How To Spin The Yarn From The Dog’S Coat Yourself, What You Need, What Devices

How To Spin The Yarn From The Dog'S Coat Yourself, What You Need, What Devices

How to spin the yarn from the dog’s coat yourself, what you need, what devices?

Well, you probably need all the same as for manufacturing yarn from sheep or goat wool. You need special brushes for combing wool, you also need a spinning wheel, with the help of which you will spin wool wool (yarn). This process is of course complicated, long and time consuming. Better, of course, if you have an electric spinner, not a foot, which was also used by our great-grandmothers. it is not as easy to handle as it seems at first glance. At the same time, work with the foot and with the hands of few people succeed. This requires a considerable time to acquire certain skills. There is a perception that the belts are made of dog fur, and they help very well in treating lumbar diseases. Another very important point. Knitted products made from dog hair very often have a characteristic dog smell, which sometimes is not so easy to get rid of. But the benefit now is full of different means, including all sorts of fragrances that are sure to help him cope. Therefore, immediately wash the product several times. And better wash the yarn itself, then the first shrinkage of the knitted thing will not threaten you.

The best: socks, gloves for husbands and sons.

Things from dog wool, spun on the right basis, are very wearable. Properly treated wool, even from a yard dog, will not stink. Brad is the sun.

During the shedding of the dog Berm shmki, in common people from the call of the “chests”, we comb out all the wool. We put this good in a basin with warm water, wash it with shampoo, even with our own. Only not three, like manly socks, but simply lovingly knead. Rinsed with plenty of water until it becomes transparent.

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Slightly squeeze and hang to dry (as it will and as it will).

After drying, well disassembled by fibers. We repeat the same times several times. If you add to this wool anger and angora socks for your husband will be just a sight for sights, and spinning will be much easier.

I do not recommend spindly, knotted yarn, very terrible.

I do not recommend the electric spinning wheel; the yarn is a tightly twisted, knitted product that is sackcloth.

How To Spin The Yarn From The Dog'S Coat Yourself, What You Need, What Devices

Here wooden spinning wheels is music! And the legs, beloved by her husband, and hands – all in the business! The yarn turns out myakonka, knitting it with it later, and she turns into a fluff under the arms!

Spinning is better on viscose thread. Wool and down should be laid so that the thread is not thicker than 0.02 cm. Wool should twist the thread, not vice versa.

Knitted socks made of dog wool and goat fluff, for example, will save your family members from the obscene smell of male feet: they prevent excessive subseparation, save you from the possibility of getting fungus, help with arthritis and other diseases of the compounds and vessels.

P.S. And on a wooden spinning wheel spin to learn, just spit, the desire was anyway.

My grandmother has been knitting socks and mittens from her dogs for many years. She knitted from a poodle, and now she has a long-haired dachshund and she even manages to knit from her wool. She does not spin, but simply in the process of knitting she puts wool on the thread and knits with it. Things, of course, are not exhibition, but very warm. I have such mittens, so I clean the car from the snow in my 30 degree frost and my hands do not freeze.

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