How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

How to remove mats from a dog: unraveling wool is easy!

The question of how to remove mats from a dog is usually given by the owners of long-haired animals. Sometimes our smaller brothers are not able to cope with their hairdo by themselves – they need the help of a person.

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

How to remove the tricks from the dog

Pieces are lumps of felted and tangled wool, which cause discomfort to the animal, tightening the skin and preventing its normal ventilation. In advanced cases, mats may cover the entire stomach and the paws of a dog — then the animal must be shaved, which is highly undesirable.


How to comb ticks in a dog

You can first slightly stretch the mat to the sides with your hands, and then take up the comb to finally remove the mattes from the dog. After that, wash the animal and carefully comb it.


If unraveling does not help, you need a koltun shave gently. You can do it yourself with some experience. Such a way to remove the mats from a dog is, of course, radical, but it is better than leaving the animal to curl under the thick “fur coat” of the felted wool.

A haircut

Shaving tricks need only as a last resort – if the felted wool hurts the dog, and you have no opportunity to use an electric razor. The fact is that by cutting off matted hair, you risk hitting the dog with scissors. After this, it is unlikely to allow you to calmly approach you, even for combing, and both of you will have to get used to all cosmetic procedures again.


It is necessary to remove the mats from the dog immediately after they appear, but it is best to regularly carry out prevention – wash and comb your pet as often as required. For example, collie and chow dogs can be combed at least every day, especially if they actively spend time outside, running on wet grass, playing in the sand, and so on. When combing, you can remove the mats from the dog when they are just beginning to form, which means do not hurt your pet. Pay particular attention to the abdomen, underarms and ears. – there the wool falls down more often. Choose a good Pukhoderku that does not give the dog an unpleasant feeling.

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Shampoo for dogs from mats – an excellent prophylactic, but it rarely helps, if dense lumps have already formed on the wool.

After washing the dog’s hair should be dried with a hairdryer, while combing it in the direction of hair growth. Let the dog run only after it dries completely, because wet wool is very easily tangled.

Most dog owners do not consider the appearance of mats a serious problem. However, their attitude to this problem often changes, one has only to face the pathological formation of dense clumps of fur.

Pieces, also known as “trichomes,” are the pathological condition of a dog’s hair. This condition is characterized by the fact that the pet’s hair constantly sticks together, forming inseparable hair "pellets" that resemble felt to the touch.

Usually, such lumps are formed due to obvious uncleanliness or local pathology, however, other factors often provoke the appearance of tangles in a dog.

Most often, long-haired dogs suffer from koltuns, for example, certain types of terriers, spaniels, and also lapdogs and poodles.

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

Pandas in dogs are sometimes confused with the so-called "cable" or "cord" hair. This phenomenon is only a natural feature of certain breeds of dogs, including bullets and commander. The high density and confusion of wool in their case allows them to withstand temperature changes, and also protects against potential threats. Unfortunately, mats with other dog breeds do not perform these functions, but only on the contrary, they create additional problems and inconveniences for both the animals themselves and their owners.

Possible causes of tangles

Pieces in a dog can occur for various reasons. In most cases, this is the inability of their owners to properly care for the pets’ coat. However, the list of provoking factors includes these and other factors, including:

  • Ignoring the need to dry the dog with a hair dryer directly after bathing. Dog owners often forget that after washing the pet’s fur (especially if it is a long-haired dog), it is necessary to thoroughly dry it with a hairdryer. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the hairs will lump together into strong lumps. However, the lack of proper drying can lead to other problems, among which, for example, overheating of the skin.
  • Too thorough soaping the dog. It is not uncommon for owners of dogs who want to wash an animal as thoroughly as possible begin to rub and wash the pet’s hair randomly. This usually leads to the formation of water tangles. Avoiding such incidents is pretty simple. To do this, simply enough, you only need to apply shampoo for hair growth, gently rub it with fingertips and try not to entangle the hair of the animal.
  • Clothes for dogs. It would seem that special overalls can not cause any unpleasant consequences. However, few people know that in places of contact of wool and protruding seams on clothing can form large and dense mats. In this case, the owners better change the wardrobe of the pet and buy him clothes with a special lining (preferably made of sliding material).
  • Thorny plants and turnips. This factor most often contributes to the formation of mats in dogs. Usually, any dog ​​walking on the street or in the forest becomes a “victim” of the thorns. This gives the owners a lot of problems, because it is extremely difficult to remove turnips from wool. In most cases, when trying to clean the wool, the plants fall into small pieces, and it becomes even harder to get rid of them. That is why it is better for owners of dogs to periodically inspect an animal during a walk and, if necessary, to remove spines immediately. An alternative solution could also be the purchase of a dedicated anther.
  • Careless combing. Most dog owners believe that brushing the surface of the animal’s fur with a brush can prevent the occurrence of tangles. However, many of them do not take into account the fact that a comb with short teeth affects only the top layer of wool, which, although it looks well-groomed, hides under itself hair, knocked together in a dense felt ball. Even groomers do not always take to unravel it. In particularly severe cases, the animal’s coat is completely shaved.
  • Too frequent touches to the hair of the animal. If you notice that you are constantly stroking your pet, ruffle wool, remember that this can lead to the formation of koltuns, though slow.
  • Reduced immunity or diseases affecting the condition of the skin. Worm infestation, crusts on the dermis, and dandruff often lead to the fact that the dog’s coat becomes thinner and weaker. This, in turn, leads to the appearance of mats. If you notice one of the above signs, you should take the animal to the vet and check for serious diseases by doing a blood and urine test.
  • The period of pregnancy and childbirth. Such stress for the dog often leads to the appearance of mats.
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Pieces in a dog. Secrets of home grooming.

In order to avoid such problems, animal owners should regularly carry out cosmetic procedures. Veterinarians may also advise you to cut the dogs immediately before giving birth, or at least get rid of the fur on her belly.

How to get rid of mats

If the mats nevertheless arose, the task of the owners of the dog is to get rid of lumps in the fur with minimal losses. Of course, you can just shave them out of wool, but this strategy in most cases leads to a significant deterioration in the appearance of the pet. However, there are several ways to avoid such a scenario.

  • If mats appear in the armpits and ear area, dog owners should sprinkle these areas with baby powder or talcum powder immediately after combing. An alternative option is combing with a special puhokerka.
  • If the koltun has already been formed, it must be moistened with water with the addition of cosmetic oil. This mixture can be left on the hair for a while. After such a procedure, mats are usually easily removed manually.
  • There are also special cosmetics that help get rid of tangles. They are in most cases quite effective, but the owners of the dogs should remember that some of them can wash the undercoat, which will significantly worsen the appearance of the dog, especially if the animal has a thick and silky coat.
  • To eliminate tangles, you can use the usual, designed for people, air conditioning and masks. But in such cases it is better to check the dog’s skin for an allergic reaction to this remedy.

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