Labrador Wool Care

Labrador Wool Care

Appearance Labrador – an indicator of health and meticulous care. The fact is that the condition of the dog’s skin and coat directly depends on the internal state of the whole organism. The structure and structure of the wool is transferred to the puppy from the mother, but depending on the content, proper feeding and care, the appearance of the wool can vary considerably. One of the important tasks of the owner – care for labrador hair.

Features of Labrador Wool

Labrador hair care is not complicated at all, since this breed has a specific coat structure: the top coat is thick guard hair, and at the bottom is a soft thick undercoat. Due to its natural lubrication, Labrador wool has water repellent properties. When wet, the water rolls off the hairline, and the undercoat does not get wet.


Labradors are rarely bathed very rarely and only in certain cases: if the dog gets dirty in something sticky, odorous, etc. If the dog is smeared with dirt, it is simple enough Rinse in clean water without shampoo. While grooming labrador in no case can not be used:

All of the above remedies wash natural lubricant out of the dog’s fur.


As you already understood, care for labrador hair does not take much time. This is especially true of combing the dog. Frequent combing is not necessary, because Labrador wool is hard, thick and almost not confused. Similar procedures need to be made only:

during the period of molting (to remove dead hair and monitor the cleanliness of the apartment);

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after walking and in the hot and warm season (thereby checking for the presence of ticks and other insect parasites).

Comb selection

To comb a dog on the farm there should be 2 combs:

metal with frequent teeth;

The latter is designed specifically for the care of labrador wool during shedding, as its teeth penetrate deep into the undercoat and do not scratch the skin. With the help of a furminator, dead hair can be removed in 1-2 sessions, while combing with a regular comb is delayed for 4-5 days.

The usual metal comb serves, as a rule, for combing out dirt, pincers, prickles, etc.

Vitamins for wool

Care Labrador wool is not only in its regular combing. Proper dog feeding also plays a big role. Food should contain as many vitamins and nutrients as possible. During shedding, some owners give dogs vitamins that promote rapid hair growth. Learn more about them from your veterinarian.

The most important thing is to give the pet as much time, attention and care as possible, and problems concerning the health and appearance of the dog will go away on their own.

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