How To Care For A Spitz Puppy Coat?

How To Care For A Spitz Puppy Coat?

If a new inhabitant, a Pomeranian Spitz puppy, has appeared in your home, you need to be prepared for the fact that the wool of this fluffy bun will have to be looked after.

Care for puppy Spitz includes:

  • combing;
  • bathing;
  • special events during molting.

Pomeranian puppy combing

  1. To eliminate problems with the procedure of combing the spitz, it is necessary to accustom the pet to this procedure from three weeks of age.
  2. Use a soft brush. Avoid brushes that rip out fluff. Such tools scratch the skin, leading to inflammation and deterioration of the appearance of the coat.
  3. Particular attention is paid to areas with a soft wool structure.
  4. Combing hair against hair growth.
  5. In no case should the procedure be performed daily. This removes the padding. Normal mode – twice a week.

Bathing puppy spitz

Properly wash the puppy when it is very dirty. And not just – for prevention. If the puppy began to fade – it is forbidden to wash it.

The most convenient option for cleaning wool is to use dry shampoo in the form of an aerosol. It neutralizes grease and dirt that have accumulated on wool.

If the wool is cleaned by means of water procedures, then a special shampoo, conditioner and antistatic agent are required. It is advisable to choose hypoallergenic means with protective properties.

The bathing process is divided into several stages.

  1. Preparatory. This stage implies a good walk, a thorough combing. It is highly undesirable to feed the baby before bathing. When the preparation process is completed, it is necessary to make cotton swabs for the ears to avoid the ingress of water in the process of bathing.
  2. Water treatments. The shampoo is diluted in a small amount of water and already diluted is applied to the puppy’s hair. Gently massage and rinse with warm water.
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After removing the dirt with shampoo, apply conditioner to facilitate the process of combing;

  1. Drying. To carry out the drying should be a special dryer designed for dogs. The air should not be too hot, so as not to burn the skin of the animal.

However, the dog is quite possible to just gently blot with a towel. And then she shakes off and dries herself perfectly.

Care during moulting

The two-month puppy is completely covered with fluff, which begins to gradually come out and be replaced with an adult six. The period of replacement of puppy hair for an adult is six months.

Do I need to cut a puppy Pomeranian spitz?

Not. Even adult Spitz is practically not sheared.

The fact is that the wool of this breed of dogs does not grow indefinitely, as in yorkies. It reaches a certain length and remains so for life.

Therefore, there is no need for haircuts. And if they perform this procedure, it is only topical and before exhibitions, in order to improve the appearance of the contestant. If the spitz on the podium is not going, then cut it is not necessary.

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