How To Use A Furminator For Dogs

Very often, the presence in the house of the dog give out shreds of his wool on the upholstery of furniture, carpet, clothes, in the corners of the apartment. This is unpleasant, vague, but correctable. And to prevent such a problem the owners of animals helps furminator. We learn in detail about this device for grooming dogs.

Furminator: what, how and why?

So called tool for grooming dogs. It looks like a rake. Its main work surface, attached to the handle, is flat, with teeth on it. They hold the wool, which is combed and dies. Teeth skip spine and integumentary hair. However, they do not spoil the attractiveness of the dog’s coat. This is what distinguishes the furminator from the pooder, confusing and tearing awn.

Tool rake monolithic. Their teeth do not bend, the angle of inclination does not change even after several years of use, but on condition that it is of high quality.

Animal owners need to know that the furminator removes up to 80% of all wool that sheds. This simple comb is simply incapable. The tool, in addition to combing, evenly distributes sebum along the length of hair. And this is an important advantage of adaptation. Literally in several procedures with such an instrument, the wool becomes more elastic, shiny, and silky. Its fat content at the roots and dryness at the tips is eliminated. Furminator is also a device for skin massage. It improves blood circulation, and therefore, nutrients to the hair roots.

The dog’s dead coat is not collected in mats, does not cause an itch, and most importantly – shortens the molting period, and this is the main advantage of the furminator. It is worth knowing that it is suitable for all animals. They like this procedure.

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About the correct use of the device

If your dog is short-haired, then it is enough to bathe, dry and comb the coat from head to tail. This should be done in the direction of growth. When your dog is long-haired, it is recommended to first divide the mats and large nodes. They must first be moistened with air conditioning, allowed to soak up the skin. When the wool is felted so much that it looks like a felt boot, it is better to cut the koltun along, in the direction of the growth of the wool. Remove all the mats, bathe the animal. Comb the wool. Dry it with a hairdryer. It is impossible to use a furminator on a wet coat. It is also prohibited to do this if your dog’s skin is covered with wounds, ulcers, there are abrasions and scratches on it. For eczema and any type of rash, the use of the device is also prohibited.

How To Use A Furminator For Dogs

To comb the dog was more convenient, you can lay it on its side or put it in a rack. Do not press hard and press the tool to the pet’s skin. Such actions will only hurt her, and the effectiveness of the process will not increase.

Using the furminator for dogs with short hair, it is possible to move downwards from the spine, that is, to make vertical movements. But for long-haired dogs, this method is not suitable. They need to comb, starting with the lower tier of wool from the abdomen. Hand it is necessary to raise the upper tier, comb through the lower strand. After that you should lower the next layer of wool – it is combed in the same way. And so it is necessary to reach the uppermost tier, which grows from the spine of the dog. Recall that the rake should be promoted exclusively in the direction of wool growth.

How To Use A Furminator For Dogs

About the right choice of the Furminator

Many owners are disappointed with such purchases, because they do not know how to make a competent choice. So, listen to the advice of experienced breeders:

  1. Pay attention to the teeth. The shorter they are, the shorter the coat should be. Short and frequent cloves will not comb through a long fur coat. Long and rare will not cope with the treatment of short – they will slip, and molting hairs just do not capture.
  2. Choose a suitable rake width. For large dogs you need to buy the widest furminator. Small narrow tool will do.
  3. Give preference to quality steel products. Then it will not dull, deform upon impact, rust and electrify the dog’s fur.
  4. Choose an ergonomic handle. It should rest comfortably in the palm of your hand. For long-haired and for large dogs, you should choose a lightweight tool, in which most of the weight falls not on the handle, but on the rake.
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So, choosing a quality device, you will provide a comfortable and easy care for your pet’s fur coat.

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