How To Clean The White Coat Of The Dog

Every owner of fluffy pets is faced with the problem of sticking pet’s coat on the clothes of others. It is rather unpleasant when a shirt turns into a sweater by sticking a variety of wool fibers on it. In this article we will look at how to turn sweaters into shirts, through their cleaning.

How To Clean The White Coat Of The Dog

Prevention of wool accumulation

If you enter into the habit of a number of certain activities, this will prevent the formation of deposits of wool, and you will not need to clean the room every day. In addition, you should definitely get acquainted with the principle of cleaning various objects from thin downy hairs that are so hard to remove from home surfaces.

Even if the nature of your animal is very neat, it can not cope with the entire amount of the fallen wool, especially if he has a period of molting. To avoid severe contamination of all surfaces in a residential area, pet owners must take into account such moments:

How To Clean The White Coat Of The Dog

  • Not many owners know that some species of animals lack a seasonal molt, their wool falls evenly and constantly. In this case, you need to purchase special tools and process the animal with them every few days. To this procedure, the pet must be taught from a very young age.
  • If there is increased dryness in the air of the room, this may enhance the process of hair loss. You need to monitor this indicator, if such a need arises to humidify the air in the room by any means available to you.
  • In some cases, especially in summer, a haircut can help. But this process should not be carried out independently. We advise you to contact a professional.
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Ways of cleaning wool from clothes

How To Clean The White Coat Of The Dog

There are many ways to remove wool from clothes, the most common of them is with a brush or roller with adhesive tape.

Using a roller, wool is removed quickly and fairly efficiently, but it has one drawback. The tape quickly becomes clogged and needs to be updated after each use, and, therefore, its service life is very small. For those who want to save this option is clearly not the way out. Of course, there is an alternative from improvised means. For example, you can use scotch tape. Wrap it on the hand and methodically with a soaking motion to remove the nap from the surface of the clothes. You can also wind it on a rolling pin, inside out, and walk like a roller with adhesive tape. But this method is no more rational, since it spends a large amount of adhesive tape.

More efficient use of natural rubber brush. It is more durable and does not need constant replacement, and, therefore, more profitable. Consider several options for this brush.

How To Clean The White Coat Of The Dog

Brush 2 in 1

Hard and short pile on one side will easily collect wool, small debris, making your clothes clean and tidy.

Thin and thick bristles will become an indispensable assistant in cleaning woolen and fur products, delicate surfaces made of suede, nubuck, etc.

Natural rubber attracts and holds dust, wool, and small dirt on it.

The brush 2 in 1 can be used at care of pets, combing out short-haired breeds.

The brush can be used wet and dry.

The ergonomic handle is incredibly comfortable to fit into the palm of the hand, which makes the work very comfortable and joyful.

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How To Clean The White Coat Of The Dog

Brush Small

The convenient Sweepa brush of the oblong form on the short handle possesses thick rigid and rather rare pile. A metal rod is inserted inside the brush along the entire length, due to which it acquires rigidity, and the handle does not bend during operation. The brush is designed for cleaning clothes from wool, as well as any surfaces from dust and dirt.

How To Clean The White Coat Of The Dog

Brush Oval

The small ergonomic Brush Oval has an oval shape, suitable for a wide range of tasks, including for removing wool from clothes. It has a thick thin and short nap. The versatility and compact dimensions of the brush allow you to use it not only at home, but to take with you on a trip, trip or work. Comfortably placed in the palm of your hand, taking up little space on the shelf and in the suitcase, the Oval brush will become your favorite assistant.

Oval brush is designed for a wide range of household work: it is very effective for cleaning drape coats, as well as fur hats and fur coats, suede boots and shoes from wool, dust and street dirt. Pet owners can easily clean carpets and upholstered furniture from the hair of their pets. Using a dry brush, polish and slightly greasy areas of suede can be scrubbed until they look clean. In this case, the bristles will gently affect the fabric without deforming it.

Also, in addition to Scotch tape, you can use many different available tools in addition to Scotch tape, for example:

  • To remove the villi, you can use rubber gloves or old kapron tights. They remove electrification and help remove wool from clothes. Wet them, then walk in a circular motion on a carpet or other surface.
  • Who has a car wiper, you can safely use it for cleaning hair and wool. It should hold them on the carpet, and he instantly collect a large amount of wool.
  • If the animal’s hair is deeply stuck in the carpet, you should take a piece of wood and wrap it with emery paper. Rubbing this improvised fixture carpet. A deeply entangled pile should be free and easy to get out.

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