How To Make Dog Hair More Beautiful

How To Make Dog Hair More Beautiful

Everyone wants their dog’s coat to look beautiful and glisten in the sun, make it look healthy and smooth. But not everyone knows how to properly care for dog hair. What is necessary to ensure that the pet’s coat meets all expectations?

First of all, of course nutrition. If the dog does not receive proper nutrition and vitamins, then the wool, no matter how you cared for it, will not become better and brighter. The dog should receive high-quality food rich in vitamins. If the dog eats poorly, then there can be no talk of any healthy wool.

Secondly, it content. If the dog sits on a chain or languishes in a one-room apartment 23 hours a day, this also affects the condition of the coat. The dog should be as much as possible in the fresh air and be able to run and play with plenty. A dog that lives outside the city, as a rule, has a thicker coat and undercoat.


Long-haired dogs should brush regularly not letting wool get crumpled and not letting grass or dirt get into it – this all leads to tangles, which can then only be cut off. Use special conditioners, carefully comb the wool. Many owners cut their long-haired dogs in the summer so that it is not so hot. If you do not have a show dog, you can contact a dog hairdresser or groom.

Choose the appropriate coat and skin type for your dog. shampoo. A variety of shampoos will allow you to take the right tool. You can also choose a shampoo for the color of the dog.

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It is not recommended to wash the dog often and for no good reason. It is necessary to bathe a pet as it is polluted so that the wool does not come to a bad state. This is especially true of "slobbering" dogs, which are drooling under their breasts, and the coat begins to change color. You can wash the dog partially (paws, under the chest, belly), which is permissible to do every day after walking. Show dogs, as a rule, bathe more often and more closely monitor the coat.

Show dogs are a separate big topic, but it can be noted that wool haired dogs, such as schnauzers, before the exhibition itself in the event of pollution should not be washed with water; usually her treated with dry shampoos, because the washed wool of a hard-haired dog loses its rigidity and becomes lethargic or airy. Also show dogs with any type of wool should be combed gently, wash with special shampoos, etc.

If your dog has dry hair or skin, use balms conditioners. They will not allow the skin to dry out, and the coat will become more radiant.

Bathing and drying the dog with a hairdryer should be carefully: do not use high temperatures. Ideally, the water should be at room temperature or cooler, and the dryer should not be at full capacity.

If the dog sheds all the time, and you do not need to keep wool for exhibitions, you can easily solve this problem by bathing the dog and leaving it wet and wrapped in towels for a few minutes. In this case, most of the wool will come out immediately, but will not be poured gradually.

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Use soft collars shoot them when they are not needed. It is best to use chains or light thin collars in the summer so that the wool under them is not wiped or creased.

If you have a dog with long ears it is worth tie them up while feeding, so that they do not fall into the bowl, or use special narrow bowls.

If you have shorthair breed such as Doberman, Rottweiler or Dalmatian, you should not relax: their hair also needs care. Should not be neglected combing brushes with stiff bristles and other special brushes for smooth-haired breeds of dogs. You can also use special mittens and towels that remove dirt from wool.

Seaweed, added to the food – an excellent tool for the manifestation of pigment dogs. Wool will become brighter and richer.

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