How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

Pieces are a problem that dog owners often face, especially medium and short-haired breeds. Newbies, and even experienced breeders, are interested in how to comb ticks in a dog, why are they formed, and can they be prevented?

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

Pandas give an untidy look. How to comb ticks in a dog?

It is accepted to call tangles (coils) lumps consisting of the wool that has served its time, which is messed up with live hairs.

What are mats and why do they appear?

So called felted wool on the body of animals – dogs, cats. Most often they are formed in representatives of long-haired and semi-long-haired breeds. The traditional places of their location – the area behind the ears, on the neck, the upper part of the hind limbs, tail, groin. Here the wool is very thin, which contributes to its stalling.

It is widely believed that the only reason for the appearance of pellets on wool is the lack of attentive attitude of the owner to his pet. This is because a rare wash contributes to the thickening of the fatty layer, on which dust and dirt settle.

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

Wrong diet is one of the causes of tangle of wool.

But this is only one of the reasons. Dumping occurs in such cases:

  • the sebaceous glands secrete a lot of fat;
  • animal sheds intensely;
  • skin is excessively dry;
  • dehydration has occurred;
  • wrong diet picked up;
  • the integrity of the cuticle is broken, because of which the hairs cling one after another;
  • hair structure has changed;
  • on the body of parasites wound up.

Wool is tangled in dogs that wear clothes. The most problematic places in this case are the armpits, the neck area. Quite a common cause is natural drying after bathing and ignoring the dryer. The dog rushes to all interior items, as a result of which the hares are formed.

Especially often mats appear in the summer. The animal spends a lot of time in nature. Burdock and spines, grass seeds are entangled in wool and impair its appearance. Sometimes this leads to the behavior of the owner, who at every opportunity, strokes and ruffles the pet’s fur.

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

The dog is shaken off, then the natural drying of the wool coat occurs. Tips appear when not using a hairdryer

Danger koltunov

Pandas are not only an external flaw that shortens the length of the coat, making it sloppy. It also worsens the health of the animal, because:

  • matted hair tightens the skin, causing pain during walking and other movements;
  • the skin under such nodes is preeth, metabolic processes in the tissues are disturbed, and diseases develop – dermatitis, dandruff, ulcerations;
  • the epidermis is damaged due to the pet’s attempts to get rid of confusion on its own, which is fraught with infection.
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How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

Dandruff may appear due to matted hair.

Therefore, the coat of the animal must be maintained in appropriate condition. To do this, use special tools.

Combs for dogs

Slow-walkers, combs, brushes – all of these products are manufactured to bring wool in order. But which one to choose?

There are several selection rules:

  • Combs and brushes with elongated teeth are designed for long-haired breeds.
  • The rarer and shorter the hair, the thicker the comb.
  • The hairbrush with frequent teeths and the long narrow end is intended a parting.
  • The brush from a natural and artificial bristle is suitable almost to all dogs.
  • Slow-walkers are necessary for medium and long-haired breeds, and are also considered the most effective for combing tangles.
  • Thick combs designed for combing fleas.

Attention! Any comb should be with blunt teeth, so as not to injure the skin.

For dogs produce a wide range of combs and brushes.

Check the safety of the accessory on yourself by swiping them over the skin. If at the same time there is discomfort or teeth catch, then you should look for a better model.


Another caregiver is a collar cutter. Despite the name, it does not cut, but safely unravels felted wool.

Produce several types of tools:

  • Vertical – is a comb for combing, in which instead of the usual teeth sharp blades. Their back side is rounded, sometimes they are hook-shaped.
  • Strip (horizontal) – reminds puhoder.
  • Teardrop – the working part includes only one or a few blades. This model is used to eliminate tangles in the ears, limbs, armpits, and other similar areas.

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

Tool with one prong

When buying, pay attention to such details:

  • pen design – it should be comfortable to grip and work, preferably with a coating of anti-slip materials (silicone, rubber);
  • the presence of emphasis under the thumb – for a more comfortable position of the hand;
  • the material of which the blades are made – give preference to quality steel products;
  • sharpness and shape of the blade – the wavy edge increases efficiency.

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

Horizontal and vertical models

As with the comb, the number of teeth matters. So, for fluffy and thick wool, a tool with 12 blades up to 10 cm long is needed. A universal model with teeth 5–6 cm, which is convenient to use for cats, is considered universal.

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Combing tangles

Fresh mats unravel hands. Sometimes it is enough to stir them with your fingers, and then comb the pile from top to bottom, moving from back to stomach and limbs.

Attention! Combing heavily matted wool is carried out in several stages, since the animal is under stress during the procedure. Pre-dog it is useful to calm and treat your favorite delicacy.

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

Combing wool will help special sprays

Combing is carried out in this order:

  • Wool cover is treated with special sprays – for example, No Tangle Fresh and Clean, Four Paws Magic Coat Good By Tangles or others. They contain silicones and water, are odorless and dry quickly. Under their influence, the wool becomes smooth and elastic, which simplifies the task.

Spray No Tangle Fresh and Clean

  • Use poukhoderku to identify knocked hair.
  • Having found the koltun, they take for its base closer to the skin cover (this will reduce the discomfort of the pet when combing).
  • Carefully unravel the knot with your fingers. Sharp movements hurt.
  • You can rub special powder or cornstarch into the matted strand, which is part of many products for disentangling wool. Another option is to use coconut oil for the same purpose.
  • If the wool ball is quite dense, they are trying to weaken it by piercing the teeth with a comb. But you should not try to immediately comb the strand – at this stage it is useless.
  • Koltun try combing flat comb, starting from the tip and gradually moving to the roots of the hair. Movement should be short.
  • If a regular comb does not help, try to eliminate confusion with cutters.
  • At the end of the procedure, comb the hair over the entire length.

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

    How to hold a tool

It is as easy to use a cutter cutter as a comb. To eliminate confusion:

  • Position the tool with the blades down.
  • Enter the working area in the problem area of ​​wool, near the roots, while holding the treated strand at the base.
  • Carefully, trying not to injure the dog’s skin, move the comb towards the ends of the pile. Movement should be progressive, smooth.
  • Combs koltun in several approaches.

Video – How the Yorkshire Terrier is combed

How to shave koltuny

"Felt" tricks unravel impossible. It is especially difficult to work on the areas behind the ears, in the groin, in the armpits. Then the tangled wool is cut out. To do this, use sharp scissors.

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Attention! After careless cutting of individual sections, bald spots can occur. To prevent this from happening, the incisions are not made parallel, but perpendicular to the skin surface.

At the last stage, the lumps are sorted by hand, freeing the living hairs.

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

At the end of the procedure, wool is combed over the entire length.

Sometimes the condition is so neglected that a short haircut is the only way out. In Winchester (UK), volunteers found dogs completely covered in mats, under which it was impossible to identify the breed. Wool was in such a state that interfered with movement. They were taken under the care of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals. To mow dogs, they had to give injections with a sedative. After a hygienic hairstyle, it turned out to be poodles.

Winchester Poodles (before and after shearing)

Prevention of mats

The easiest way to avoid the pellets on the dog’s body is to care for the hair as you would for your hair. It is necessary to comb a pet every day, and representatives of long-haired breeds – several times a day.

Herbal Supplements for Wool Growth

Among the main preventive measures – regular washing of the pet. After bathing, the animal’s hair is dried with a hairdryer. For combing choose the right combs and brushes. Pile capture as close as possible to the skin, working through each strand and not missing nodules.

Another mandatory preventive measure is regular treatment for parasites. It is necessary to monitor the state of health of the animal, provide it with good nutrition and care in general, and use special cosmetics for wool.

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

Regular bathing of dogs – the main prevention of pellets

Special cosmetics

To ensure that the dog always looks smooth and well-groomed, the manufacturers of pet cosmetics have developed a line of anticooling care products. The essence of the action is that they eliminate the static electricity of the pile, make it slippery. Some manufacturers take into account not only the length, but also the color of the pet. For example, such products are at BioGroom, Beaphar.

How To Comb Ticks In A Dog

For the care of wool, you should use special cosmetics.

Table 1. Cosmetics against tangle of wool.

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