If A Dog Has A Coat Of Hair

Wool is a natural protective cover of the animal, which protects the dog from cold weather, rain, sunlight and other adverse events. In addition, wool is a kind of mirror of the pet’s health: if it is shiny and healthy, you can be sure that your four-legged friend is in excellent health.

If A Dog Has A Coat Of Hair

If the dog’s hair fades, loses its elasticity and healthy luster, then something is wrong with it: deterioration of the hair condition can be accompanied by changes in behavior – the dog becomes restless or lethargic, loses its appetite. If you notice that your pet can no longer boast such hair as before, you need to determine the cause of the deterioration. There may be several options:

Wrong diet

Perhaps your dog’s diet does not have enough mineral salts and vitamins of group B, due to the lack of which the hair follicles begin to break down. Even the most complete dry food can not give your pet enough nutrients, so it is necessary to diversify and revise the diet. For example, when there is a lack of vitamins B, the hair falls out and the skin flakes off, if there is a shortage of copper, the natural pigmentation is disturbed, if there is not enough vitamin A, the wool becomes dull and the dog’s skin becomes oily.

Try to always have vitamins in the diet of your four-legged friend, though you shouldn’t oversaturate the food either, because the excess is no less destructive than the deficit. Unsaturated fatty acids, which are contained in different oils, are useful: regularly give 2 teaspoons of olive or flaxseed oil – and very soon you will notice a positive trend.

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Pay attention to the quality of meat that you offer to your pet – it contains taurine, an amino acid that promotes the digestion and assimilation of fat. Its deficiency can often affect the health of the coat. Do not feed your dog too fatty foods – lean beef, lamb or chicken is best suited. Regularly add vitamins and trace elements to the diet – and then your pet will be healthy and cheerful.

Diseases and parasites

Often, if a dog has a coat , This is the first sign of the appearance of parasites – lashing, lining, or fleas. They can be easily identified by examining the hips and base of the animal’s tail. Pets are not insured from them – after all, these parasites can be picked up during a walk or after talking with a neighbor dog. Also, larvae of eaters can stick to the sole of the shoe, and then fall on the paws of dogs. Do not be afraid of cat eaters – for dogs they are not dangerous.

Also, broken hair and reddish spots may be the first sign of ringworm, the causative agent of this disease are microspores. Since this disease is infectious and unsafe for a person, then at the first suspicion of deprive you should visit a veterinary clinic. There the pet will be prescribed a course of antibiotics and vaccination.

Other causes of hair loss in dogs

Less common causes for a dog to have a coat are all sorts of allergies. As a rule, allergic reactions to natural components are rare, but dry food is not suitable for all animals. Also, wool can fall out in the case of the use of antibiotics or hormonal contraceptives.

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If the dog had a serious illness, it could lead to a decrease in immunity, therefore, she could have hair all over her body. You also need to regularly carry out de-documentation of the dog, maintain its immunity with the help of immunostimulants.

If A Dog Has A Coat Of Hair

Dog grooming

The dog may suffer due to the fact that the person has no idea how to care for the coat. The use of human shampoos and conditioners is unacceptable – they can cause deterioration of the coat. To keep dog skin dry and dandruff, it is recommended to wash your pet with lukewarm water. Regularly clean the dog, you need to bathe your pet, depending on the length of the coat: if the dog is long-haired, it must be fully bathed once a month. Harsh-haired dogs can be bathed less often, smooth-haired individuals can simply be thoroughly cleaned with a chamois and a damp cloth.

Dry cleaning is also required: do not forget to comb long hair, starting from the head and ending with the limbs. After that, wipe the wool with a soft flannel or suede cloth. The brush will remove loose hair and dandruff, and a soft cloth can collect dust. Smooth-haired individuals are cleaned with a rubber brush, they should be bathed only in case of heavy pollution. Teach pets to clean gradually, and over time it will become a habit. Do not abuse bathing, because you can wash off fatty substances that nourish the skin – and as a result, your pet’s hair will deteriorate, hair will be more brittle and thin. You can not bathe in the winter season dogs that are contained in the yard, they are cleaned with brushes with dry snow.

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For prophylaxis, treat the animal with special drops for prophylaxis, spend in the summer time processing more often than in winter, because the risk of catching parasites increases significantly. In any case, before starting treatment, determine the cause of the disease and show your pet to the veterinarian.

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