How To Comb A Dog

Brushing and combing your beauty

Whatever the length of the wool, brush your dog at least once or a week, and if its wool becomes tangled, more often. Some dogs, even with a short haircut, have to be brushed daily. If you have a short-haired dog at home, then you can use a special comb for grooming. If your pet’s wool is genuine, then start with a brush.

How To Comb A Dog

Attention. Never start combing a long-haired dog if its coat is dry. Otherwise, you only damage her coat. Spray her coat with a spray-conditioner and then begin to comb.

Carefully comb the entire body of the dog. Big mistake to brush only the most visible places. back and sides. Be sure to comb the dog’s belly, the inside of its legs and the underside of the tail. It is in these places that the most unpleasant mats are formed if you do not give them enough attention. If your dog has long hair, try combing one section at a time. Make sure you comb all the hair down to the skin, not just the top layer. However, do not push too hard to avoid injuring the sensitive skin of the dog.

How To Comb A Dog

Accuracy. that is the key to success. If you want to make your dog grooming a pleasure, you can not pull and pull the hair. Be consistent, comb each hair on the body of your pet, but do it very carefully, gently and with the greatest love. Make this process enjoyable for both of you, not a fierce struggle.

After brushing, use a comb.

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After you have brushed every inch of your dog with a brush, take a metal comb and carefully comb it again. You will soon realize that the brush misses a lot of mats and tangles, especially if the mats are still small. The use of a comb is necessary not only for dogs with long hair. If your dog’s coat is very thick, it tends to mess up, even if it is very short.

For all dogs with undercoat, it is very important to use a metal comb to ensure that you have thoroughly worked the coat along its entire length. However, there are some breeds that simply do not have enough wool that can be combed (For example, most leverets have very short and thin wool, and using a metal comb can be too painful for them.)

Be especially careful when combing the dog face. Combine any food residue that could get stuck in the fur around the mouth. If you notice any discharge from your eyes, wipe them off with a damp cloth. Some dog owners use a comb with very frequent teeth to comb out all the possible mote from the hair around the eyes after they have been wiped with a damp cloth.

Be extremely careful and careful when combing the hair around the eyes: this is a very sensitive area. Carefully comb all the hair behind the dog’s ears, since it is here, on soft wool, that the tangles are most often formed. Also be very careful when you begin to brush the area around the dog’s genitals.

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