How To Choose A Spitz Comb

Of course, after washing or cutting, you need to reward the kid for good behavior with something tasty.

What shampoos are suitable for washing wool Spitz

Bathe the spitz once a month or two, except for the upcoming exhibitions. To do this, use special shampoos and conditioners. Their choice is the same individual question as that of people, the range of dog cosmetics is very large. Let’s try to figure out which shampoo is best to choose. We must adhere to certain rules:

  • It is advisable to purchase a set of products of the same brand: antiseptic, shampoo for spitz and balsam. This will greatly facilitate the owners of the procedure of care, and the animal’s hair will become healthy and beautiful.

How to choose a spitz comb

Spitz – The breed of dogs with thick long hair, which is their ornament and pride. Caring for her is not particularly difficult, but takes time.

To pet is always was healthy and well maintained regularly bathe him, comb at least two times a week and from time to time to cut.

Features care for the hair of the Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian spitz – cheerful and friendly dog, who loves the owners and enjoys the guests.

How to choose a comb for dogs

A small dog should also not be treated with a large “carriage”: it is inconvenient to wield it, and besides, it is so easy to injure a small dog.

For a haircut

A hairbrush during dog grooming is used to comb the hair, to divide it into several parts, and to trim the edge of the dog’s “hairstyle”. There are comb-trimmers, which, in essence, are more like clippers.

It is a comb with teeth of the same length.
It is necessary as an auxiliary tool during dog grooming, its task is not to comb the wool, but to divide it into strands and smooth it.

When choosing to pay attention to the quality, the length and frequency of the bristles. A massage brush worn on the arm allows you to better comb the hair in hard-to-reach places than a brush with a handle.

The range of prices for such combs is great.

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Designed for combing smooth dogs. Looks like a mitten, complemented with spines. Often the "spiked" lining is made of rubber, less often it is plastic.

When you buy a spitz-dog for yourself at home, then ask the breeder what kind of vitamins he gave the puppy and if he gave them at all, also find out what the dosage was. Watch the behavior of your orange and its appearance.

Since the Pomeranian spitz-dog is fragile and miniature, vitamins will help it during the period of pregnancy, during the change of teeth, during molting, in the process of recovery after any diseases.

Such a brush is indispensable for a variety of purposes: – quickly bring the dog in order (before a walk, for a photo) – for ordinary combing – it is the first step, because helps to untangle wool and prepare it for combing with a comb and puhoherka – indispensable during blow-drying – can be used at the show in the ring

POWDER So, what is Poukhoderka for? The massage brush prepares the wool for combing, makes it more comfortable, but the real combing begins with a pudder.

Spitz hair consists of two layers – the undercoat (or down) and the hairline, the ratio of the number of down and awn for each Spitz individual, as well as their length. Most of the Spitz are insignificant change of wool is continuous.

It changes less intensively than the undercoat, which falls out during seasonal times, and little by little over the course of the year.

So you will control the dog, and at the same time it will feel free.

What kind of spitz need toys?

Spitz dogs are very active and playful dogs. Therefore, it is desirable that they have several different toys – there is no need to buy a lot, as the dog will choose his beloved ones and will mostly be played only by them.

First of all, the presence of toys from the spitz will save your belongings and shoes from damage. Therefore, make sure that the toys are always in a prominent place and the puppy can take a game.

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Choosing a toy is a very crucial moment.

Let your orange have homemade toys and designed specifically for the street. It is best to give preference to latex toys.

They are very durable and the spitz cannot bite off a piece. In addition, products made from this material will be very necessary puppy in the process of changing teeth.

How To Choose A Spitz Comb

And it is the dead undercoat that requires particularly thorough combing, since falling out, it remains in the wool. And here Pukhoderka comes to the rescue. She needs to layer the coat layer by layer of wool, dividing it into partings, from the root to the end of the hair, removing all the loose fluff.

This is a long and painstaking occupation, not always pleasant to your dog. That is why you need to carefully choose Pukhoderku.

A good pukhoderka will greatly facilitate and speed up the combing process, make it more comfortable for the dog. How to choose a Pukhoderku: first of all the size. For a miniature spitz you do not need a large brush, a medium-sized brush is enough. The plow should be of medium hardness, the teeth should be long enough.

The main rule is that there should be no droplets on the teeth! Such pouderki not for Spitz! Firstly, they do not comb the wool, and secondly, they painfully pull it, turning combing into torture.
This team is needed when the spitz picks up something on the street. Indeed, it is often fraught with poisoning. Already at the age of six months, you can read to teach your child to this team.
The main thing to say it clearly, loudly and intimidating tone, so that the spitz was afraid. And while slightly pull the leash, but so as not to injure a small dog.

    Usually, the Sit Team dogs learn the easiest.
    Put an orange near your left foot. Say once a confident voice command. Wait. When the dog sits, let him eat a treat. You can do differently.

Take out a treat, say "Sit" and sit the spitz yourself, encourage it. Next time, the orange will understand that he will get a treat if he sits.
"A place".

How To Choose A Spitz Comb

It is necessary to teach this team a spitz when it is 1 month old and it is necessary for it to be in one place for a certain amount of time.

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Thus, the baby will understand that this is a safe place for him and already during his trips he will feel comfortable in his portable house. Also, you will need to purchase a special visiting drinker in case the spitz will rock or he wants to drink.

It is strictly forbidden to feed an orange before the trip, as it may be sick.

It is best to do it 3 hours before the trip, and half an hour before leaving the house to give a drink. It is also advisable to walk the Spitz well, so that it actively runs, so during the trip, most likely, it will sleep soundly.

If the trip is long, take dry food and a bowl with you. Quickly perishable products should not be taken so that the dog does not get poisoned on the road.

Put your pet’s favorite toy in a carrying bag or container, it will be quieter for him, and lay an absorbing cloth (in case of a long journey).

The main distinguishing feature is a narrow long handle, similar in shape to a rapier blade with a sharp, tapered end. With the help of this comb, you can simultaneously comb the dog’s part with teeth at the time of the haircut, and use the end of the handle to part it or wind the wool on it, then putting it in papilotki or making a top note.

Suitable for most "hairdressing" breeds that make difficult haircuts, and, first of all – poodles.

The range of prices for these hairbrushes is large. An inexpensive model can be purchased already for 200-250 rubles, for a more expensive one you will have to pay about 1000 rubles.

The hairbrush groomer looks similar to stripping and also has the appearance of several blades assembled together and attached to the handle.

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