Haircut Claws, How To Properly Cut The Claws Of A Dog, How To Choose A Trimmer For Clipping Claws

Raising the question of the need to trim the claws of your four-legged pets, you should pay attention not only to the aesthetic side of this procedure, but also to the fact that you thereby take care of their health. Unfortunately, sometimes the owners do not understand at all why the dog should cut its claws.

Haircut Claws, How To Properly Cut The Claws Of A Dog, How To Choose A Trimmer For Clipping Claws

However, this procedure must be carried out regularly. Too long claws in a dog can lead to the following problems:

1. Claws can curl downwards and grow into soft tissues, causing inflammation and pain in the pet;
2. In an attempt to get rid of disturbing, overgrown claws, the dog begins to bite them off. This can lead to breakage of the claw, cracks. Dirt that has fallen into cracks (or, more precisely, microorganisms contained in it) can also lead to adverse consequences;
3. Very long claws can break off themselves, when walking and running.
In the summer, the dog’s claws for the most part grind on the asphalt, but in the winter, subject to walking on loose snow, the procedure for cutting them becomes more than relevant.
How to understand that a haircut is necessary? Does the dog hit the floor, his gait changed, does the dog often gnaw his claws? It’s time!

How to mow the claws of a dog?

Haircut Claws, How To Properly Cut The Claws Of A Dog, How To Choose A Trimmer For Clipping Claws

Do not use household or nail clippers for clipping claws. They are not tough enough to properly and accurately cut off the claw, they can break or injure the dog. To trim the claws with a trimmer. special scissors for clipping claws animals. When choosing a trimmer, do not hesitate to ask the seller for a product for inspection. Handles should be comfortable, should be reduced without much effort. If you are inconvenient to use the trimmer, then it is likely that you will injure your pet (taking into account that you are performing the procedure for the first time). On the metal surface of the device should not be chipped and rust stains. The screws must be strong, cutting surface. necessarily sharp, handles desirable. rubber (to avoid slipping). The loop in which the claw tip is placed may be of various sizes. consider the thickness of your pet’s claws about buying a trimmer. And do not pursue cheapness, choose QUALITY. The trimmer can serve the dog a lifetime. A stingy, as you know, pays twice.

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How to teach your dog to claw haircut?

The very procedure of clipping claws in a dog for the first time can cause discontent and even fear. Stock up on delicacy and do not skimp on the kind words. If the dog is difficult to withstand clipping claws of all four legs at once, then take breaks. Stroke, calm pet. Your rudeness and irritability, as well as uncertainty during the procedure, will give the dog reason to believe that she is being punished for something. In the future, this will only complicate the claw clipping.

How to cut the claws correctly

Inspect the claws. On claws there "free zone"which is subject to a haircut, but there is "live part", with blood vessels, nerves and soft tissues. If necessary, clean the claw from dirt stuck in it with a brush and a metal nail file. So you will see the beginning "live parts" claw. These recommendations, however, will not help if the dog’s claws are not light, but dark — you have to act here at random, but it is better to cut it off first, in order to avoid injuries. In any case, stock up with cotton swabs and hemostatic agent (hydrogen peroxide, streptocide powder). If the dog is small, then the easiest way is to sit it on its knees with its back to itself, take the foot in the hand, press the pad with the fingers to spread the fingers. If the dog is large, then you may need the help of someone from your family members. Sit on the floor facing the dog. Let the helper grab the dog from the back and hold the paw on which you are grooming the claws. To begin to shear a large area is not necessary. It is enough to cut 1-2 millimeters. In the future, when acquiring the necessary skill, you can cut a little more. With regular haircut "live part" the claw moves back and the procedure is easier. Do not forget that some dogs have accessory fingers. Claws on them, too, must be clipped. They do not grind down at all and the probability of their growing is much higher!

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What to do if the dog gets hurt when clipping claws

If the claw is still broken off during trimming, carefully handle it with a nail file. If you still hurt the dog, stop the blood, calm the pet. Ranka will heal soon.

It is advisable to cut the dog’s claws once or twice a week, at least a little bit. After all, timely care and care for your pet will help him avoid unpleasant visits to the vet!

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