allergy … Yeah, she eats everything on oatmeal and chicken heads! And there was nothing with soups and cereals. Now it is a very unpleasant smell from her and the veterinarian said to put to sleep … Is it really impossible to do anything?

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